20 July, 2015

My list: 29 things in 29 years.

In three days I will turn 29 years old. I did the maths. It means I have one year left of my 20‘s (…give me a break numbers aren’t my forte, hence why I repeated Year 1).

I know age is just a number, but as my birthday looms on the horizon (yes, the weaving pun was intended) I decided to do a bit of a ‘stocktake’ of my 20s.

DISCLAIMER: this entire post is completely self indulgent, but I felt really compelled to create another one of my ‘lists’.

So here goes – here is a list of 29 things I have discovered, explored, achieved and generally been blessed to experience in my 20s….

1. Lived 8 months in Boston (attended Boston University – red cups, frat parties and met some truly beautiful people)

2. Travelled the world – Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, Australia…

3. Had lots of adventures…toasted a marshmellow in a live volcano, went caving, tree-surfing, horse riding through tobacco fields, performed in a performance art piece at the MCA, rode a camel in the sahara…and it goes on.

4. Completed 2 undergraduate degrees

5. Completed a diploma in interior design

6. Worked in a corporate marketing job…but found out it wasn’t for ‘me’

7. Hustled hard to find a jobs in an industry which I truly love (Architecture & Design)

8. Lost my Aaji (my grandmother)….but grew even closer to my Papaji (my grandfather) – he is the BEST.

9. Moved out of the Sheth Shack

10. Fell deeply in love

11. Had my heart completely broken

12. Started playing soccer – 6 seasons, 3 different clubs later…I am still going….

13. Made some new lifelong friends  – many of whom are just as crazy and creative as me! (also ‘outgrew’ some friends too)

14. Grew closer to my family (especially my sisters)

15. Countless hours playing & loving my two boys (my dogs Mojo & Perry…they are now both 15 years old…)

16. Started supporting Liverpool (EPL) & the Tigers (AFL)

17. Found weaving (or I like to believe that it found me…)

18. Volunteered – Look Good Feel Better (ran make-up classes for women with cancer), Achilles Running Group (ran with visually impaired), Smith family xmas drop offs and Inside Out kitchen

19. Dated..…A LOT…(yes I have done it all – apps, speed dating, blind dates, set ups, fit2date – yes it is a ‘thang’)

20. Explored my spirituality and regularly practice yoga (I can do a headstand now!)

21. Learnt how to ‘let go’…and trust the universe

22. Ate over 20 kilos of Pilpel Hommous and enough Peanut M&Ms’s to fill 2 swimming pools (yes, I did the math)

23. Attended x3 Destiny’s Child concerts and x3 Beyonce concerts (caught Beyonce’s t-shirt in the mosh at one of the concerts – slept with it under my pillow, until my mother confiscated it – hey I was only 20 years old at the time)

24. Flew from Sydney to NYC spontaneously (I literally booked a ticket 5 days before flying)

25. Obtained an asset

26. Embraced my cultural background and ‘motherland’ – Incredible India!

27. Manifested my alter ego ‘Brown Sugar’

28. Started this blog

29. Cried… a lot…but laughed…even more.

There are so so many more things…but every single one of these items cumulatively have made my 20’s so rich and fulfilling. All these experiences and people who have crossed my path in the last 9 years have contributed to who I am today.

These experiences are like disparate threads… each contributing to the tapestry of my life. I want my tapestry to be as colorful as possible!

Writing this list required some solid self reflection…it made me realise…despite the ups and downs – I am truly blessed.

After Thursday, I have 365 days of my 20s left. I plan to live up my 29th year and finish off my 20’s with a BANG.

I already have a feeling big things await…I will implement #21 and ‘let go and trust the universe’.

For the last couple of years I have made bucket lists see here …but here are some things that I hope to achieve in my last year of my 20s:

  • Have an exhibition for my weaving
  • Go on another adventure (i just booked a ticket for NYC in September)
  • Deepen my meditation practice
  • Go camping & sleep under the stars
  • and…fall in love (I feel like this is getting closer and closer as each day goes by…)

Who know’s what my last year of my 20’s will hold….it is exciting.

So in keeping with the theme of complete self indulgence, here are some images which I absolutely love. This curated collection of images capture a part of me; whether it be my sense of adventure, spirit, taste or dreams….


Tribal beauty – a masai bride (Photo by: Phillip Lee Harvey)

(image via guardian)

tree house

friends + treehouse +nature = absolute perfection.

(image via a woman well travelled)


textiles + architecture

(image via pinterest)

desert textiles

(image via dar-amica)

textile india


truly magical. elephants have always been my favourite animal.

(image via crush cul de sac)


(image via flickr)


Swing in Ecuador – this is on my bucket list.

(image via design you trust)


(image via flickr)


(image via Anthropologie)

desert textile

(image via hongry tumblr)

wooden shelves

I’m not really sure why – but I find these shelves so cute – handmade + simplicity.

(image via free people blog)

sweet potato recipe

Yes…I know its random – but my love for sweet potato has grown exponentially in my 20s. seriously. I eat a lot of sweet potato.

(image via gourmand in the kitchen)


I’ll sleep here any night.

(image via digs digs)

weave jacket

(image via vogue)

shelf design

bits + bobs

(image via that kind of woman)

full moon

I am a self-confessed ‘moon starer’. The moon absolutely fascinates me…. I’m a Cancerian after all (and we are ruled by the moon!)

(image via roadtrippers)

And I shall sign off with my ultimate couple…


(image via vibe)

ok wow – such a random assortment of images…I could go on and on…

If anything, I hope I have inspired you to write your own list or perhaps even just spend 10 minutes reflecting on your own experiences over the last decade. It put things into perspective and it helps to see how far you have come and grown.

OK, I better be off – need to start limbering up for my birthday splits (I refuse to sprain my hip like I did in 2011)



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