15 June, 2015

A night at the Genius Bar.

1 week.

1 iphone.

1 apple mac laptop.

1 drink bottle.

4 trips to the apple mac genius bar

If you read in between the lines, you can perhaps work out that I drowned two pieces of technology on two different occasions… in one week.

(Note: My drink bottle which was involved in both incidents, is now in the bin).

I know that I am fortunate to even own these items and that I should not complain…but it was pretty frustrating.


But something rather strange occurred. It made me question whether these  ‘drowning’ incidents had happened for a reason. Let me set the scene:

On Friday night, instead of going to a real bar – I had made an appointment at the Apple Mac ‘genius bar’ – they really should sell (strong) drinks there….

It was raining hard. I walk in frazzled, tired and agitated. My thick black mane was wet, messy and all over my face. I was wearing ‘casual Friday attire’ which is a little ‘boho-ethnic-chic’.

As I walked into the store, a very tall man of African-American descent (with the coolest dreadlocks) approached me and said; “Hey gurlll, woohhhaaa you look like a WILD woman”.

I was confused; “Sorry what?! I’m just here to visit the genius bar and I need to get a new laptop because I accidentally drowned my old one”.

He responded: “Oh gurlll, my name is Milton Freeman and I didn’t mean to be offensive….you just seem like a very wild, natural and creative woman…what do you do for work?”

I was in no mood for banter. I just wanted to get the hell out of there so I could join my friends for a Friday night beverage,

Bu then I remembered – you can get a 10% discount if you have an ABN number, so I decided to engage in conversation and tell him about my weaving ‘business’.

We started chatting. We didn’t stop  chatting for 30mins.  Only a few minutes into the conversation, I  realised how talented Milton Freeman is – aside from working at the Apple store he a creative/art director and fashion photographer. We chatted about ways we could merge my weaving with his fashion photography. My mood  had changed completely. I walked into the store… hating on the world…and now I was buzzing with creative energy. We exchanged business cards. And met for coffee the very next day.

You can see Milton’s website here

(Note: just in case you were wondering – Milton is  married with kids and atleast 20 years older than me).

Over just one coffee, I managed to fill five pages of my notebook with random ideas for future projects and collaborations. I’ve honestly  never met someone with a mind like Milton’s before – it is completely creatively unhinged. It runs at a million miles per hour.  He is a creative genius.

It may sound bizarre, but I can’t help thinking – if I hadn’t drowned all my technology, our paths would never have crossed. It felt very serendipitous. Two creative souls/freaks colliding.


Textiles underpin both the weaving and fashion worlds. Other than browsing through fashion magazines and watching ‘Search for Australia’s next model’ , admittedly I have not had much exposure to the world of fashion photography….but in such a short time Milton has taught me so much.

We have another meeting next week to discuss a project idea…I am already excited to see what evolves…

Fashion speaks a distinct language and fashion photographers have the challenging task of composing and capturing the reality and illusion of not only the garments, but the bodies too. Garments in the world of fashion photography, push all boundaries of functionality. The human body injects life into the garments – completely dynamic, they move far beyond the aesthetic and decorative.

I love fashion shoots when a woman (or man) is caught in the climax of movement….when the textiles seem to take flight and dance on their own accord. It may sounds cheesy, but I believe fashion photography is the equivalent of poetry in the world of writing.

Milton explained that they only need to capture one moment. The right moment. When the light, the body, the facial expression, the textiles.. .completely align… It needs to be cohesive, even if one element is slightly off – the image shifts.

I believe that fashion photography can also be viewed as a historical document – whilst certain shoots embody a sense of timelessness from a stylistic perspective,  they still are capturing a certain trend that is relevant in the current context and can be seen as a source of provoking discussion about culture and society at a given point in time.

After becoming friends with Milton, I have a new found respect for fashion photographers and the competitive nature of the industry. It is cut throat, but I also really enjoy the creative freedom it seems to offer. Milton spoke about lighting, colour, sets, models; there just seemed to be so many disparate elements that are stitched together to create they cohesive photo. Including all the different people involved… stylists,  technicians, make up artist, photographer, model….

For me, I really enjoy fashion shoots which take place in unique and unexpected  locations. Below is a round up of some fashion photographs which I truly find inspirational…. I hope you do too… (p.s. I do realise these photos are only of women, I just got way too distracted when I started up looking up men’s fashion shoots – may I’ll save for another post 🙂


fashion photography



I honestly love these photos so much – so vibrant and engaging..

Zion Tribe” | Models Aliane Uwimana Gatabazi and Rachelle Mongita | photographed by Maëlle André for MOTEL Magazine

(images via Super Select)

fashion photography

Rhianna. In gold. With Shark. Doesn’t get much better than this…

For Harpers Bazaar

(image via fashiongonerogue)

fashion photography

I LOVE this one….(perhaps because of the sheep….yarn on the brain!)

(image via eternity of fashion)

fashion photography

(image via pinterest)


(image via jianla)

fashion photograph

lady in red

(image via 500px)


So ghetto… yet so elegant, featuring one of my favourite models…Liya Kebede (Vogue Japan)

(image via fashionbombdaily)

fashion photography


this  looks like so much fun!

(image via we heart it)

fashion photography

Laetitia Casta for Vogue Turkey, October 2012 – Editorial: “Schvetlive Barok”

(image via Style 4 Style)

AND…to leave you with my ULTIMATE favourite photo….of the one and only Queen B

fashion photography

(image via madame hideaway)

Happy Sunday night & have a good week 🙂



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