Weaving calms my mind.
It slows me down. Forces me to ‘switch off’.

I am interested in unearthing the essence of India – the landscape, religious rituals, historical figures and events.  Weaving allows me to explore my heritage and culture with an innate sense of freedom. I aspire to combine this time-honoured tradition of weaving with contemporary visual culture.

Sensuous. Raw. Unearthed. Tactile.

I don’t like symmetry. I never have a set plan. Each weave intuitively evolves; an emotion, a thought, a narrative, converged into a tangible woven piece.

My heritage traces back to Ahmedabad, Gujurat. With the oldest textiles in India, Gujurat is often referred to as the ‘Manchester of the East’.

Weaving feels so natural and familiar. My grandfather recently informed me that many of my ancestors were weavers. I have no formal training. Weaving just ‘appeared’ at a time when I needed it most. I can’t help but wonder….have I done this before? Perhaps in a previous life….

A serene satisfaction. My own rhythmic ritual. I can’t imagine life without it.