09 January, 2016

Fresh Start.

a new slate. a new chapter. a new leaf.

yep, its a new year.

A typical Cancerian (noted for being the nostalgic and sentimental of the Zodiac), every year (since I was 12 years old), l I have written a reflection of the year gone past (ie. I have categories; funny times, sad times, new crazes, favourite songs, travel, friends, romance etc). Yes. I know. I am strange.

This year was no exception. I wrote my categories. Reflecting on my growth and change. Projecting what I hope for the year to come.

I see the upcoming year as a blank canvas. a blank page. freshly warped loom. so fresh. so new.

Possibilities. opportunities. an exciting unknown.

New Year’s Day 2016 is one I will never forget – marked by a surprise proposal from the man of my dreams. He could of not chosen a better day. symbolic. momentous. the start of a whole new chapter.

The New Year helps us reflect and learn from the days gone by and look forward to (and feel grateful) for the time that lays ahead.A stretch of time. lays ahead of us. fresh. new. untouched. ready to be embossed with experiences, memories and emotions. So full of promise and potential, with the opportunity to be something extraordinary. That is how I feel about my year to come…it is going to be extraordinary, in every sense of the word.

It made me think of the notion of ‘starting something new’….

A blank canvas. a blank page. a freshly warped loom. can be something we fear….

So many times, I have prepped my loom. Ensured the warp is tight. Sat down. And gone completely blank. I don’t know where or how to start. I have to step away…then force myself to come back and face it. Too many colours to chose from. No direction. My weaving is intuitive and I never plan.

There is something so stressful about making a first mark on a blank canvas. The first word on a new document. I believe this paralysis  of starting derives  from either: fear or too many options. Taking the plunge. into the unknown – could be a complete failure or a masterpiece. only time will tell.

Where should I start? a question that plagues my mind. Planning is not starting. I need to remind myself of that often. Sometimes, I feel like I need to have all my best ideas before I start….but this is crap. Sometimes, my best ideas come half way through the piece. Sometimes, I am my own worst enemy – the point is…just to START. consumption of peanut m&m’s…I am not making any this year. Instead, I am just going to promise myself to try and live in the moment.

However, we do not need to wait until the 1st January. I guess, every day is a blank canvas. One which we have the opportunity to paint our colourful story on….

I can’t wait for my 2016 story to unfold. It really did start with a bang for me….I gotta myself a beautiful…

hope you enjoy this collection of blankness…

blank canvas

(image via jill berry)


blank canvas

that first stroke…

(image via the modern nomad)

blank canvas

(image via flora bowley

blank page

(image via abundance)

blank canvas

(image via fine art america)


(image via that kind of woman)

art easel

(image via lyla and blu)poster

blank canvas

(image via forms of enquiry)

thought i’d leave you with this one….(slightly random…but yes, you are in luck it can be purchased on eBay! – starting bid $2.94 …what a bargain!)

blank canvas

(image via ebay)

Happy New Year!



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  1. Kyla stone says

    I love your writing Nikita . It wraps me in comfort and i cant stop reading !
    Have the bravest, loveliest, most beautiful year xxxxx ps. It will be a very special one iam sure, with a sweet 'Feyonce' haha, cherish this special moment !

  2. Jo says

    Living the "blankness" - I'm sure we all have this at some stage if not many times in our lives!!!!
    Congrats on the feyonce