24 May, 2015

Body Administration.

Eyebrow waxing. Laser hair-removal appointments. Exfoliation. Moisturising. Nails. Hair.

Body admin.

(random side note: thanks to my brown sugar skin, spray tanning is one thing that I can leave off my list… however my indian hairiness makes up for it –   if I ever want to lose 2 kilos, I just have to get a hair cut)

All of the above topics are off limits when we are having a family dinner.

Growing up in a house full of girls, (very early on) Dad laid down a firm rule….’girls, there is to be no body admin talk on the dining table’. Bobby pin/hair tie quarrels, celebrity plastic surgery debates, pedi/mani scheduling….yep,  ALL off limits.

I promise you – we are NOT high-maintenance princesses like the Kardashian sisters. I do not know how, but body admin always seems to creep into conversation…

Body admin.

It’s painful –  emotionally and physically… but it has to be done. It never stops either. A never-ending cycle. Obviously, it all depends on your care-factor, motivation, the season (aka winter growth)  and whether such areas are going to be visible…or visited.

I’ve always thought of ‘body admin’ as a ‘gal thang’… but last week I realised how VERY wrong I am. It is for everyone. Body admin does not discriminate.

Last Friday night, I asked my friend if she wanted to grab a drink after work, to which she replied; “hmmmm I really would love to BUT….I have to go home and wax my boyfriends back”.  I had no come back. I just smiled and nodded politely.

Yep. Manscaping.

Men are not exempt. They too…have body admin on their list of things to do.  Shaving. Nail cutting. Skin care.

Admittedly, I have given a spray tan to an ex-boyfriends housemate before. He turned orange, but seemed to like it…

In celebration of ‘body admin’ for all gals and boys, I have found some beautifully designed salons and barber shops. Each space has carefully taken into account the materials, light and layout. All these factors must be very well-considered to ensure the act of ‘body admin’  makes the individual feel confident and assured that they are in good hands!

(FYI – in no way does my beauty salon look like this, I usually go to an indian lady’s garage or I am often tempted to get a pair of my weaving scissors and hack at my black mane)

hair dresser design
Architect Cohta Asano created a new space for a hairdresser inside an existing building in Japan, adding a steel frame to support angular wooden shelves and partitions.
(image via Dezeen)
(Image via Archdaily)
Old school barber shop – so rustic and raw.
(Image via etsy)
barbar design
How cool is this old school salon?! It is in London – called Ruffians.
(image via Ruffians)
interior design
Missy Lui: A Toxic Free Nail Salon in Melbourne…. minimalist, clean lines.
(Image via Design Milk)
interior design
(image via Hastala Design)
interior design
Acute speakeasy barber shop in NYC….#hipster.
(image via Fashion Daily Trend)
interior design
No where to hide….customers sit at large wooden frames in this hair salon by Japanese studio Three.Ball.Cascade in Chiba, Japan.
(image via Dezeen)
interior design
I am enjoying this indoor tree…very zen.
(image via Dezeen)
Look at this fringed ceiling!! Incredible.
(image Retail Blog)
This feels like home.
(image via flickr)
 interior design
Dutch designer Dirk van Berkel converted a fireplace shop in Amsterdam into a salon and hairdressing school with copper pipes snaking across the walls and ceiling.
(image via Dezeen)
Admittedly, I just took a break from writing this post. I walked past the mirror. Literally my first thought – ‘oh gosh, my eyebrows look like angry black caterpillars, I need to get them done ASAP’.
Happy Sunday night.

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