21 April, 2015

Unexpected Chapters.

Saturday mornings. During Winter. Somewhere between the hours of 10am – midday (depending on my Friday night antics)- you find me sitting amongst the second hand books on the very top level of Berkelouw books in Paddington.

Majority of people stop on the second level, preferring to sip their lattes whilst seated in a comfy leather couch, overlooking the hustle and bustle of Oxford street below.

Not me. I order my coffee and head straight to the very top.

Completely solo. Sitting cross-legged on the floor. Perusing through old second-hand books.

It is my happy place.

Admittedly, it smells a little musty and lacks natural light…but its quiet and allows me to ‘zone out’.

I rarely search for a specific book. As I stroll down the aisles books tend to ‘jump’ out at me. I know this sounds totally crazy…but I like the idea of ‘letting go’ and seeing what falls into my hands. Not going to lie…sometimes it can get weird. I swear books have been written on everything. Yes….everything.

A couple of years ago in the early stages of my Berkelouw winter morning ‘ritual’. A particular book ‘jumped’ out at me. No, I mean literally it jumped OUT at me. It fell off the shelf and hit me square on the head. No joke. And yes, it actually hurt.

I picked up the book and was immediately transfixed. The cover of the book felt beautiful – a soft canvas-like material. The cover image of the book was even more beautiful –  vibrant shades of pink and titled; “Colour by Victoria Alexander’.

I sat down. I did not get up for an hour. My eyes greedily devoured the pages.

The book seamlessly tied photography and thoughtful snippets of text to explore the implications and cultural meanings of colour. Each chapter addresses a different colour – the emotions that colour evokes, the intrinsic meaning that colour can hold for a specific culture or the where one can find that colour in its natural form…

Photographs from India, Mexico, Africa…as I turned the pages, it helped me realign my perspective on life. It reminded me – there is a whole world out there. I couldn’t help but think that this book at dropped on my head for a reason.

It was raw. It was honest. I was completely seduced by this book.

So I bought it.

I came home and over the next few weeks started using it as a colour inspiration palette for my weaving.

I really wanted to thank the person who had created it …Victoria Alexander.

So I did. I emailed her.

I believe it is important to say a genuine thank you when it is due. So often we ‘store’ compliments in our heads, but fail to deliver them.  We get embarrassed or shy…but do not realise how a few words can positively impact the receiver.

WARNING: this is HIGHLY embarrassing – but I think it is important to share. See my email exchange with Victoria below:

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 8.56.32 pm


Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.02.49 pm


So last night, I finally met Victoria Alexander – in person. My friend Lucy (who is a fellow weaver and kindred spirit whom I met from instagram) went along to Victoria’s launch of her book ‘Real’.  The event was held in ‘Small Spaces’ – a beautifully curated store in Surry Hills.

I promise, I am not a crazed fan.  I just respect what she does and how she does it – she is extremely passionate, humble and seems to truly respect the art of creating.

It reasserted my belief; sometimes things or people just randomly come into your life for a reason. Things we don’t plan for ….things that just arise….things that we never believed would happen…. Collectively these ‘things’ can have a huge impact.

For me, Victoria Alexander and my friend Lucy are examples of this.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.01.23 pm

(Yep that is me…and Victoria)


Whilst I wish I could scan and embed every page of the book – I can’t. So here are some images which I believe encapsulate ‘colour’ in the motherland…

indian colour

(image via Corporate Fine Art)


(image via lushush)

india colour

(image via tumblr)


(image via gifts of life)


(image via harshgovan)


(image via clicks)


(image via pinterest)


(image via explore the earth)

I hope you enjoyed those images & I highly recommend you go check out Victoria’s books.



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