02 June, 2013

Self Reflection.

I came home last Saturday night exhausted.

I hadn’t even been on the dance floor.

I hadn’t even consumed lots of wine (ok, maybe just a little)

I had just been to dinner with ‘ma gurls’ and laughed……and laughed….and laughed.

I was exhausted from laughing.

If there is one thing I truly love in life – it is laughing until it hurts.

I love that feeling of gasping for breath. The stabbing pain in your abs.

I love that fleeting moment of self consciousness when you are laughing so hard and you know you look so unattractive (especially with my horse-like teeth) but… you just don’t care…and carry on laughing.


The last six months of my life has prompted a significant amount of self-reflection.

Life events have forced me to be introspective and develop a real sense of self –awareness. I have honestly learnt so much about my emotions, actions and willpower. I have learnt what gives me inner strength. I have learnt the importance of not over thinking. I have learnt what truly makes me  happy.

I am not going to lie – the last few months have sucked at times, but I have been blessed to have learnt so much about myself.  It has forced me to gain perspective on really is important. For me, it is the beautiful people I am surrounded by. My family and friends.

I have also realised that I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

I believe that people wander into your life for a reason. To teach you lessons. To teach you about yourself. To test you. Some people stick like glue.  Others swan in and then out…

Last year when certain things were falling apart … two beautiful girls entered my life. I have only known them for a year, but immediately they have become like… ma sista’s. I honestly believe they were brought to into my life for a reason. They have kept me grounded. When I am going off on an emotional tangent – they bring me back to reality. They are both so individual and unique.

The best part… I am lucky to be able to see them every day at work.

When the three of us are together we don’t just laugh….we sqwark. We don’t just talk…we rap like we are from the Bronx. We don’t just eat…we devour (usually ‘Pilpel hommous’).

I know this all sounds really corny – but I just being honest.

It was these two girls (and some other friends) that I went to dinner with on Saturday night. We had a ball. My abs got a work out. We laughed and laughed.

I am honestly blessed to have met Miss A and Miss F.

Miss A  attends pottery lessons every week and creates the most beautiful, organic bowls, spoons and little vessels. Each piece is made with such care and love – a reflection of Miss A’s vivacious and warm personality.

Miss F is a very talented artist (graphic designer by profession) who creates the most thought-provoking collages. She seamlessly integrates delicate hand drawn lines with mixed media elements to explore ideas, themes and social commentary. She is a true artist and I know her potential is limitless.

Check out Miss F’s work here.

In celebration of their talents (only one of many), I hope to inspire you with this collection of beautiful ceramic and collage images….

46a32037a5f6d47c7dba98b28cae3e4c Self Reflection.

(Image via blog.kstable.jp)

76e8d5cd554197b4bf592311ec3694a0 Self Reflection.

(Image via shopprettymommy.myshopify.com)

3dcfee525066a05d410b344da879029a Self Reflection.

(Image via (utsuwayayuuyuu.com)

04caac598556b6028c574c7e90939e32 Self Reflection.

From fernwah-fernwah.blogspot.co.nz

1ada410bae1e24e0fa9cb8441ddacf5b Self Reflection.

(Image via mespetitesmainsmagazine.net)

b4c702a8942354323bdf05fffb8aec33 Self Reflection.

(Image via artpropelled.tumblr.com)

tumblr lkh2gzxj3x1qei7a7o1 400 Self Reflection.

(Image via browndresswithwhitedots.tumblr.com)

479d03a5a4d1fb69ffcabf845f741538 Self Reflection.

(Image va birdiebooneceramics.com)

4aab79f1b8a36159551dc23231753eaf Self Reflection.

(Image via thejealouscurator.com)

48cb433aceba9f9d8e98087e91f04241 Self Reflection.

(Image via kacper-kiec.tumblr.)

7f37a7190479bcd67211ff666713fb7d Self Reflection.

(Image via flickr)

5be58bcde0f440c244b1416cb30044c8 Self Reflection.

(Image via Pinterest)

0e3f93096ea6059d2c4396d61c9fac33 Self Reflection.

(Image via Fernwah) 

Ok, I am off…..have a dull headache from one too many ‘grape juices’.

N x

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