01 April, 2015

getting ‘snagged’…in my bedroom.

I had a lucky break last week. A magazine editor discovered my weaving via instagram. She got in touch as she wanted to discuss featuring me in her next issue. I was stoked. I gave her my number and she called.

The phone interview was going quite well… until…she asked me “So Nikita, tell me, where is your studio located?”

My mind went blank.

I wondered if I should spin a ‘Pinocchio’ and make up a fictitious story about a hipster warehouse studio space in Marrickville…

But…who was I kidding?

I paused then awkwardly blurted out; “ummm….my bedroom”.


She laughed and then asked the question again to clarify, ”No… I mean, where do you weave?’

With more confidence I stated “Yes, I understand the question…my bedroom. I create in my bedroom”.

More silence…and then she quickly continued her line of questioning.

Yes, it is true. I weave from my bedroom. My room is not large by any means. Sometimes I just pull my loom over to my bed, make a pillow fort to rest my back on and then just sit and weave. Over the last few years, I have mastered the ‘art’ of storage solutions. Baskets. Boxes. My wardrobe. All house my (growing )yarn collection. It is actually getting out of control. Sometimes I wonder if I rolled out all my balls of yarn and knotted them together……whether it would reach Newcastle. Probably. My multiple looms take up at least a good 36% of my bedroom floor space.

My main issue is ‘snagging’. My yarn gets snagged on my bedside table.  My hair gets snagged on my large loom. My bangle gets snagged on my work. It kills me every time. I’m in motion….reaching….weaving… ….THEN….SNAGGED.

It is not the best set up – but it is my space.

A space where I can weave AND dance at the same time.  A space where I can weave with minimal clothes on. A space where I can create freely.  I am blessed to have such a space.

It made me wonder ‘how does the space in which you create impact the artist, the process and the eventual artwork produced’?

We often ask ‘why artists create?’ or ‘what medium do they use?’ or ‘what is their inspiration?’…but what I find even more fascinating (probably due to my love of architecture) is where they create.

Artists create in all different spaces; sheds, warehouses, garages, candle-lit lofts, un air-conditioned basements…inside…outside. Quiet spaces. Noisy

Some artists work better with a set routine – the same desk. the same space. the same coffee shop around the corner.

But, I wonder how many artists enjoyed switching it up?

Thinking about this idea of changing up your creative environment, sparked a crazy idea. What would happen if I weaved on street? How would impact my weaving process?

More specifically, what would happen if I weaved on the round about in the middle of the road.

So I did.

Last weekend, I set up my loom on the roundabout near my street. I got honked. I got yelled at; “what are you doing girl – get out of the way!” I got many quizzical looks. I only stayed there for 30mins. But in that time, I fluctuated between being hyper-aware of my location and zoning out and focusing on weaving.


Admittedly, it was a strange thing to do… but I really enjoyed myself.

One day it is my absolute dream to have a studio space of my own. A space where I can spread out all my yarn. A space where I can stand 2m from my work to see it in a larger context. A space where I can have my tea breaks in front of the work, to allow me to stay in the sone with out getting distracted. A space with beautiful natural light.

My ultimate dream would to have a studio located on a farm with a veggie patch and alpaca’s grazing….(fresh produce and hand-spun alpaca yarn…wouldn’t that just be the best!!)

Some work in group studio spaces, which would be great for critiques, discussion and fresh ideas and whilst I have never experienced such a communal space, I believe I prefer the solitude.

I love a good sneak peek inside an artists working space. Seeing where an artists creates gives us visual insight into their process and mindset.I find it fascinating. Some have mood boards. Some are very neat and offered. All individual. All different. Just like the words they create.

Here is a sneak peek of  some art studios which I find truly beautiful and inspiring….

art studio

This studio belongs to one of my absolute favourites…Ariele Alasko.

(Image via Rue du Tambour)





art studio

(Image via tumblr)


(image via batixa)



I do like the raw simplicity of this space…

(image via La Maison)

frida kahlo

One of my favourites…Frida Kahlo in her Casa Azul studio (a place which I have been lucky enough to visit!)

(image via house and home)


Creating outside….does he come with the ‘creative space’?! I hope so!

(image via the kids are alright)

artist at work

What beautiful natural light – I can see myself working in this space!

(image via workspaces tumblr)


This amazing space belongs to Sydney based artist Cressida Campbell…

(image via the design files)

art studio

I really enjoy the green in this space…and those amazing storage cabinets – would be perfect for my weaves!

(image via Mark Mahaney)

art studio

My dream is to work in a space like this…abundance of natural light, brick walls, wooden floors…hmm…one day.

This one belongs to artist Katie Stratten

(image via Beautiful Mess)


(image via brave intuitive)

OK…I best be off to my art studio (aka my bedroom).

Happy Easter.


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