26 March, 2017

Goodbye Sunshine. I will miss you.

For 10 years. For 10 bright, sunny years….

I have been driving a mustard yellow car (in my opinion mustard yellow beats canary, butter, lemon or any other type of yellow – even Buzzfeed agrees with me, read ‘33 reasons why mustard yellow is the very best colour’  )

And this week it is all coming to an end. This week, I am saying a final goodbye to my little ray of sunshine.

Note: It was not my choice to drive a yellow car…it was a hand-me-down from my mum (who is an abstract artist and refused to get a ‘boring grey or black’ car).

Additional note: I am not one to get attached to material things. I am not a ‘car person’ in the slightest, but for some reason saying goodbye to Sunshine feels very momentous. In a way I feel like it is also letting go of the free-spirited cruising I did in my twenties….driving around random boys, skipping uni to drive to the beach, road trips with my single gal pals or even parking in the Sydney University International Student Village for 5 years (yes, I pretended I was an Indian exchange student – accent and all – I didn’t even need a permit, they just ‘recognised my car’…no parking tickets for me!)

Sunshine. Submarine. Beehive.

You have been called all sorts of names. But like blue cheese, I have grown to love you. My little ray of yellow sunshine, we have shared some great times together….and some not so great times. Including…

The time when I reversed into a column in the manager car park and smashed the entire back windscreen. In my defence the column was yellow and I thought it was an extension of my car. (Bonus: I had instantly transformed by car into a ‘convertible’).

The time my car got keyed in da ‘2076 hood’ – all the way done the side…for NO reason.

The time my car got egged (no, it wasn’t Halloween).

The time my number plates got removed and then were wedged in the arms of my windscreen wipers (seriously, for no reason..it was just parked innocently on the street).

The time I had to drive with a giant inflatable yellow crumpet-man (I was working for Tip Top at the time) on the passenger seat, whilst wearing a yellow dress. Yes, very awkward.

Or recently….when someone hopped into my passenger seat mistaking my car for an Uber. Just because it ‘slightly’ resembles a NYC taxi, does NOT mean that it is a taxi, uber or other type of share car. Don’t worry mum – I now lock all my doors.

Ok, I am painting a bad picture. Sunshine and I have had some great times too.

And the best part we never lose each other…just so easy to spot in the sea of dull cars.

I know that whoever inherits Sunshine (let’s be honest, he will probably be harvest for his organs aka car parts) will be guaranteed brighter days.

Oh and just in case you are considering investing in a yellow car, here are some great facts:

– Studies reveal, that yellow cars are least likely to get stolen.

– Other research studies also reveal that yellow is the safest colour by far (probably, why 90% of people who also drive around a yellow Honda Jazz are over the age of 80).

– Yellow cars bring children great joy – they point, scream and then proceed to yellow ‘spotto’ (a game kids/some adults play, where you yell ‘spotto’ when spotting a yellow car).

nikita sheth

Putting aside my partiality, yellow is a great colour to integrate into architecture and interiors.  From bright hues to subtle shades, yellow can be leveraged in a myriad of ways. Yellow can be used to inject warmth into a space or to leverage the sun light to open up a space. It is a cheerful and inviting. From a colour psychology perspective, yellow fosters happiness, confidence and optimism.  It is also believed that yellow attracts good luck and health. Personally, I love it when yellow is used with natural materials such as wood or stone.

In celebration of my fond memories with Sunshine, here are some inspiring ways the colour yellow has applied in the world of design…

yellow staircase

love the combination – green houseplants, woven rug and a yellow staircase!!

(image via vkv visuals)

yellow kitchen

pops of yellow…one way to brighten up your morning!

(image via style files)

yellow interior

ok..this is  a bit too much yellow…even for me!

(image via the globe and mail)

yellow paint

some may think this wall looks ‘half done’…but I like it 🙂

(image via vtwonen)

yellow interior

so subtle…

(image via vogue)

yellow apartment

this muted yellow couch seamlessly blends in with the loft…perfect example of how adding ‘yellow’ into your space, doesn’t need too be overbearing!

(image via trendland)

yellow interior design


(image via design hunter)

yellow boho

had to  end with my absolute favourite…everything about this space is so perfect. The hanging plants, tribal rug and cushionss, large bay windows and ofcourse… comfy yellow chairs…my dream.

(image via instagram @collectivo)

ok, I best be off…I know it is really lame (and try not to judge me), but I want to go and make a ‘yellow-inspired playlist’ – yellow submarine (the beatles), yellow (coldplay), goodbye yellow brick road (Elton John)



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