12 May, 2015

My day as the….. Invisible Woman.

Friday was a really strange day…

NOTE:  I was not wearing black. My summer tan is starting to fade. All these ‘episodes’ occurred in well-lit areas.


As I was walking to work…a guy ran literally ran STRAIGHT into me. Bumping of body parts. A complete collision. He mumbled; “I am so sorry, I just didn’t see you there”

Was I invisible?

My office building automatic doors didn’t open for me. In a mexican-wave style, I frantically waved my arms to trigger the sensor. No luck. I walked back 2 metres and then forward 2 metres. I did this three times. Third time lucky.

Was I invisible?

I got into the lift at work and smiled at my colleague. He didn’t smile back. He didn’t even acknowledge me. Had I offended him?. Upon exiting the lift, he jumped back; “WOAAW Nikita, you scared me – I didn’t see you in there” Wtf. It is the lift is a 1x1m space. How did he NOT see me?

Was I invisible?

And so it continued….allllll day. I am not even joking.


As I was lining up to order my chicken sandwich – three people pushed in front of me. Not intentionally…I just don’t think they saw me there.

Surely I was invisible…

As I lay down in Hyde Park to soak up some of the winter rays, a lady ran over my foot with her pram..”Oh goodness, I am so sorry… I just didn’t see you there”. My foot hurt like hell. I mumbled something polite; “oh that is ok…” but in reality wanted to punch her in the face.

Surely I was invisible…


Headed to a bar for Friday night drinks – my friend bought a bottle of wine and three glasses. There were four of us. I missed out on a wine glass.

100% invisible.

I began to wonder…was I still alive? was I still here? was i existing in some alternate universe?

This is what it felt like to wear an visibility cloak.

It was at this point, I decided to own this ‘invisibility’. We hit the dance floor. I thought, if I am invisible…then I can try alllll my moves without feeling embarrassed. I bumped. I tweaked. I shimmed. Much to my friends dismay.

It got me thinking – do we chose what we want to see? how many things on a daily basis remain ‘invisible’ to us, because we don’t give it our attention? what would it be link to be invisible?

Invisibility is prevalent theme in architecture & design.

From the world of architecture to fashion shoots, invisibility is used to question human perception; we ask ourselves what is ‘real’? where does the background end and the foreground begin?

It is this intentional blurring of lines…the merging of the product in focus with the background. It is an exploration of object permanence – the notion that just because something is no longer visible doesn’t mean it no longer exists.

Many designers explore object permanence when designing. They intentionally create pieces that are built to blend in with the surroundings – they throw the notion of ‘contrast’ aside as they want their creation to become a part of the background. I guess, now that I think about it – it is just like the sewers, lights and cabling in our city. It is just …. there.

I believe there is something inherently magical about ‘invisibility’ especially when it is applied to the world of design and architecture. I had so much fun collecting images which I believe embody this notion of perception vs. reality….the merging of background with foreground….through the use of patterning, imitation and reflection.

Hope you enjoy…




Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes photography demonstrates that the body of the woman – her own body – is a sacred zone, not profane, to restore its perception as something miraculous amidst the technological chaos that currently surrounds us. She uses her own body as a medium, by “wrapping herself in cloths or painting her skin, [she] places her body at the disposal of an environment that absorbs her in.

So simple and honest – her work is just stunning!

(Image via artnet)

invisible architecture

A Camouflage Sauna Amongst The Trees Building: The Cadyville Sauna Architect: Dan Hisel Architect Location: Saranc, New York

(image via architizer)

invisible architecture

I’ve posted this one before – but it is my dream to live here!

(image via wirecyber)


(image via cookiecoco)

invisible architecture

Invisible chair Urban philosophy by Nissa Kinjalina

(image via behance)

invisible design

yes….there are two chairs….

(image via Lonny)

invisible design



Specimen Series by Do-Ho Suh. Incredibly detailed, full-size replicas of the fixtures in his Manhattan apartment!

(image via this is colossal)

performance art





can you see him?

now take a closer look at this one…he is in there…somewhere….


Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist known as the “Invisible Man,” performed one of his signature disappearing acts at Eli Klein Fine Art in New York.

According to Design Boom, Bolin’s new work was motivated by a recent law in China that requires individuals to present identification and registration when purchasing certain knives. He is planning on creating another “invisible” portrait featuring a sword and knife as well.

(image via opus)

and this is how I felt…


(image via from the north up)

OK, I am off to cook myself some dinner.

tomorrow…I am wearing something very BRIGHT.



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