15 March, 2015

Love thy neighbour.

I can’t change a tyre. I wish I could.

It would have been a handy skill to have this week.

A nail wedged itself into my left back tyre. A bright yellow car with a completely flat tyre – it looked like something out of a cartoon.

My first reaction was to call…. Dad (Yes, I know…I am a grown adult – but he always knows what to do in these situations)

But…I quickly remembered I couldn’t call him.  My parents are currently on vacay in South America. Yes, that is them below….life sure is good for some….

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.03.47 pm

When Dad comes back I am demanding that he gives my sisters and lesson in changing a tyre.

Yes, I could have called NRMA. Yes, I could have requested help from a male friend. But I thought… a bussayy gurl like me has bizness to attend to..I can’t be waitin’ around for no man.

So decided I would take this on myself.

And then I YouTubed; ‘how to change a tyre’.

Step 1: Find the spare tyre. Success! I found it in the boot.

I then got stuck. I was way in over my head. There was a jack and a few metal rods.

My neighbor then walked past….. “Are you ok?” I tried to act cool; “yeah, you know just changing my tyre….”

I am pretty sure he watched me struggle for a while, because 10 mins later he re-appeared; “Seriously, let me help you”.

Hot and bothered. I surrendered. He kindly changed my tyre for me. It was honestly so nice of him.

It made me realise how lucky I am to have such great neighbours. I have made a concise effort to learn the name of most of my neighbours (yes, I am pretty sure they refer to me as the ‘annoying indian girl in #11’). But I think it is nice thing – to know you neighbours.

My favourite neighbours are the boys in #17.

I regularly stop in for tea and chats. I have never had brothers. In a weird way have become the brothers I never had. They pay me out. They comment on my outfits. They make me watch hours of their ‘go-pro’ scuba videos.

Last week after a rough day at work, one of the boys came over and read aloud excerpts of the ‘Power of Now’ and various other self help books. Yes, it was kind of strange…..but it made me feel better and a lot more positive.

Today, I bought some home-made cherry and vanilla jam from the markets for Ruth in #9. She is only here for a short stay, whilst her husband gets treated in the hospital adjacent to our house. I thought some jam might cheer her up…

Admittedly the neighbours in #11a have terrible taste in music and I wish the boy in #7 would stop double parking his motorcycle. And yes…sometimes I avoid the neighbours by delaying the moment I leave the house.

In today’s world I believe the scale of isolation is increasing. I honestly believe that it is so nice to know your neighbours. Growing up, I would spend hours each afternoon playing with all the neighbourhood kids. We would build forts, collect gumnuts and even throw rocks at cars (we got in a A LOT of trouble for the last one). My neighbourhood friend is still one of my closest friends – I just went to he her Hens night last week!

I believe community cohesion and a sense of belonging is important – you just feel like people around you have ‘your back’. We are all so busy. Racing around. But, I think it is sad that we don’t connect with the people who are in such close proximity to us everyday (obviously, I do not encourage this – if they are complete creep shows).

Grocery shopping online, banking online, commuting by car….I believe it is affecting our social skills as our physical way of living is changing. We don’t need to leave our houses as much – we need to use the local stores and reclaim our footpaths!

Ok, now I sound like a grandma. I am going to back to my weaving….

But before I go, to bring some positive and inspirational energy to my ‘flat tyre situation’…. here are some cool design-related tyre projects….

tyre design

Repurposed old tires into ottoman, footstool, bench; wrap scrap salvaged fabric around, add wooden legs

(Image via Etsy)

tyre design

this tyre-inspired outfit would get mighty hot and I can imagine some awkward chaffing, but how cool is it?!

(Image via Mierswa & Kluska)

design tyre

(Image via Reincarnation Art)

tyre design

Pastel coloured tyres! How sweet – they look like lollies.

(Image via clmus)


Tyres and wood – a well-designed chair that embraces materiality.

(Image via Renew Purpose)

tyres design

Baskets made from tyres….idea for a new project?

(Image Don’t Poke the Bear)

tyre design


Tyre garden stools!

(Image via Wallace Gardens)

tyre design

(Image via Vintage and Chic Blog)

Hope you enjoyed that.

Happy Sunday.



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