17 November, 2015

More desert please….

This time last week…..

I was sitting in a pitch black tent – literally sweating out of places I didn’t even know you could sweat from…

I was covered in black flies…the little morons even flew through the holes in my flynet, landing on my eyelids, my lips and up my nose…

I was feeling slightly ill from consuming way too many snacks – pizza shapes, grainwaves, peanut m&ms…pretty sure I consumed every single primary school lunch snack in one sitting…

However, this time last week I was also….

Star gazing….thousands of the stars sprinkled against the black sky.

Driving on a road with no other car in sight. Wide open expansive land set against the horizon.

Disconnected from technology… no  internet, no social media, no technological distractions.

Blown away by the intense vibrancy of the colours and forms that surrounded me. It felt like I was another planet.

Feeling at complete peace.

This time last week – I was in Uluru. Australia’s backyard. The Outback. The Red Centre.

Deserts are my thang. Yes, deserts…not desserts (but yes, desserts are definitely my thang as well – I will never turn down a scoop of Messina or a oversized piece of banoffee pie).

If I had to choose between spending a week by the ocean or the desert – I would always pick the later (don’t get me wrong, I love the beach and water) – but I find the desert so magnetic.

The sand. The dust. The red earth.

The desert, land of the mirage, is filled with so many wonders. Trees grow out of rocks. Animals survive in such an unforgiving and harsh setting.

Whilst I was in Uluru, I felt the loud ‘city chatter’ in my mind quieten. Everything was so still. It is no wonder, that the dreamtime stories and spiritual connection of the indigenous Australians is connected with the land and born out of the desert.

The seclusion you can feel when you are immersed in the immensity of the desert.

To date, I have been lucky enough to have had a few desert experiences, including the Sahara desert (in Morroco), Rajasthan desert (in India), the Mojave desert (whilst visiting Las Vegas) and now the Australian outback. I can’t

Have a peak below – I thought I would share some magical moments from my trip as well as some modern a desert dwellings. There is something to be said for architecture in the desert, as they are not constrained by space, zoning laws and air rights. Creating dramatic shadows and taking on warm, neutral colours…some of the results are simply stunning….


nikita sheth

nikita sheth

nikita sheth

nikita sheth

And here are some inspirational images of modern architecture in the desert…seee….the desert can be cool….


It is my dream to stay here!  A desert dome in Joshua Tree National Park.

(image via bloglovin’)

desert architecture

(image via homedit)

desert house

(image via brick house)

desert home

Desert Nomad House, Outside of Tuscon Arizona – Rick Joy Architects

(image via CD Homes)

desert house

complete solitude.

(image via the brick house)


Jack’s camp in the middle of Botswana’s Kalahari desert – the perfect place to escape the hot desert sun….take me here any day!

(image via Jack’s Camp)

desert home

This was originally a school built in the 1927 in the Mojave desert. A signout front reads, “What draws us into the desert is the search for something intimate in the remote.”

(image via freundevonfreunden)

desert home

pre-fab home in the desert.

(image via offthegridworld)

I hope you enjoyed those images…and it is inspired you to perhaps one day venture into the desert (if you haven’t already).

OK, I best be off…I am going to make myself some dessert… and start researching my next desert adventure – maybe the Namib desert in Namibia..




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