20 February, 2016

my biggest fan.

driving down the highway, all the windows down.

sitting on top of a mountain peak, exposed to nature’s elements.

standing at the bow of a ship, looking towards the endless ocean.

riding a bike. running to catch the a bus. zooming down a rollercoaster.

I love…..wind in my face.

It is one of my favourite sensations.

(please note: I am talking about wind from the sky….not the bodily types)

I have loved it since I was a kid. ‘Nix, put your head inside the car….Nix, get off the swing and give the other kids a turn…’. These were phrases I heard quite often.

Multiple times, I remember my school hat flying out of the window, because my head would be stuck out of it. Mum would have to turn the car around and fetch it off the roadside. My poor mother.

I spent countless hours during my teenage years, playing Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love’ with the fan blowing in my face. I liked the way the fan made my voice sound a little ’T-Pain-esque’  (ie. electronic). I liked the way my hair blew everywhere – just like Beyonce’s. The fan and wind on my face made my teenage self (equipped with both glasses and braces) feel so damn sexy (ok, fine…I admit… I still  enjoy doing this occasionally).

cold winds that punch you in the face. warm winds that hug your face.

gale force winds to soft summer breezes. There is something so stimulating about having wind on your face. It is like an electrical current. An invisible force that tries to tilt your body.

I must say really strong winds are my favourite…hair everywhere. squinty eyes. wobbling lips as you try and crack a smile…but instead you just look like the joker.

I have thought long and hard as to why I like  wind on my face so much – I think it is because it makes me feel like I am part of something greater. It forces me to step outside my ‘internal’ self and focus on my surroundings. I enjoy the erratic and unpredictability of wind. it makes my hair go crazy and sometimes (to my embarrassment) my skirt drift upwards – a gust of wind can come without warning. Perhaps I am over-analysing, then again….I probably over-analyse most things.

I wish i hadn’t taken my years of solo nights for granted. I sometimes like to refer to myself as DJ N-fan…in the midnight hours is when I do my best work. swinging to static. high to low. low to high. with a little 1 hour timer added in the mix.

However, this summer has been different. No longer can DJ N-Fan work her magic.

This summer….. I have found myself in the middle of a full on  ‘fan war’.

On. Off. On. Off.

It is nightly struggle.

My partner hates the fan on at night….and on a humid summer’s night….I can’t sleep without it.

it is a massive issue.

I’ve suggested that we keep the fan ON and he should wear his thermal Kathmandu jacket. He suggested that we keep the fan OFF and I should sleep on an ice-pack.

I just love the low soft hum. on a summer’s night…it is the perfect lullaby. forget spotify. forget meditation music. all you need is a fan. it is a mechanical sedative.

FYI – for any other couples who are experiencing ‘fan issues’ – we have come to a compromise – setting the timer to 2 hours.

Yes, fans consumer energy and are not the most environmental-friendly. But dammit – they feel so good. such a great invention. Let is be known, whether it be ceiling fans, desk fans, or tiny USB fans, they are all welcome to blow on my face.

fan image

I’ll start off with my favourite image – spot the fan!

(image via designsponge)

fan design

what a cutie….so seamlessly integrated into its surrounds…

(image via homed)

cafe design

best thing about this image….the fan just hangin’ out in the corner.

(image via lonny)

fan design

don’tt you think they look a little like stingrays? modern. I like them.

(image via designimbibe)


a copper fan. stop it. i’ll turn this on….any day.

(image via castello)

interior design


this room belongs to a teenage boy in California – lucky devil.

(image via hello yellow)


the one in the front is called the ‘Vornado V-fan’….blow that in my face any day.

(image via rejuvention)

fan light

what an invention! now that’s what I need – two-in-one…fan light!

(image via home spot hq)

fan design

(image via beacon lighting)

OK, I better be off….let the fan wars begin…




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