28 April, 2016

paint job.

4 weekends.

3 nights after work.

30 litres of paint.

20 metres of masking tape.

2 dozen hot cross buns.

Numerous arguments.

These are the statistics from our paint job. Yes, we painted the interior of our apartment ceiling, walls doors, skirting boards..)….we commenced this ‘project’ on the Easter Long Weekend. Oh dear gosh…it was a LONNNNGGGG weekend. But, we were armament to do it ourselves with no help.

Let me just start by saying – it is NOTHING like what they show in those romantic comedies. Yes, admittedly I got all dressed up in my overalls…preparing myself for a ‘play fight’ whereby we would flick paint on each other and laugh…I mean this is how it is done in the movies right?!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.17.32 pm

After about 30 minutes…I realised…. THIS WAS NO MOVIE SET (although there were many dramatic scenes – tears, tantrums…).

This was real life. My biceps hurt. My back pained. My neck cramped.

Apparently I was not very good at using roller…it kept flicking everywhere – including directly into one of my contact lenses. Not cool. Everything had a cloudy, white filter on it for atleast 5 hours. Anyways, so K relegated me to doing the ‘outlines’… I had to outline the doors, top of ceilings and near the skirting boards. It really sucked.

K’s slight OCD really came out in full force. He really is a perfectionist. I am….more of a ‘bigger picture’ kinda gsl.

We got a little stir crazy. Perhaps a combination of the fumes and staring at white walls for hours on end.

It was a rollercoaster, punctuated by brief visits from my parents (thank you mum for the delicious food and dad for your helpful tips…and to my sisters for their baked goods)

It took true team work. Forget travelling. Forget camping. Painting an apartment is a real relationship test. They should integrate it into wedding vows ‘I promise to be patient if we ever paint a house together…’

In between all of this hot mess……we had a wedding to attend. We tried our hardest to scrub off the white paint off…our brown skin. Clearly, we didn’t try hard enough. One of my friends said, ‘wow nix, you must be stressed’. I had no idea what she was referring too, until I went into the bathroom and took a closer look at my hair – it was literally grey. Flecks of white paint on my roots – it was as if I had turned into an 60 year old woman over night. I was mortified. Another friend asked ‘do you use a lot of white-out at work?’ I looked at her quizzically and she quickly stated ‘nah, because you have white stuff all over your hands”….

When I told people that was spending the long weekend painting the apartment…they immediately asked with ‘what colour?’ and I would respond ‘white’ –  every single time…I felt like I was letting them down. ‘Oh…white….nice…can’t go wrong with white, right?’. WRONG. Did they know how many variations of white there are.

cool december. eggshell. swiss coffee. balboa mist.

no.. .these are not random words – they the names of just a few ‘whites’. Who names these? Cool whites. Grey Whites. Warm Whites. Geez. I started to feel faint just looking at the hundreds of shades…of white. (Luckily, I befriended the Bunnings Paint expert – such a lovely gentleman called Alan…seriously he cured my analysis paralysis and told me which one to use).

Ok,  truth be told but if a few years ago someone told me they were painting their ceilings, walls, doors and skirting boards allllll white – I too, would have thought the same thing. How boring. But then again…let’s be honest I had   yellow ‘sponged’ walls during my tween years and then a lime green feature wall with mango orange walls during my teens (yes, I had to wear sunglasses to study for my final exams as the green reflected onto all my papers).

Anyways…. as my style and taste has matured and developed, I feel that my love for ethnic textiles and interesting patterns/textures is perfectly matched with crispy white walls.

Pristine, slick…and yes sometimes beautifully impractical – white does offer a clean simplicity and a sense of peacefulness. White rooms are spa-like and offer a retreat from the daily mess of life!

Enjoy…this collection of images….white on white on white….

white interior

(image via the design chaser)

interior white

oh  my goodness….look at that window!

(image via ultralinx)

interior design

(image via avlehm malervick)

white paint

(image via my unfinished home)

white interior

(image via french by design)

white room

ok…maybe this is a little too white for my liking 🙂

(image via bloglovin)

white room

(image via whoworewhat)


(image via tumblr)

white room

this is definitely what I am aiming for….white on white…with a splash of ‘boho-chic’ 🙂

(image via domaine)

white room

I love that rug. And those walls.

(image via alice and lois)

Ok, I am off to make a colourful weave to hang my white walls 🙂



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  1. Maadhi says

    Hi Nikita,I've been reading your blog for a while now and always enjoy your posts! They are so entertaining, authentic and well written. Looking forward to more posts! Maadhi xo