02 April, 2016

shoe crush

It is not what you think.

I actually crushed my shoes. All 3 boxes FULL of them.

I reversed down the drive way.

….and drove over them.

It was completely my fault. I am in the process of moving out…so have been storing my goods at ‘Sheth Shack Storage & Co’ (aka my parents house).

After removing my entire shoe collection from the boot of my car…I got distracted.

(Note: Admittedly, this type of ‘distraction’ was not a ‘one off’.  In 2010 when I also got ‘distracted’ …I accidentally forgot to put my car in park mode and went inside to bed. In the middle of the night, I heard a loud bang….only to find that my car had rolled down the street and hit my neighbours car….Kevin Morris – if you are reading this – I still feel bad to this day. Sorry.)

Anyways…back to my shoes…

When I backed over the boxes – it made a LOUD crushing sound. I froze. My mind went blank. I was stuck. I couldn’t go forward or reverse back. I turned off the car and did the only logically thing a 29 year old would do….

‘DAADDDDD’. Yes, I yelled out to my dad. Poor guy. Dealing with 4 women his whole life….he is used to the panic-loaded screech of his name…from huntsman spiders to the time my sisters bank account got hacked my a diamond merchant in Nigeria – my dad has been through it all…

Dad came running down (albeit a little annoyed that I dragged him from watching the cricket)

‘What is wrong Nix?’

I sheepishly answered… ‘Ummmm….so I was backing down the drive way and…my shoes got in the way. And now they are wedged in the tyres…can you please help me?’

And he did. Dad to the rescue! He crawled under my car and spend the next 20 minutes retrieving what was left of my shoes from under my car.

My dad is a legend.

I am no Carrie Bradshaw – there were no Manolo Blahniks in my collection. But, I am still pretty sad. Most of my shoes were either crushed or squashed. From boots to indian sandals…they now look a collection of conceptual abstract shoes.

With my bank account being depleted by house relocation and upcoming wedding celebrations…I guess it is thongs and cheap hells for me for a while. Bring on the frostbite and blisters. Fiji feet for me.

I have always thought shoes were funny. I read somewhere that we can go months without our feet ever touching try ground – it comes as no surprise….

To commiserate my long lost shoe collection, I decided to put together a collection of some really strange and unique shoes…this shoes take designing to another level…enjoy!

shoe design

shout out to my youngest sister….she would kill for these shoes (she has the sweetest tooth…she also has the most holes in her teeth…)

(image via dezeen)

and these ones too…

shoe design

(image via stylecaster)


these are so SEW cool…

(image via 1000funfacts)

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.48.28 am

these are the definition of multi-tasking – cleaning & walking…

(image via virtualmuseum)

the next two epitomise the 90’s….

cd shoe


shoe design

(images via refinery29)

shoe design

goldfish platforms…don’t know how the fish would feel about these…

(image via bellatory)

lego shoe

these bad boys would be excruciating to walk in….never mind hit the dance floor with…ouch.

(image via unboytumblr)

shoe design

I just love the intricate stitching on these….

(image via the berry)

shoe design

(image via coxi-belle)

shoe teeth

i’ve always been teased for having big teeth….these are perfect for me.

(image via virtual museum)

I will end with a design that just freaks me out….what the?!

octopus shoe

(image geeksaresexy)

OK, now I am just getting depressed about all my crushed shoes. RIP.

Happy Sunday.



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