14 June, 2017

taking a new direction

I have been blogging regularly for over 6 years. ‘Distracted by Design’  has been my virtual escape – it started as a way to demonstrate how design surrounds us every day. Over the years, it evolved into a storytelling journal. I would share personal (rather embarrassing) stories and connect them to an element of design. This would be done in a light-hearted way to reinforce the accessibility of design.

In retrospect, I believe blogging was a form of therapy. I never put much thought into the topics or spent much timing editing. Instead, I just let the words flow. It often forced me to find the humorous side of the struggles I was experiencing – from grief to navigating the brutal ‘dating world’.

Writing my stories in such a free and fluid way, allowed my soul to become lighter – blogging helped me put things into perspective. I often felt that I was being very self-indulgent…..always focusing on my own life and stories… but a few times strangers in the blogosphere reached out to ‘thank me’ for helping them, as they too experienced a similar struggle. I found comfort in sharing my ‘battler moments’ and connecting with others (let’s face it – by ‘others’ I refer to a handful of my mum’s friends and a few random strangers that probably accidentally stumbled onto the site). 

You are probably wondering why I am writing in past tense…yes, it’s time that this journal takes a new direction.

It’s not that I have run dry of personal stories…or maybe it is. I’ll be honest, my 20-something years of being a crazy, single gal on the town are well behind me now. Saturday nights now consist of 1500 piece puzzles and a glass of red. And mayyybeee the occasional Beyonce dancefloor session (that takes place in my living room).

I want to use this ‘virtual space’ to explore and connect with the world of textiles. I will continue to tell stories. I will continue to write in a very personal way. I don’t have a set plan. Poetry, profiles of artists I love, ancient Indian weaving techniques….who knows?!

I guess as my life has shifted and changed – so has my ‘mind space’ – I want to write about things that inspire, move and shake me…and if I am honest with myself…that is my artistic journey.

I’ll stop banging on now – I hope you follow me on this new journey…

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