15 September, 2015

Touching you….touching me.

Fingers. Digits. Phalanges. Whatever you call them…I believe that if you stare at them long enough….you realise how weird they actually are. Long things…just hangin’ off your hands. Even the word sounds quite strange…say it three times. I dare you. finger. finger. finger. see…it sounds weird.

They swipe our screens. They tap at the keyboard. They can create music. They can create art. They can even reveal a lot about your personality and future (according to palmistry gurus). They can do alllll sorts of things (ok..that is enough…get your mind out of the gutter…).

Giving ‘the bird’. Displaying rings. Cleaning ears (or noses…).  Such useful little appendages. Above all, I believe their greatest power is…’touch’.

Recently I entered an art competition called ‘Little Things’ by Saint Cloche gallery. The brief: create a small (20cm x 25cm) piece of art that is based on a little thing that makes you happy.

I immediately knew what ‘little thing’ made me happy. I didn’t have to think twice.

Human touch.

I was going to create a weave based on ‘human touch. Whilst it is not a ‘little thing’ by any means, I do believe that it is an underestimated source of happiness. Touch is the first sense we acquire. The emotional power of touch is innumerable. One thing I absolutely love about touch…it is reciprocity: you can’t touch without being touched.

From a tight hug to a sympathetic rub on the back…it is this fleeting moment of human connection that can ignite such inner happiness (well…for me anyways).

know some people are very conscious about their personal space…but sometimes a gentle touch is all we need. We live in such a busy, crowded world, yet it is so easy for many of us to go weeks or months without touching or being touched by others.

I truly believe that touch is a language, one which we are undervaluing with the increased rise of technology. It can communicate love, anger, aggression…

Whilst I was creating my piece of art, I became hyper aware of the presence of touch in day to day life.I realised that we touch each other (strangers, friends, loved ones) more than you think. I was stuck on a squishy bus….had some unavoidable thigh-on-thigh action with the old man next to me.

I saw touching everywhere.  Firm handshakes. Mothers caressing their children.  PDA between lovers. Pushing between drunk idiots on George Street. Touch can signify reassurance, enhance attachment and deepen bonding between individuals.

Adults tend to equate touching with sexuality. It does not have to be this way. Touching a friends shoulder lightly during conversation. We can be tactile whilst remaining appropriate (unless of course you don’t want to remain ‘appropriate’….)

So much research has been done on how human touch can lessen pain, increase growth in infants and improve immune function.

My artwork was successful and will be a part of the ‘Little Things’ exhibition. You can see the details here.

Here is my weave titled ‘human touch’….


Statement: My work explores how human touch can have such a powerful impact on our emotional state and happiness. The five squares and application of various textures symbolically represent the tactile dimension and importance of preserving human touch. From a friendly pat on the back to a sympathetic intimate hug – the more you connect with others – even on the smallest physical level….the happier you will be!

In celebration of our (often overlooked) sense of touch, I have gathered some images which embody human connection through our hands and fingers.

I dare you…make it your mission this week to go out there and (appropriately) TOUCH people…



(image via flickr)


(image via interogada)


incidental touching…

(image via pinterest)


light touch….

(image via sleep by my soul)


(image via 100layercake)


a father’s touch….

(image via issuu)


I can’t help but smiling when I see this image….it is so powerful.

(image via el-e-el)


(image via fotografias)


(image via in the little red house)

(image via sussie)


this one has to be my favourite….

(image via peendeesous)


So here is your mission for the week : Go out and touch more people  (APPROPRIATELY of course)… friends, acquaintances, lovers…use your power of touch to give love and happiness…

Happy Sunday & Happy Father’s Day!


















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