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Summer has officially arrived. The sun is out with vengeance.

Every year at this time I face a massive dilemma… “to sun, or not so sun…”

I lather on the SPF 50+ (which makes me go a weird purple tinge).

I wrap my entire body in a towel when I lie on the beach (resembling a human ‘beach burrito’).

I go through tubes and tubes of ‘Fair & Lovely’ cream (google it…yes, it is a cream ‘apparently’ makes you lighter)

Nothing works.

I always get SO dark. Do not get me wrong…NOTHING is wrong with going darker..it is just that I personally, prefer to be a little lighter. I know…I bet you are thinking ; “It’s beautiful, I wish I could be that tanned”. I’m not complaining…ok, maybe I am. I just don’t like it.

Switch off the lights and you can only the whites of my eyes and my teeth.

Each time I go home my mum yells at me; “Yuck, you are looking dirrttyyy….how will you find a husband when you are so looking so dirty?”. No mum, it is not ‘dirt’ it is  just a tan (I am sure all you fellow sub-continental gals can relate).

BUT look at what I am dealing with (see pic below)….this happened on thursday morning after a mere 30 min swim at 6:30am….you can call me ‘backstrap’. Gross. Although, atleast I am rockin’ the sporty look. #fistspiration.

nikita sheth

So, I have decided today that it is time to invest in a beach umbrella. There are some amazing umbrella’s out there. My favourite are actually from Australian company, Basil Bangs. Check out their range here –  a vibrant range made from high quality fabric and available in so many colours and patterns! They collaborate with various designers and artists to create bespoke umbrellas – I just love their aesthetic and philosophy underpinning their brand.

Check out some of these gorgeous umbrellas which I have come across in my ‘research’…

I will kick start with a Basil Bangs umbrella – such vibrant colours & patterns…

basil bangs
(Image via Basil Bangs)
beach umbrella
The range
(Image via Basil Bangs)

(Image via Lovely Clusters) 



(Image via Wanelo)


beach umbrella

(Image via Pretty Stuff)


beach umbrella

(Image via Tiny White Daisys)


beach umbrella

(Image via A Natural)


beach ubrella


Love this birds eye shot.

(Image via Maison Gray)


OK, I am off to apply some fair & lovely cream….


Happy Sunday