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“We all have an intimate relationship with cloth. From our first breath to our last…it hugs our bodies.” – Nikita Sheth

Nikita Sheth is a contemporary textile artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her woven work stems from an intuitive practice on a Saori loom.

Nikita’s work investigates the relationship between language and cloth—each piece carries its own poetry and meaning. There is thought and memory in every thread. She embellishes her words with cross-stitches to intuitively tell stories, capture emotions, and explore daily rituals. What results is cloth poetry.

Nikita believes cloth holds energy. Drawing on her Indian heritage, her work incorporates fragments of recycled sari silk—a symbolic nod to the bodily memory of the lady who once wore the sari. She embraces loose threads, fraying, and flaws in the fabric—imperfection suggests the cloth retains traces of life.

She recently discovered that many of her ancestors were weavers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Self-taught, Nikita often wonders; “was I weaver in a previous lifetime?”.

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