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50 shades of brown.

Summer has officially arrived. The sun is out with vengeance.

Every year at this time I face a massive dilemma… “to sun, or not so sun…”

I lather on the SPF 50+ (which makes me go a weird purple tinge).

I wrap my entire body in a towel when I lie on the beach (resembling a human ‘beach burrito’).

I go through tubes and tubes of ‘Fair & Lovely’ cream (google it…yes, it is a cream ‘apparently’ makes you lighter)

Nothing works.

I always get SO dark. Do not get me wrong…NOTHING is wrong with going darker..it is just that I personally, prefer to be a little lighter. I know…I bet you are thinking ; “It’s beautiful, I wish I could be that tanned”. I’m not complaining…ok, maybe I am. I just don’t like it.

Switch off the lights and you can only the whites of my eyes and my teeth.

Each time I go home my mum yells at me; “Yuck, you are looking dirrttyyy….how will you find a husband when you are so looking so dirty?”. No mum, it is not ‘dirt’ it is  just a tan (I am sure all you fellow sub-continental gals can relate).

BUT look at what I am dealing with (see pic below)….this happened on thursday morning after a mere 30 min swim at 6:30am….you can call me ‘backstrap’. Gross. Although, atleast I am rockin’ the sporty look. #fistspiration.

nikita sheth

So, I have decided today that it is time to invest in a beach umbrella. There are some amazing umbrella’s out there. My favourite are actually from Australian company, Basil Bangs. Check out their range here –  a vibrant range made from high quality fabric and available in so many colours and patterns! They collaborate with various designers and artists to create bespoke umbrellas – I just love their aesthetic and philosophy underpinning their brand.

Check out some of these gorgeous umbrellas which I have come across in my ‘research’…

I will kick start with a Basil Bangs umbrella – such vibrant colours & patterns…

basil bangs
(Image via Basil Bangs)
beach umbrella
The range
(Image via Basil Bangs)

(Image via Lovely Clusters) 



(Image via Wanelo)


beach umbrella

(Image via Pretty Stuff)


beach umbrella

(Image via Tiny White Daisys)


beach umbrella

(Image via A Natural)


beach ubrella


Love this birds eye shot.

(Image via Maison Gray)


OK, I am off to apply some fair & lovely cream….


Happy Sunday




Breaking News.

It has happened five times in the past 3 weeks. No exaggeration.

Two iphone screens. Two mugs. One antique bottle (which I bought from NYC).

Glass seems to be breaking all around me.

I know I am clumsy. But this feels like a joke. I am starting to wonder whether I am carrying around some bad ju-ju vibes or something.

The theme of glass re-emerged on Wednesday night. But this time in a more positive way. I had a dinner date with my grandfather (Papaji). He was to ‘fit me into his packed social schedule. He is actually the coolest (to find out why – read this) 

I love the predictability of going to Papaji’s house for dinner  – A glass of red, a vegetarian Indian meal, bailey’s ice-cream/strawberries & cream for dessert. In that order. Always.

However, after dinner this week instead of immediately tucking into dessert, he started showing me ‘objects’ and some of my grandmother’s things he had found after she passed away. One of which was a gorgeous blue glass vase….

It had the most beautiful story behind how it had come into his hands (see below) (NB:- Aaji what I called my grandmother):

nikita sheth email

I have a fascination with coloured glass vessels. I have decided to start a collection. I purchased two (one broke) in NYC from the most remarkable man. In a nutshell, Scott Jordan grew up on Long Island. As a bored kid, his dad made him a sieve and he spent is afternoons and weekends ‘digging up treasure’. After finishing school he followed his passion and became an Archaeologist. He spends his time transforming discards of New York City into artifact art. Read More Here (http://www.newyorkartifactart.com)

nikita sheth

Each of his items comes with a handwritten card outlining where the piece was found & the time period it came from.

I love the ethereal nature of glass. The transparency. The buoyant quality. The simultaneous reflection and absorption of light. I have decided to be very discerning with my glass vessel collection. Each piece must have an engaging ‘story’ – whether it be the process of which it was created, a past owner to the historical context in which it derived.

Have a look at the images below…they are my point of inspiration for my ‘collection’….


(Image via imgfave.com)


(Image via antiquebottles.com)

glass collection

(Image via Vmburkhadt) 

glass collection

(Image via Hannah Roberts)

glass collection

(Image via The Great Gracie) 

glass collection

(Image via decor8blog.com)

glass collection

(Image via Herebewitches)


Hope you have a great Sunday Night.

N x

Pink Finger Buns.

Everyday. For 6 months. Always at 4pm. In my final year of school….

I bought a pink icing finger bun on the way home (it HAD to be the one with pink icing). It was a stressful year as I was intensely studying for the HSC exams (yes, I was…and still am a total nerd).

But…the routine of buying and consuming a pink finger bun on Turramurra Station offered me total emotional comfort. Forget meditation. Forget deep breathing. To this day, I am a strong advocate for Pink finger buns…they reduce stress like nothing else.

I even encouraged a friend of mine to join the ‘finger bun’ band-wagon and we called ourselves the ‘Fatty Finger Bun Sistas’. I loved the way the baker at Bakers Delight would keep two finger buns aside for us (to ensure we didn’t miss out on our ‘hit’)….

finger bun

In hindsight, it was probably not the best choice in terms of nutritional value.  Between my Coles Home-brand fruit cake addiction (I’ll save that story for another post) and pink finger buns obsession, I put on A LOT of weight. I was a little too old for my extra weight to be passed off as baby-fat and I had always been a ‘gangly’ Indian kid…so the ‘big-boned’ justification also didn’t work….(Don’t believe me?! Just check out my End of Yr 12 dinner photos – I have more rolls than Baker’s Delight).

This gluttonous stage of my life continues to haunt me today. Whenever I catch a glimpse of a pastel pink colour…I suddenly get hungry and crave a pink finger bun. It is like my brain has been wired to create an innate association. I just start salivating whenever I see a certain shade of pink….

When it comes to colour preference, whether it be fashion, art or interior accessories I always tend to lean towards bold and vibrant colours. For me, pastels just seem a little uninteresting and uninspiring. (FYI – Pastels are just an unsaturated version of any color, the lighter and sweeter version!). However, pastels are making a come back in the world of interior design. And after some research….I have definitely changed my view on the pastel colour scheme.

Pastels can be soothing, calming and can even give off a subtle glow. Whilst they are mostly considered as quite ‘feminine’, when combined with wood they can be used as a colour scheme to create a very striking and strong space. I believe they especially work well within a Scandinavian design style – they can freshen up a space and accentuate the light to create an airy space.

Here is a round up of some great uses of a pastel colour scheme..


pastel design


(Image via finnishdesignshop.com)



interior design


(Image via finnishdesignshop.com)

interior design

(Image via  birchandbird.com)

interior design



(Image via Hege In France) 

interior design


(Image via Interior Originals) 

pastel interior


(Image via dis-vague) 

interior design



(Image via Vonderhue)

interior pastel

(Image via Sigrid Stromgen) 




OK, now I am craving a finger bun…no guesses, where I am going before work tomorrow morning?! (Baker’s Delight!).


Happy Sunday Night!

N x



















yellow interiors

YES, I drive….a yellow car.

OK, I promise this will be my last post on NYC. Plunged into the routine of daily life, my adventure in the big apple is now a distant memory. Thank god, for Jay Z and re-runs of Sex and The City …they will keep the dream alive!

Upon exiting JFK airport the first thing I saw was a yellow taxi. I grinned to myself like an idiot. I love NYC taxi’s. For me, they are the perfect cultural icon. They simultaneously represent the efficiency and capitalism of American society. They are ubiquitous beacons that brighten up the monotonous NYC grey palette.

Ok fine, the real reason I love yellow cabs is….

Because I have driven a yellow car for 6 years.

I feel like I have a deep-seeded bond towards yellow cars…and cabs. And ugly cars.

It was not by choice. It was originally a family car, which I now  call my own. My abstract artist mother decided that “we need some colour in our lives”. My chartered accountant father argued that the “resale value of a yellow car is will not be high”. Mum won.

I am NOT complaining – I know I am blessed to even have a car.

BUT it hurts…

When I heard my friends dad call out “Who’s mustard coloured car is parked on our driveway?” and then proceeding to roar with laughter.

When my friends yell “TAXXXIIIII” before they hop in for a lift.

When I see that the only other people driving Yellow Honda Jazz’s are 80 year old grandmas.

When I hear kids yelling “Spotto” (a game kids/some adults play, where you yell ‘spotto’ when spotting a yellow car).

Like blue cheese, I have grown to love my little ray of yellow sunshine. We have shared some great times together….and some not so great times. Including:

The time when I smashed the back windscreen in the management car park – to my defence the column of yellow and I actually thought it was an extension of my car (Bonus: I had instantly transformed by car into a ‘convertible’)

The time my car got keyed in ‘da 2076 hood’…what a bunch of losers.

The time my car got egged.

The time my number plates got removed and then were wedged in the arms of my windscreen wipers.

The time  I had to drive with a giant inflatable yellow crumpet-man (I was working for Tip Top at the time) on the passenger seat, whilst  wearing a yellow dress. Awkward and highly embarrassing.

WHATEVS….but you know what?!!!

I never lose my car in the car park.

Studies reveal, that yellow cars are least likely to get stolen.

Other research studies also reveal that yellow is the safest colour by far.

It reflects my bright and bubbly personality (jokes. ok, fine, i just needed to think of another reason….)

nikita sheth

Putting aside my partiality, yellow is a great colour to integrate into architecture and interiors.  From bright hues to subtle shades, yellow can be leveraged in a myriad of ways. Yellow can be used to inject warmth into a space or to leverage the sun light to open up a space. It is a cheerful and inviting. From a colour psychology perspective, yellow fosters happiness, confidence and optimism.  It is also believed that yellow attracts good luck and health. Personally, I love it when yellow is used with natural materials such as wood or stone.

Here is a round up of some of my favourite uses of the colour yellow..hope they brighten up your day a little!

yellow interiors

I love this! Yellow against grey – my favourite.

(Image via lisannevandeklift.blogspot.nl)

yellow interiors

(Image via clairepotterdesign.com)

yellow interiors

Yellow has a place in architecture – against the blue sky, the yellow really pops.

(Image via lisannevandeklift.blogspot.nl)

yellow interiors

Neon yellow & wood. Delicious.

(Image via  hegeinfrance.blogspot.fr)

yellow interiors

This is quite ‘out there’….not sure if I would personally do this, but it does work nicely – especially with the greenery outside.

(Image via archilovers.com)

yellow interior

Such a vibrant yellow wall – how can you feel down when staring at this?!

(Image via  arkpad.com.br)

yellow interior

Simplicity. Clean lines. Gorgeous.

(Image via  thedesignfiles.net)

yellow architecture

(Image via Tumblr)

It will be a sad day when I have to say goodbye to my banana-boat…except its a car.

OK, I’m off – Happy Sunday night

N x

brown interior

Gurrrll, what’s your name?…..Brown Sugar

A creamy piece of milk chocolate.

A steamy cup of coffee.

A well-worn pair of leather boots.

A raw American black walnut table.

And….my skin.

All Brown. All Beautiful.

(Ofcourse, there are are something which are brown and not so beautiful…but I HATE toilet humour so I am not going to go there….)

Coming from an Indian background, I was born with chocolate coloured skin.

Born and bought up in Australia, my friends have always been predominantly of caucasian decent.

Growing up as the Indian gal in my group of friends…

There were the pro’s: I never had dilemmas of streaky fake tan. I could always pull off white dresses, no matter what the season. I always won games of ‘murder in the dark’.

Then there were the con’s:  I was a lot hairier than the other girls. I was always stuck being ‘Scary Spice’ (I was never allowed to be ‘Baby Spice’). I could never borrow brown their ‘brown’ bobby pins.

Yes, all first world problems.


Beyonce has Sasha Fierce.

Christine Aguilera has Xtina.

And I have…BROWN SUGAR (Click the link below…to witness some of my moves)

Alter egos are quite commonplace.

For some reason, on a night out at the end of last year, I was approached my a gentleman on the dance floor…”Hey gurl, what’s your name?”

Without thinking, I replied “They call me Browwwnnn Shugga”.

The poor guy looked confused – “No, seriously what is your name?”

I did not relent…I just looked him straight in the eyes; “I told you, they call me Brown Sugar”

I have no idea where ‘Brown Sugar’ came from.

It must have lay dormant deep within sub-conscious. God only knows for how long….

Over the last 6 months it has gradually become my alter ego. I love it. As ‘Brown Sugar’,…I feel empowered and VERY gangsta.

Admittedly growing up there were times where I felt a little misplaced and questioned my cocoa skin.

But now, I can honestly say, I am truly proud of my cultural background. I love being Indian. I love the food. I love the traditions. I love the values my parents have instilled in me,

And…I have grown to truly love and accept my brown skin.

IBrown invokes the feeling warmth. From earthy toned walls and furniture to leather accessories. Brown is the perfect base for many interior spaces. In celebration of all things brown, here is a round up of some gorgeous and inspiring brown spaces. Enjoy!

brown interior
My dream kitchen…
brown interior
brown interior
brown interior
brown interior design
This has to be my favourite photo….I love everything about it.
(Image via desiretoinspire.net)
brown chair
Can definitely imagine curling up in this chair…
brown styling
(Image via Fotolog)
brown cafe
(Image via Media)
brown cupboard
(Image via SF Girlbay) 
design blog
Buttery leather against crispy white. love.
(Image via Emmas Blogg)
OK, I have to go now.. all this brown-ness if making me crave chocolate….no guesses, what I am about to do…
Chocolate + tea time! Delish.
N x
indian colour

My day as a ‘giant freckle’….

Brown underneath. Multi-coloured on top. Yes, on Sunday after the 5km Colour Run, I resembled that of a giant freckle.

The Colour Run was a 5km fundraiser run – we wore white t-shirts and walked 5km with coloured powder been thrown at us…hair, eyes, ears, arms…I was a piece of fairy bread (on brown bread). The explosion of colour was amazing. It was quite hilarious to watch grown men rolling around the ground covering themselves in powered colour…essentially becoming colour-coated schnizels.

Living a colourful life.
This festival was inspired by the Indian festival holi. Holi, also known as Dhuli in Sanskrit, is celebrated by people throwing scented powder and perfume at each other. Bonfires are lit on the eve of the festival, also known as Holika Dahan (burning of Holika) or Chhoti Holi (little Holi), after which holika dahan prayers are said and praise is offered. Colour. Noise. Chaos. India in a nutshell.
I always love hearing stories of how my mother embraced Holi when she was growing up – they would  spend the day throwing colour and then run into the ocean to wash it all off.
I may be bias, but I honestly do not think any other culture embraces colour the way Indians do. Colour underpins all our food, clothes and rituals.
As I crossed the finish line – I realised all the vibrant the colours had now mixed with sweat … turning a murky brown colour. it didn’t even look like I had done the race – Choc on Choc. I looked around – everyone looked brown…Oh! The irony!
The day made me realise the role colour plays in my life ( snapshot of this moment: I am currently wearing a neon yellow singlet, drove to work in a bright mustard car and  eating a blood red plum with pure white yoghurt). I love wearing colours. I love painting with bright colours. I love that all people are of different colours. Ok, now I realise that I am probably sounding like Martin Luther King – but you get what I mean.
Whilst recent times have sucked a little, I am beginning to realise that feeling hurt & confused, being challenged – mentally, physically & emotionally, being determined to fulfil my goals – career & otherwise…its just adding ‘colour’ to my life.
To lead a colourful life – my new motto.
I am aware that the images below are not completely ‘design’ orientated, however I believe they epitomise the way Indians  really do ‘live in colour’.
indian colour
(Image via
indian colour
(Image via cosmicpsychic)
(Image via
(Image via zimbio.com)

(Image via darqueandlovely)

indian design
(Image via flickr.com)
indian colour
(Image via corporatefineart)

Hope that brightened up your day!

N x

indoor plants

My thumb is…not so green.

I should know that I was not born with a green thumb. As a five year old girl I spent hours ‘weeding’ our garden. To my dad’s horror, I had not pulled out any ‘weeds’, but instead I had successfully removed his entire herb garden.

Last week, 21 years on I thought I would give it another shot. I purchased a beautiful basil plant form the markets. I named him Bertie. I lovingly watered him everyday….only to wake up this morning to….this…
Wilted. Crisp. Dying.
I tried to resuscitate him. But, now I have a feeling I have  drowned him….

My failure to facilitate Bertie to thrive, prompted me to think of the use of herb gardens & indoor plants. They add colour, visual interest and life (literally) into any space. Aesthetically, I especially love succulent’s. Plump, fresh and textured. A beautiful addition to any dining table or kitchen bench.

In recent times, I have seen an increasing use of terraniums. They are an excellent way to integrate a sense of nature into an interior in a clean and minimalist way. Enveloped in glass, they create ‘neat’ lines and are not messy.

According to Feng Shui, plants emit a positive energy, because they cleanse the air and contribute to the positive flow of chi throughout a house.  If not for their aesthetic, functionally plants are great as they can purify the air.

Succulent, herbs and other plants  do not need to be showcased in boring plastic buckets – instead they can be displayed creatively.

(Image via tumblr.com)

A cute way to display plants – in an old medicine cabinet.

(Image via sweetpaulmag-digital)


(Image via Flickr)


Green against the raw wood – love.

(Image via Flickr)

(Image via restorationhardware.com)

Hanging plants add an extra dimension and depth – they challenge the visual balance of the room.

(Image via apair-andaspare.blogspot.com)

(Image via Pinterest)

(Image via nowserveme.wordpress.com)

I think I need to sign up to a few gardening blogs. Learn the basics, once and for all.

OR…just stick to cacti.

Happy Sunday nigt.

N x


Combined they are the colourful elements that create a digital image….however, they often get forgotten.

Whilst working on photoshop today, I accidentally set the pixels to the wrong setting – it created the image below. Rather than disregarding it, there was something about it that fascinated me…the shift of focus from form and shape to …colour.

I enjoyed the fact that if I showed this to others, only I knew what the image had originally been.

Pixels. Often disregarded. But fundamentally important.

Did a bit of an internet combing and thought I’d share what I found…

(Image via Design Milk)

(Image via Design Milk

(Image via Cool Hunter)

(Image via Oodee)

(Image via Design Milk)

Tiny squares. Try to love them!




For the love of…Post-It Notes.

Post-It notes. They trigger your memory. They are bright and colourful. They are a vehicle to deliver passive-agressive ‘anonymous’ messages.

They are awesome & could possibly be my favourite item of stationary.

I love their smell. I love their unique stickiness. I love the way they look when they are clustered together.

Whats even better is that their function is not limited to the mere pen. CHeck out some of these inspirational projects below…

(Images via Modernmet)

Post-It Structures is a new project by Yo Shimada of Tato Architects with the cooperation of students from Kyoto University of Art and Design. The installation is on show at the Artzone Gallery in Kyoto City, Japan. It is made up of 30,000 post-it notes in bright fluorescent colors that were glued together to form building components, creating a wall-like structure running throughout the gallery.

(Image via Design Swan)

Next prank on your boss? So cool.

(Image via Design Milk)

Ingenius. Who needs to tell the time – when you can wear a post it note around your wrist. No more scribbling on your hands.

(Image via Web Urbanist)

Rebecca Murtaugh really, really loves post-it notes – she covered her bedroom and various other furniture objects in them! Don’t think I love them that much!

(Image via Holiday Matinee)

Love, love, love this wall – it makes me so happy.

(Image via youdresswierd)

Why wear clothes?…when you can wear post-it notes!! Amazing!!

With that final image…Go forth and embrace the post-it note! What can you do with it?!

Don’t dress for the weather.

I can’t help but laugh when I see it…until it happens to me.

Yes, it happened to me yesterday.

My umbrella turned inside out whilst walking to central station. I could feel eyes burning on me. I don’t really know why I find it so embarrassing – or why I find it so amusing when I see it happen to someone else. I think its the combination of the flaying arms as you try to push it back ‘down’ and the sense of powerlessness against natures elements…

After this ‘episode’, I threw out my umbrella (where other broken umbrellas lay to rest) in the bin and escaped the rain by continuing to walk through the infamous central station tunnel. As I walked through the crowds of people, I suddenly noticed something…

96% of the people walking through the tunnel were were black/grey or other drab colours. Myself included.

Its been raining for a couple of day now. The sky is grey. The clouds are heavy. And I have come to the realisation that …People dress for the weather. Yes, that may seem VERY obvious. But, more specifically people choose they colours according to the weather. As soon as it rains, people start to wear drab colours .

I am guilty of it – I am always hesitant to wear something bright when it is cold with dark clouds outside. It’s psychological, but I just feel a little strange rocking the neons when it is raining!

Solution to the problem: After walking the length of the tunnel, I stopped at the newsagent and bought the BRIGHTEST UMBERELLA ever – (it doesn’t look that birght in this pic – but its hot pink!) see below…I love it!


So for all you out sydney siders there (and whoever else who lives where it rains) whilst it may be dreary out, here are some colour images to brighten up your day!

(Image via Justryagain)

(mage via shelbyisms.tumblr.com)

(Image via pinterest)

(Image via shelbyisms.tumblr.com)

From andiecr.tumblr.com

From weheartit.com

(Image via marysuekiso.tumblr.com)

(Image via marysuekiso.tumblr.com)

Hope I added a little colour to your day!

This makes me weak at the knees…

Ice-Cream + Design = My type of porn (not literally…ofcourse!)

Ice-cream and design are definitley are somewhere at the top of my ‘Happy List’ (other things include; taking a nap after a big lunch, dancing to Beyonce in my bedroom, laughing so hard that I’m not making any noise and the smell of fresh laundry – yes, I am a wierdo)

I especially love the look of freshly scooped ice-cream & obviously love the taste even more!

The love for ice-cream is unavoidable. It is in my genes. With my grandmother passing away 3 years ago, one of the ways my grandfather worked through his grief, was by learning how to make home-made ice-cream (I definitely recommend this as an emotional/creative outlet!)

It tastes absolutley AMAZING. He asked for flavour requests – to which I responded ‘Bailey’s’….Not before long, 2L of Bailey’s Ice-cream was served to me after dinner. Not going to lie – it did ‘burn’ my throat & I ended ‘stumbling’ out the door 4 bowls later….only to find out he had poured 2 bottles in it!! Luckily…I was not driving.

My favourite thing to do (still today) is to stir ice-cream really hard so it becomes all melty…then dribble ice-magic on top (just want to shout out to the inventor of chocolate ice-magic – you have made my life better).

Gelato is all in vogue at the moment. I feel it has trodden on the traditional ice-cream waffle cone. What I do love about Gelato (besides the taste…my flavour of choice is Tiramisu) are the range of pastel colours it possesses. My prediction is that neutral colours with pops of gelato & sorbet colours will be the next interior trend…

Anyways, by now, you should know how much I love all things design.

Anyways, you can just imagine my excitement when I saw these new amazing images by Metalab. Momentarily, I lost my breath. I went at the knees. My heart started palpitating…fast.

Isn’t this divine…just makes you want to lick the drips of ice-cream off that random’s fingers…or maybe not!


A pop-up Italian ice cream stall at St Martins Lane Hotel in London evokes the seaside with yellow beach huts and striped decking.

(Image via OneSydneyRoad)

(Image via Dezeen

(Image via Design Seeds)

Ice-cream lights…yum!

(Image via  jimonlight.com)

Ok…I am hankering for a bowl of Cookies & Cream – Is it bad if I eat ice-cream for dinner?!

Don’t judge me.


Obsessing over…Neon + Wood

So …I am literally obsessed with neon + wood at the moment. The two seem like the most unlikely match – but (in my opinion) they are a marriage from heaven.

My love for neon +wood was immediate. But it surprised me….I am usually not one to unite contrasting things. Some things do not belong together – I do not understand ‘mango chicken’ or pineapple on pizza or chocolate sauce on a steak (yes, it is does exist) – don’t get me wrong I do like a good sweet & sour mix (ie. peanut butter and honey is my weakness)….

…and then there are just some things that are seem so wrong, but once combined create an element of unexplainable magic…..

Neon + Wood = LOVE.

I absolutely love the rawness & natural texture of wood teamed with bright neon colours. For me, neon colours mentally transport me to an mental image of spandex in some 80’s flash dance routine or being deep in a mosh at a music festival…all the cool kids with their ripped neon tops…

Nevertheless, it is a trend I have been seeing more of. It works best in a minimalist white scandanvian space. Or when used with geometric shapes.

Neon colours add visual interest. Energy. An element of surprise. Modernity. Whilst the wood adds stability. Consistency. Vigour.

You be the judge…

wooden table

(Image via Love life)

This would be my ultimate interior – exposed wooden beams, pops of bright colours. YUM!The apartment was done by Silje Aune Eriksen and was featured in Elle Decoration Norway.

(Images via Raneytown)

So vibrant. This space looks ‘high on life’ So much energy.

(Image via Tumblr)

Check out this DIY wooden (with a touch of neon) hat stand at Apartment Therapy. I’m going to give myself a goal – “Make this Hat Stand by August 31st 2012”. Watch this space…

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

Another fantastic DIY idea – Just some wooden beads and neon spray paint. I HAVE To do this one, so I can wear Wood +Neon around my neck!!!

(Image via Hedoneza)

So ……. what do you think? Neon + Wood = Hot or Not?