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airplane interior

In-flight entertainment.

I love travelling. But, I dislike flying.

In addition to my  intense susceptibility to cabin fever, I always seem to attract awkward moments or situations when held captive in an airplane cabin.

One time, I honestly couldn’t wake the man sitting next to me (I had tried everything from a gentle shake to a scream in the ear). I was BUSTING  to go to the bathroom….so I had no choice but to  jump over him… I performed this manoeuvre and accidentally SCISSOR KICKED him in the nose. Hard. My ‘flight’ instinct kicked in and I ran down the aisle. I sheepishly returned to my seat, to find the man nursing a bleeding nose and a flight attendant glaring at me. I subsequently spent the next 4 hours apologising profusely. AWKWARD.

One time, I sat in my entire tray of food tray (I forgot I had put it on the seat when I had gone to the bathroom). I spent the rest of the 5 hours covered in chicken noodles and yoghurt.

One time, my bottle of fragrance exploded  as I tried to ‘freshen up’.  I spent the next 6 hours marinating in perfume for 6 hours and with people around me holding their noses.

One time, I thought my earphones were plugged into the ipod, but instead my ‘Bollywood Bhangra Beatz mix’ had been playing on speaker for the last 30 minutes. For some reason, no one told me directly, but instead had complained to the air hostess who came over and told me to ‘turn it down’.

AND, last week on a work trip to Singapore another ‘strange’ situation arose…

In a nutshell…

  • Went out in Sydney and bumped into a guy who I had met once in my life London (he now lives in Singapore)
  • Had a quick chat – and realised we were both travelling to Singapore on the same flight that week.
  • He called me when I was entering the airport – I saw his number come up and I screened his call. I couldn’t think of anything worse than awkwardly sitting next to him and having ‘small talk’ for 8 hours (sometimes you just want ‘me’ time).
  • I then get a message; “Hi Nix, I just saw you decline my call …look up, I am waving to you know, come join me at the front of the line”
  • So, I avoided the 2km queue and we checked-in together. There was no turning back now.
  • Within 2 minutes, he showed me his double-jack headphones so we could listen to music together and his 3 bags of assorted chocolates (that was a win).
  • …..And within 15 minutes, he told me I had something green in my teeth & that I walked like a gnome (I didn’t even know gnomes could walk)
  • It was going to be a LONNNGGG flight.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad. It made me realise how much you can actually learn about someone in 8 hours of captivity. Childhood, hobbies, general questions about life…. conversation never really ran dry. Although whilst there were the ups (sharing his chocolate and listening to his album of ‘covers’)…there were also times where I wanted to punch him in the face.

By the 4th hour, I felt at ease…. I showed him my homemade dance videos, weaving projects and even family selfies. When he asked about my hobbies, I did mention this blog and my inherent passion for all things design. As we conversed, my eyes instinctively darted around the cabin. Trays, chairs, aisles, overhead luggage units…I realised that the design elements of the interior of an airplane are so standardised and consistent. A monochromatic palette, which is lacklustre and quite uninspiring. My mind wandered, to the luxury fit-outs of personal jetplanes; complete with a swanky leather upholstered chairs, opulent finishes and ofcourse multiple mini-bars. My mind then wandered even further…i realised that whilst airplanes themselves can be quite standardised in terms of aesthetic and form,they can be a key source of inspiration for many facets of design – product, furniture and interior designers can leverage the form, shape and materials integrated in an airplane experience to create and explore new conceptual themes and ideas.


This plane crashed in 1974 in Chile with a six man crew and a 10-year-old son of the pilot. The boy came back 24 years after the accident, found the plane, and turned it into a house. Amazing.

(Image via ion 9)

airplane interior


Air-plane picture frames!

(Image via Cloud.net)

airplane partition


Constructed from Boeing, Lockheed or Douglas aircraft fuselages, they can be applied in a home or office environment. The reupholstered bench can sit three people and has been and can be customised for client specification too. The perfect demonstration of re-use!


(Image via MotoArt)

airplane in furture


airplane interior

Proposed for the year 2050, this plane would offer passengers seats that change shape, aromatherapy and antioxidant-enriched air. You wouldn’t suffer from cabin fever here!

Onboard entertainment would include holographic games of golf and virtual changing rooms for shopping.

(Image via Dezeen.com)


airplane desk

An airplane inspired desk.

(Image via Ergonomic Offices)

airplane theme restaurant

Airbus A380 themed airplane restaurant, which had recently been opened in Chongqinig, China.

(Image via BornRich)



airplane interior

A boeing 747 airplane that has been transformed into a hotel!

(Image via Droomplekken.com)



An airplane turned into a house!

(Image via Damn)

airplane interior


Airplane wallpaper…although I think this would actually depress me….it would always make me want to ‘take-off’ and travel somewhere.

(Image via Franceso Mugani)

The whole situation taught me an important life lesson. I realised that we can be so quick to dismiss someone. I assumed it would be awkward. I assumed that he would be really boring. I had pre-built all these assumptions (based on no real fact) in my head. I guess the lesson is to remain open-minded and not too pass judgement so quickly.  By doing so I have found a new friend!

Next time you are on a plane…forgot the stodgy food or the snoring stranger sitting beside you…instead, have a good look at the interior & imagine ways in which it could be ‘re-designed’ to bring about a different ‘in-flight’ experience….holograms on the ceiling, brightly coloured chairs, textured carpet…possibilities are limitless.

Enjoy your weekend!






Mama Africa.

I have made some new friends. They are the guys  that live next door to my work building.

They are African Drummers. They have dread-locks. They import & export drums. Let’s just say ….they got da riddim’

Last week, they invited me to attend one of  their ‘African dance classes’.

It took a bit of convincing, but I decided to go.

I rocked up in my colourful ‘African-inspired’ pants and big hoop earrings. Only to find everyone else was dressed..in gym gear. Awkward.  I then found out it was actually an advanced-level class. All attendees had been practising for years. Double awkwardness.

The 2 hour ‘lesson’ took place in a church hall in Paddington. I could hear the drums beating from half way down the street. They were LOUD. There were eight drummers who played whilst we learnt ‘the routine’.

In the beginning, I concentrated hard and approached the moves cerebrally.  But the drums were too loud. I honestly could not think properly. I had no choice but to…. LET GO. I stopped trying to mentally process the moves and allowed my limbs take on a life of their own. I looked like a drunk brown octopus. My arms, hips, head, neck, ribs, legs, feet just flailing around.

I was drenched with sweat.  The balls of my feet ached. Adrenalin surged through my body. I actually felt a little intoxicated.

The vibrations of the drums shot through my body….electrifying my nervous system. I felt so liberated. So grounded. So free. I couldn’t stop smiling.

I will definitely be going back for more.

There is something so raw about the sound and vibrations of an african drum. Whether it be the table, the bongos, the djembe or a DIY drum…they have the ability to activate your heart, body, mind and soul. It is a universal dialogue – one that takes place between the beat of a drum and the soul. They talk to each other. Beating slowly, it soothes…massaging the soul. Beating fast and hard, it energises…..resuscitates the soul. The beat of a drum possesses the ability to transform your everyday worries into feelings of freedom  – a natural stimulant. Drums have been sewn into the history of man-kind. I predict that they will continue to live on…in all forms – electronic, tribal, sensory touch systems…

It is no wonder that drums are continually be up-cycled and integrated into spaces. I believe that even when static, they a positive source of energy. I definitely am on the ‘look out’ for a tribal drum that I can place in my living area. Here is a random assortment of  drumspiration..


drum table

(Image via 4 Blogspot)
Love everything abotu this space – the electric blue wall,m the hot pink juju hat, the art, the drums….gorgeous!
(Image via Pinterest)
african drum
(Image via Fab)
Just had to include this photo – how cute is he!
(Image via Pinterest)
drum interior
Djembe inspired side tables!
(Image via Pfeifer Studio)
Djembe drum with original henna original design mandala while listening to Jeff Buckley
(Image via Flickr)
african drum chairs
African-inspired drum chairs.
(Image via Pinterest)
So…if you are looking for a new form of physical exertion, I highly recommend dabbling in African Dance. Great for your soul.
Happy Sunday.
nikita sheth

Nix’s Guide to NYC…

I just spent the last 10 days in New York City.

I had the intention of embracing the persona of a  ‘New York struggling writer’ and using the wi-fi at a local café, wearing thick-rimmed glasses and writing blog posts…

But between the hip hop dance class, the sickening consumption of cream cheese bagels and my adventures to Harlem’s Apollo Theatre….my writing fantasy did not come into fruition.

It was honestly the trip of a life time. Everything just seemed to fall into place. I met some amazing (and random) people ;  an archaeologist who collects artifacts from underground fill sites in NYC, a professional afro-funk dancer in central park and I even spent an hour and half having coffee with a lady who I lent a $1 to in Starbucks…

Although admittedly, en route I did have some battler moments:

  • I somehow lost my shoes between getting into the cab & reaching JFK airport. Sooo… I had to purchase compression socks and wear them instead of shoes.
  • I got pulled aside by security so they could ‘pat down’ my high bun…awkward/embarrassing.
  •  I heard my name (or a version of it) over the PA upon reaching Sydney… “Can a Nakada Sheeth please come to the Baggage Service desk” – YES, both my bags never made it. They were still hanging out in NYC…
In retrospect my trip to NYC can be accurately summed up as a “Pilgrimage  to Hip Hop”. I embraced my ‘Brown Suga” persona and definitely ‘got ghetto’ at the Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake concert (Shout out to my friend Maz who scored the hottest tics in town)



If you are planning to visit The Big Apple…here are my MUST DO’s.


  • Buddakan (book ahead) – honestly amazing food. Featured in Sex & the City movie.
  • The Spotted Pig – great hamburger (Jay-Z owns it) – cute pub. Put your name down and then go to Frankie’s 507 for a pre-drink.
  • The Fat Radish – organic, fresh produce – from farm to plate. Delicious.
  • Mercer Kitchen – need to book (Jay-Z’s & Beyonce’s fav restaurant)
  • Pastis – book for brunch & order the bread/pastry basket….carb-coma alert!
  • La Esquina – i actually didn’t get to go…but its on my list for next time!
  • Jeffrey’s Kitchen
  • Izakaya Ten – a really cute Japanese restaurant – perfect to go to dinner after the ‘Sleep No More’ show.
  • Apotheke – ok seriously amazing – set up like a Chinese Apothecary. Best cocktails ever. Hidden in backstreets of Chinatown. If there is only one bar you can make it to – this is the one.
  • The Raines Law Room – cute hidden bar, very cozy & good cocktails – Go to Rye Bar across the road, if you have to wait.
  • Roof Top Bar – Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg – amazing view of Manhattan skyline
  • Backroom – speak easy
  • Employees Only – speak easy


  • Jacks – best bagel (in West Village) – a cute local place.
  • WhyNot – cute café
  • Ground Support
  • Joes’s Cafe


  • Sleep No more – YOU MUST DO THIS. Won’t tell you what it is. JUST BOOK IT.
  • Harlem – Apollo Theatre – Wednesday Night for Amateur night. Seriously, so ghetto. A definite highlight
  • After the show, go to Dinosaur BBQ – any boys dream…meat, meat and more meat. Typical ghetto style.
  • ‘The Box’ – I didn’t actually get in (too big a queue)…but get there around 12am (show starts at 1am) -its like burlesque. R rated.

Hip Hop Dance class

  •  Broadway dance class…it was a definite highlight of my trip! I just felt so ghetto.
  • Also…just for an extra ‘ghetto’ experience – get out on West 4 subway station & check out the local basketball courts – Hoop Dreams baby.

Design Nerd Activities:

  • Bookmarc – cute little bookstore specialising in Design & Art books
  •  ABC Carpet & Home – My dream shop. I could live in here.
  •  Fish Eddy’s – across the road from ABC. Honestly the most beautiful.
  • Also, the usual suspects – the MOMA (had an amazing Le Corbusier exhibition), private art galleries in Chelsea & actually a  really cool museum called ‘The NEW Museum’.
  • MOMA Design Store – go to the Soho one…it is amazing.
  • I can’t remember all the names, but wander around Soho & West Village for cute vintage & design stores.


  • B&H – seriously the WIERDEST electronic store ever.
  • Anthropologie – my favourite store ever.
  • Madewell – gorgeously styled store with basic, nicely design products.
  • Century 21 – well worth the visit…great discounts!

Ok, don’t judge (Yes, I am a massive nerd)…but here is my MAP OF NYC (with things to do!):


There was a heat wave for 8 out of the 10 days I was there. It was very HOT. The concrete seemed to trap in the heat. Here are some of my unedited photos which sum up my trip to NYC.

nikita sheth


nikita sheth

nikita sheth

nikita sheth

nikita sheth

nikita sheth

nikita sheth

nikita sheth

nikita sheth

nikita sheth

nikita sheth

nikita sheth

Hope you enjoyed my pics…just a little taste of NYC…through my eyes.

Looking through these photos is definitely not helping my PTB (Post Travel Blues)!

N x

nyc pop up

New York Bound.

Jay- Z. Salt-N-Pepa. De La Soul. Busta Rhymes.

Girls. Sex and the City. Gossip Girl.

MOMA. Guggenheim. The Met.

A significant number of my favourite things in life are from New York City.

When I was studying in Boston, I used to catch the $10 ‘Lucky Star’ bus to NYC (it picked you up from Boston Chinatown & dropped you off at NYC Chinatown – with a very dodgy stop off at some chinese restaurant along the way) I did this many times and  loved how each visit to the Big Apple was so different.  One of my favourite visits was just before christmas when my whole family including my grandparents (Aaji & Papaji).

My Aaji (grandmother) suffered from severe leg pains, however I will NEVER forget how she RAN up a flight of stairs (wearing her sneakers & hitching up her sari) in the back streets of  NYC Chinatown to check out the illegal fake leather handbags. It was like someone had given her a shot of adrenalin. It is one of my favourite (and last) memories of her.

NYC pulsates. Inescapable vibrations.Sensory overload.

New York city is just one big conversation. Pauses. Interjections. Banter. Once immersed you have no other choice than to become a part of it.

I love the way people walk in NYC.  The swagger, the confidence, the strut, the hurried shuffle. It is all about the walk.

The BEST part is that…I am going back there….in a couple of weeks. YEEWWW.

With all this energy, chaos and noise it is no wonder that NYC is a global design hub. Here are some inspirational design ideas that have emerged on the city streets of NYC…


Rap Songs into Street Signs…

 rap nyc

in the site-specific street art project ‘rap quotes’, new york-based artist Jay Shells installed over thirty street signs with lyrical references to hip-hop songs and their appropriate NYC location. Eg, the intersection of broadway and myrtle avenue in brooklyn receives a mos def sign featuring the line: ‘I’m blacker than midnight at broadway and myrtle.’ ‘new york city is the birthplace of hip-hop and if any place deserve this historical map of sorts, it’s new york’.

( Images via Designboom)
NYC Free Libraries!
nyc pop up
nyc pop up
nyc pop up

How cute is this little ‘free library’?!

Founded by venezuelan architects marcelo ertorteguy and sara valente, designed the installation at st. patrick’s old cathedral school in nolita. The concept creates an ‘inhabitable’ environment, where users can immerse themselves into the space, taking the time to browse through  books and borrow or exchange them. the structure is built out of an inversed plastic tank and a wooden frame.

(Images via Designboom)
Windows of New York…
building nyc
building nycbuilding nyc
This one is one of my favourites.The Windows of New York project is a weekly illustrated fix to graphic designer José Guízar’s obsession with the windows and fire escapes of NYC. He says; “This project is part an ode to architecture and part a self-challenge to never stop looking up”
Buildings of New York…
building nyc
building nyc
building nyc
In a similari mindset & also obsessed with the recording of places & spaces – All The Buildings In New York is a personal project of James Gulliver Hancock. An illustrator from Australia now based between Sydney, and New York. This project stems from an interest in obsession and recording of places
NYC turns payphones into time machines!
nyc payp

The project is called Recalling 1993 and it’s part of an exhibit at New York’s New Museum called “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star.” Starting this month, the public can access any one of 5,000 public phones in Manhattan and call a special toll-free number (855-FOR-1993) to hear stories about life in 1993, specific to the area in which the phone is located.

(Image via Dvice)
Ok, so I whilst I write this I am playing Jay-Z’s ‘Empire State of New York’ & getting really, really excited!! Also craving a warm Bagel…with cream cheese. A trip to Woolies may be in order on this rainy Sunday afternoon…..
N x
nikita sheth design

Getting my ‘Indian’ On.

Last weekend was very ‘indian-centric’.

It started on Friday, we had an International food day at work. It was a sensational lunch. Although post-lunch productivity did hit an all time low as we all battled with an onset of food coma. I made a BIG bowl of an Indian Street food dish called Beil Puri (Click here to learn how to make it). The dish consists of spiced rice puffs with potatoes, chickpeas, sweet tamarind chutney and  spicy green coriander chutney. It is literally a party in your mouth.

Flava Flav.
A lot of my colleagues couldn’t handle the spice. Many faces turned bright red. Many beads of sweat ran down foreheads. Many turned to yoghurt to extinguish the fire in their mouths.

Who am I kidding? It WAS spicy even for a chilli-nutcase like me (yes, my dad & I love eating raw chilli’s off the ‘West African Death’ Chilli tree). 

After such a big day, in typical ‘Bridget Jones’ style, I was secretly going to go to Woolworths hire a DVD out of one of the vending machines, drunk a hot peppermint tea & some peanut M&Ms. However on my way home..I got the call up; “Come on Nix, just come out for one”: Like most big (unplanned nights), that ‘one’  turned out to be many.  I had no choice, but to go to the bar with my massive silver bowl and bag of chutney’s. I am sure I smelt like ‘little india’. The smell of the chutney’s definitely wafted through the bar. I was interrogated; “Gurl, why are you carrying bottle of chutney’s?”, “Hey Indian chick, are you going to cook for us?”. #indianbattler.

Moving from the bar, I hit the dance-floor. Ofcourse, Punjabi MC came on. And as always, people turned and looked at me. So yes, I whipped out my bollywood ‘light bulb’ move.
Embracing my indian-ness all round.
Saturday night then rolled around…this is when I definitely got my ‘Indian ON”. I attended a Charity Ball – theme: Cocktail with a twist of Indian. Screw the twist. I convinced by beautiful friend Jacqui to embrace the full Indian dress – we both wore bindis, bangles, indian scarves and detailed embroidered corsets. As we were getting dressed, I played my ‘Bollywood’ playlist. And yes…I may have recorded myself doing so (i’ve only just realised the entertainment value of the old ‘video record’ function).
It was an amazing night! Indian canapes combined with lots of Indian tunes. I had a ball.

On Sunday as i walked down Oxford street a ‘little dusty’, I found myself in an Ethnic Handicraft store and fell in love with this beautiful kantha stool. I couldn’t leave it behind…it was just so cute sitting there. Before, I had time to think I had purchased this little beauty and carried it all the way home (see below).


nikita sheth

Sunday afternoon rocked around & my first pieces on the Net-A-Shopper were published both about India…CLick on the link below to learn all about kantha!

Click the link below:

 I ended the weekend sitting on my new stool drinking a homemade masala Chai (which I cooked on the stovetop)….delicious.

Here are some of the pics from the Net A Shopper article I wrote on Kantha….


(Image via Pinterest)

Kantha accents provide layers of pattern and colour. Kantha especially looks great when teamed with dark wood. The combination of colour and detail adds a sense of wanderlust and exotic beauty to a space. 

kantha design

(Image via brittanickel.tumblr.com)

The perfect addition to the bedroom as they can simultaneously add visual interest to the bed whilst keep you warm on those cold winter nights!

kantha design

(Image via fab.com)

Historically, kanthas were used for winter quilts and wraps for books…or babies. Today, the application is limitless from bedheads to chairs. Kantha can work itself into any space.



(Image via olgabennett.blogspot.com)

The ornamentation in kantha is truly exquisite.  Over time, motifs have been contemporised and adapted for modern applications. 


(Image via apartmenttherapy)

Integrating touches of Kantha into a space allows for an exceptional merging of traditional artisanship within a modern context. 

kantha design

(Image via 2.bp.blogspot.com)

Kantha has the ability to add a sense of personality and playfulness into a neutral space. Kantha addresses contradictory elements, delicate details combined with bold colours give it the unique ability to command attention whilst maintaining a degree of subtly. 

kantha design

(Image via fossik.bigcartel.com)

How gorgeous is kantha? I am obsessed.

N x

brown interior

Gurrrll, what’s your name?…..Brown Sugar

A creamy piece of milk chocolate.

A steamy cup of coffee.

A well-worn pair of leather boots.

A raw American black walnut table.

And….my skin.

All Brown. All Beautiful.

(Ofcourse, there are are something which are brown and not so beautiful…but I HATE toilet humour so I am not going to go there….)

Coming from an Indian background, I was born with chocolate coloured skin.

Born and bought up in Australia, my friends have always been predominantly of caucasian decent.

Growing up as the Indian gal in my group of friends…

There were the pro’s: I never had dilemmas of streaky fake tan. I could always pull off white dresses, no matter what the season. I always won games of ‘murder in the dark’.

Then there were the con’s:  I was a lot hairier than the other girls. I was always stuck being ‘Scary Spice’ (I was never allowed to be ‘Baby Spice’). I could never borrow brown their ‘brown’ bobby pins.

Yes, all first world problems.


Beyonce has Sasha Fierce.

Christine Aguilera has Xtina.

And I have…BROWN SUGAR (Click the link below…to witness some of my moves)

Alter egos are quite commonplace.

For some reason, on a night out at the end of last year, I was approached my a gentleman on the dance floor…”Hey gurl, what’s your name?”

Without thinking, I replied “They call me Browwwnnn Shugga”.

The poor guy looked confused – “No, seriously what is your name?”

I did not relent…I just looked him straight in the eyes; “I told you, they call me Brown Sugar”

I have no idea where ‘Brown Sugar’ came from.

It must have lay dormant deep within sub-conscious. God only knows for how long….

Over the last 6 months it has gradually become my alter ego. I love it. As ‘Brown Sugar’,…I feel empowered and VERY gangsta.

Admittedly growing up there were times where I felt a little misplaced and questioned my cocoa skin.

But now, I can honestly say, I am truly proud of my cultural background. I love being Indian. I love the food. I love the traditions. I love the values my parents have instilled in me,

And…I have grown to truly love and accept my brown skin.

IBrown invokes the feeling warmth. From earthy toned walls and furniture to leather accessories. Brown is the perfect base for many interior spaces. In celebration of all things brown, here is a round up of some gorgeous and inspiring brown spaces. Enjoy!

brown interior
My dream kitchen…
brown interior
brown interior
brown interior
brown interior design
This has to be my favourite photo….I love everything about it.
(Image via desiretoinspire.net)
brown chair
Can definitely imagine curling up in this chair…
brown styling
(Image via Fotolog)
brown cafe
(Image via Media)
brown cupboard
(Image via SF Girlbay) 
design blog
Buttery leather against crispy white. love.
(Image via Emmas Blogg)
OK, I have to go now.. all this brown-ness if making me crave chocolate….no guesses, what I am about to do…
Chocolate + tea time! Delish.
N x

Downward Dawgy Dawg.

I remember it so clearly, my grandmother (we called her Nani and she lived with us in the last two years of her life) would arise at 6am every morning and complete her yoga practice – breathing exercises, graceful fluid movements and deep ‘oohhhmmmmsss’. My immaturity always seemed to get the better of me, watching my nani in the strange poses and blowing her nostrils so aggressively….i couldn’t help giggling. Wondering, why an earth she went through all these motions every morning. I never understood why she practiced yoga….

I do now.

After my Nani’s passing, in an effort to keep her memory alive and deal with my grief, I decided to enrol myself in a beginner’s yoga course.

This was 10 years ago and I have never looked back. Yoga is a fundamental part of my life.  I secretly love the Indian historic roots tied to the practice yoga – it really resonates and deepens my connection to my own indian cultural heritage. It makes me proud.

My yoga practice has helped me, get through many trying times – the passing of loved ones, stressful exams, relationship break-ups and general uncertainty about jobs etc.

It sounds so cringe-worthy, but yoga is a medicine for my soul. it forces me to turn inward and silence my (usually crazy) mind.  The yoga philosophy has taught me the importance of compassion, mindfulness and patience.

After trying many types – bikram, iygengar, asana…I now practice power yoga. I love the playfulness and dynamism that it offers. I also love how every time I practice yoga, it is a different experience – depending on the instructor, my mood, my day and…..my lunch (yoga after a bowl of pasta is not ideal).

Last week, I had a very, very fun yoga class. I attended it with my friend Franni. After a busy day in the office, we both were suffering from a touch of cabin fever and were in a bit of a crazy mood. The class was packed. We had no option, but to situate ourselves at the VERY front of the room, literally on top of the instructor.

The instructor was hilarious. A 30-something year old man. Tanned. Muscular. Long mousey blonde hair, tied back in a pony tail. And….tight, tight, tight bike pants.

I felt like I was 16 again. As he demonstrated rolling back and forth, due to my positioning, his ‘package’ was literally in my face. Drips of his sweat flinging across my face – SO GROSS. I had to bite my cheeks as I couldn’t stop laughing. He embraced his inner gangsta by saying ‘Get into ‘downward dawgy dawg’ and then proceeded to tell a random story about an Indian guru….whilst staring directly at me. Maybe you had to be there….

I honestly had to hold back my laughter. I pretended to drink my water…but nearly spat it out as I tried to suppress my giggles.

It was a class I will never forget.

Yoga studios have many design elements which must be leveraged properly, in order to create a  a space that is conducive to yoga practice. Lighting (ie. no flurolescent lighting), studio mirrors, flooring (ie. wooden flooring to ensure sweat can be wiped up easily…), space in general must be wide and expansive enough for a class to be able to practice a range of movements, colour scheme (ie. neutral and calming) and external noise (ie. can’t be situated near a busy street or bar) and ofcourse scent plays a big part (ie. incense aids relaxation)….

Check out these beautiful yoga studios – just looking at them, makes you feel so calm…

yoga studio design

Beautiful light…

(Image via on-display.tumblr.com)


My dream…yoga in the trees.

(Image via Pinterest) 

yoga studio design

(Image via Pinterest) 

yoga studio space e8085fcbf5f184de63af63e6e2647ddf


Yoga in the attic – love the rugs.

(Image via Free People) 



yoga studio

(Image via Alfies Design)

yoga studio

(Image via Furniture & Design)

yoga image

Magic Carpet yoga mats – amazing!

(Image via From sophieleiningermagiccarpetyogamats.com)


(Image via 101 WooniDeen)

OK, I’m off to light some incense….and drink some coconut water. Just to balance out the toxins I will be inducing tonight – hey, its a public holiday tomorrow after all!.

N x

map wall

Where did I come from?

“Where did I come from?” A classic educational cartoon book, which clearly explains the process of ‘making babies’ to young children. As an naive seven year old, I have a vivid memory of reading this book with my friend Ellie, hiding under the bed and giggling at all the pictures.

* * *

Admittedly, I am a little strange. I sometimes catch myself doing or saying things which I know are a little odd. I can’t help it. I’m 26 years old, but still love putting on a ‘sexy’ outfit and dancing to an old school hip hop tune (usually Salt n Pepa or TLC) in my bedroom ….by myself in front of a mirror….usually on a Tuesday night. Also to add to the list – I often find myself stroking a beautiful piece of furniture, I only eat cereal out of a cup (never a bowl) and no matter how HARD I try to keep my long hair out and flowing – it somehow… everyday ALWAYS ends up as I super high bun…resembling that of a unicorn.

Just yesterday, I was internally questioning ; “Where did I come from?”…. “How did I get this strange?”

Then this popped into my inbox…

(Yep…thats my dad – & NO he usually does not dress like that!)

Yes, my parents are currently in Morocco. Clearly, they have embraced the culture and are loving it. I visited Morocco (Fez & Marrakech) 5 years ago. I fell in love with the place. What I loved most about it, was the intricate detail.

(Yes, that’s me on a camel….such a lovely experience- but also not great for the ‘baby maker – it hurt).

Right from doors, to rugs, to clothing….the artisanship and attention paid to detail is unparalleled. I recall noticing how every front door seemed like a piece of art. Heavy gold borders. Intricate patterns. The Moroccan design style is bold, its colourful, it has an innate sense of richness. Its a beautiful design style that takes its cues from the desert and Arabic culture.

Jewel-tones are very prominent in Morocco – right from the fabrics to lighting which are often inlaid with colour pieces of glass. However, the earthy colours which form the landscape tend to neutralise this richness and vibrancy – thus creating a perfectly formed balance. Red dust combined with suffocating heat. Booming prayers combined with hot mint tea. It’s these elements which characterise Morocco and give its unique character. Something, which throughout all my travels – can not be replicated anywhere else.

It’s a design lover’s heaven. I truly believe, that this is place where I fell in love with interiors, design and furniture. I remember, not wanting to leave the bazaar…..staring at rugs, poofs, lanterns…at only 21 years old, i should have been dreaming about my next Cocktail, instead I was trying to work out if I could afford a cubic metre shipping container to take home furniture/furnishings  – even though I hadn’t even moved out.

I settled on a ceramic bowl.

(Image via twigsandsand.tumblr.com)

(Image via twigsandsand.tumblr.com)

(Image via moroccanmaryam.typepad.com)

Isn’t this just exquisite? I’m in love.

(Image via moroccanmaryam.typepad.com)

(Image via eight-petals.tumblr.com)

(Image via eight-petals.tumblr.com)

Love this minimalist white space – utilising Moroccan accessories.

(Image via style-files.com)

(Image via  completelytotallymadly.blogspot.com)


Now can you see why I have fallen in love Morocco?

Happy Sunday Night!

N x





Shawty get low…

Week 1, without the internet was quite refreshing (see my last post)..however, now, admittedly I am missing it – more specifically I am missing blogging, stalking (don’t pretend you don’t do it) and ‘(multiple) window shopping’ (always best to have multiple windows open).

Moving on from my internet rant, I wanted to share that……… I am getting rather excited about tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night, I am hosting a premature birthday celebration (birthday is not for another 10 days). I have carefully selected Fatima’s in Surry Hills)= (traditional Lebanese restaurant). Aesthetically the place is nothing special. Chipped paint, fogged up windows and slightly suspect ‘multi-coloured carpet’.

But seriously who cares?!

This place does the best damn falafels in Sydney.

Actually, I don’t know what is more exciting –  the falafels, the fact that it is BYO or the pillow room.

Upon paying the deposit, I had a sneak preview of the ‘pillow room’. I never thought you could fall in love with a room…but I did.  Pink cushions, pink drapes, pink mattresses, pink carpet – the room was…well…PINK!

The best part – the low seating. I have a fascination about eating on the floor on mattresses (see my post on my Turkish party – where I tried to re-create this!).

Sitting and eating low to floor creates a different dynamic. It shifts your centre of being. It makes you slightly more crazy. I believe it is encourages you to relax, unwind, spread your legs, your arms…unlike sitting in solid chairs…a mattress is soft, malleable, comfortable.

Love this one…It’s my dream …

(Images via Lifestylecoutres)

(Image via Archzine)

(Image via ThisArchitecture)

Love the clean lines & wood – can’t help but feel all warm & fuzzy!

(Image via ThisArchitecture)

Light & bright!
(Images via Lifestylecoutres)
My dream tea party setting!
(Image via  Peacocks & Paisleys)
Bet you all want to eat on the floor now!
Ok, best be off my lunch hour is up. 1 more sleep….until this Shawty get’s low’ eating falfels and on the dance floor!

Please take a seat.

As promised…here are some gorgeous Indian Indoor swings.
In Gujurat (where my family is originally from) – they are called hichkars (in hindi they are called Jhula’s).
Upon visiting India, one highlight of being dragged from one aunty’s house to another’s (besides the delicious Indian sweets) was sitting on their hichkar’s. They seems to be a common element in many traditional indian homes.
The  jhula’s historical roots are embedded in the Mughal era. They were used to put babies to sleep; men had their tea on them and relaxed in the evenings after coming back from work. The women had a special relation with it as they spent their afternoons sitting on it and gossiping. A jhula was a must for every Indian household.

Traditionally they are made from high quality wood with intricate designs that made them unique decorative pieces.

With modernity, and the shrinking of space the jhula has faded into the rest of the interior space- no longer representing a central meeting place. Nevertheless,  some people who have still retained this tradition of keeping Jhulas in their houses.

Jhulas have also evolved with time.  Besides the traditional ones in wood, nowadays Jhulas are available in brass, silver and other materials also. These modern day Jhulas are a perfect fit for any living room and can give it a touch of class and sophistication.


(Image via Karma Trendz)

(Image via Karma Trendz)


(Image via Choli Ke Peeche)

It would be my dream to have one of these in my house…so majestical!




Design Headspin – Cafe Kauko…

Kauko Cafe – What a combo! Purposefully badly design cafe which is controlled remotely by the internet!

I am 100% fascinated by this article I read today on the DIA website. It captured by attention. It got me thinking. It made me realise the importance of good design & how we take design for granted.

Words can’t describe. See for yourself….

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/34699217]

As part of a wider campaign to celebrate Helsinki as World Design Capital 2012, creative studio Perfect Fools worked with agency Hasan and Partners to create the pop-up cafe Kauko (finnish word for remote control). At first glance Kauko appears to look and operate like any normal café.

(Image via Curve)

The twist, however, is that furniture, lighting, music and other elements within the space can be controlled in real time via a website. Visitors to the website (or even those accessing it via wi-fi within the café itself) can remotely control the environment and watch the reactions of the customers.


Tables move up & down. Music gets turned on…when people are on the phone. The slits on the napin dispenser is too small for napkins to fit through. All bad design. All forcing he end user think about how badly it is designed. Nevertheless – end result – thinking about design…

(Image via DigitalHen)

The objective behind this concept is to raise awareness around design and encourage people to consider its use in our everyday lives.

(Image via Curve)

I believe we take good design for granted – it is only when we are faced with bad design…that this becomes apparent.

Honestly, go check this out on youtube…it is truly amazing…