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to the weft, to the weft…

I am officially obsessed.

I am officially addicted.

I find myself thinking about it….all the time.

In the shower. In the pool. In the elevator.

Weaving. It has woven itself (tightly) into my life (I guess there could be a lot worse things to be addicted to).

It is meditative. It is immersive. It has an element of ‘boho-ethnic-chic’. It is my ‘thang’.

The perfect hybrid of colour, texture and pattern. I find the act of weaving quite performative. Exaggerated movements, help my mind connect with my hands. It allows my fingers to dance. It allows my mind to quieten. When I am weaving, I am truly in my ‘happy place’. I feel so blessed to have stumbled across this ancient technique. It has come into my life at such a perfect time.

Thanks to social media, I have found myself a little weaving ‘instagram community’. Living (and weaving) in all different parts of the world, we are are connected with our shared love of the loom. We share videos of different techniques and genuinely share our love for each other’s creative endeavours. Inspiration, motivation and a sense of belonging…instagram facilities it all!

Last night, I attended Maryanne Moodie’s weaving class at the fabulous Megan Morton’s ‘The School’.  Maryanne’s work is what inspired me to begin exploring weaving in the first place. So you can imagine my uncontainable excitement at even the thought of translating our insta interactions to real life. Admittedly, I was completely star-struck. Awkwardly, I introduced myself…”Hi Maryanne…umm…I am @nikita_sheth”. At once I felt at ease. Maryanne’s enthusiasm, passion and energy was contagious. I was to embarrassed to reveal the fact that one of her ‘weaves’ was set as the background to my phone.

Maryanne playfully taught us various techniques, tricks and tips. It was such a lovely evening and the Megan Morton school was the perfect setting. Sitting in a room with fellow weavers and my weaving idol….it was something out of my (weaving) dreams.

The class has left me completely inspired. Experimentation with new materials and application of the ‘soumak’ knot are first on my ‘to-do’ list. I am keen to develop my own weaving style….so that one day I can hopefully be an inspirational weaver…like Maryanne.









After years of experimenting with watercolour, collage, ceramics, drawing…I think I have finally… found the one. Weaving….it’s a long-term thing.





What is your hobby?

For the last couple of weeks I have been conducting my own ‘social experiment’.

I have been asking my friends, family, acquaintances and strangers … “What are your hobbies?”. The responses have been varied:

  • Avoidance; “Nix, why do you ask these random questions? It’s too weird, I’m not going to answer.”
  • Confusion; “Does online shopping count as a hobby?”
  • Defensive; “Nix…not everybody needs a hobby”

And it is true. Not everybody needs a hobby. But, admittedly I do find it a little odd when someone has absolutely no hobbies…

Conducting this ‘social experiment’ has made me realise how much I love learning and hearing about other peoples’ hobbies. By asking such a simple question, it immediately provided me with such insight into their personalities and characters.

My barista whose hobby for 20 years has been making puppets, a guy I met at a party whose hobby is competitively riding ‘Penny Farthings’ (no joke, he learnt how to ride one in Tasmania), the taxi driver who told me she loves playing the harmonica…then proceeded to whip one out of the glovebox (again, I promise you this happened).

Hobbies are highly personal. They are essentially are a form of self-pleasure. And can be so satisfying. Whether it is making things, collecting things, learning things…they offer an opportunity to develop yourself and knowledge base.

A common misconception is that hobbies are reserved for retirees. This is not true. Hobbies have SO much to offer. Instead of depending on external sources of pleasure and entertainment, a hobby is something you can do from within and it allows you to have dedicated time by yourself…you can switch of and unwind. Experimenting and trying different hobbies also acts as a means to discover a talent that may have lied dormant…you never know where it could lead you – think of all the artists, chefs, music and etc who have transformed a hobby into a career!

However, I believe that the best part of having a hobby is it can connect you to like-minded people with similar interests. It can then offer you a sense of belonging or a community. With our lives at such a crazy fast pace, I wonder if the importance placed on having hobbies is getting diluted…

Whilst I have a few hobbies…I believe that about a month ago I found ‘the one’…



nikita sheth

Inspired by New Friends, Brook & Lyn and Mary-Ann Moodie, I purchased a small hand loom and have not looked back. It is the perfect hobby for me; tactile, colourful, patterned and aligned with my ‘global boho-chic’ design style! I weave during my lunch breaks at work, I weave whilst listening to Frank Ocean, I weave on Saturday nights whilst drinking peppermint tea (yes, it has become a bit of a social-life killer). I find the process highly meditative, it allows me to calm my mind and focus on the ‘now’.

I am determined to continue this hobby, so that when I am ‘Grandma Nix’…I will dominate all the other grandmas in the arts and crafts group.

I can’t wait until I get a little better at weaving and can make my own loom. Oh god, I sound like such a nerd!

See a roundup of some beautiful weaving , it is what I aspire to…


(Image via New Friends)



(Image via New Friends)


(Image via House of Maryanne)


(Image via becollection.tumblr.com)


 (Image via House of Maryanne) weaving

(Image via New Friends)


(Image via refinery29.com)



(Image via Brook & Lyn)


(Image via Brook & Lyn)





Next time you meet someone…ask them; “What is your hobby?”. Trust me, you will find out a whole lot more about that person…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

N x







I put my foot in it.

It took me 8 years….

But..I did it.

I mastered the yoga headstand (Shirshasana).

 nikita sheth

I finally released this deep-seeded fear of ‘falling’ and just let go…I cleared my mind, removed the mental pressure of having to do it successfully and just let my feet float upwards.

I was SO happy. I couldn’t stop smiling. I have been wanting to do this for years.

I love the sensation that arises from being upside down. Reversing the flow of gravity, I love the feeling of fresh blood running to my head. It is a weird pulsating feeling but this dissapates as you you relax and breath deeply into the pose.

When I got home (before hopping into the shower), I wanted to prove to myself that I could replicate the headstand outside of the yoga studio.

I rolled out my mat. I positioned myself and carefully rose my legs..I did it again!!!


I completely lost my balance, did a flip and put my foot through my wardrobe door – before I had a chance to register what had happened, the door hit me on the back of my head. I lay there, half-naked my face flat on the floor… my head throbbing. And then without even thinking…. I just started to laugh, hysterically. By myself. At myself. Sometimes, I honestly don’t know how I end up in these ridiculous situations.

My wardrobe is now missing a door – from one side it now looks like a clothes rack and from the other side a wardrobe. Don’t believe me? Think I made this story up? I wish…


wardrobe broken

It prompted me to start thinking about clothing racks. There seems to be a reemergence of aesthetically pleasing clothing racks popping up of late. Gone are the days were they are an eyesore reserved for the dressing rooms of fashion shows and dance recitals. Surprisingly these simple constructed frames can introduce a whole new dimension to a space. If used well, they can almost become a focal point, adding in colour, texture and form. Although….it does help to have lovely designer clothes to display (I somehow don’t think my boho-chic moo-moos won’t look as ‘cool’ when hung).

I am moving into a new house next week and I have decided to dispose of what is left of my ‘wardrobe’ and replace it with a a new clothes rack…after doing a bit of a website surfing, I am quite inspired and excited to get one!

wooden clothes rack
Raw wood clothes rack…feel like another DIY project coming on…
(Image via Pinterest)
clothes rack
(Image via Sequin & Sweets)
clothes rack
I really want one of these….especially with the bottom plank to house all my Habitus magazines
(Image via Pinterest)
wooden clothes rack
(Image via Sorakeem)
clothes rack
(Image via Imgfave)
wooden rack
Amazing clothes rack stylin’…
(Image via Etsy)
wooden clothes rack
(Image via Decordots)
clothes rack
A metal pipe clothes rack…my dream…
(Image via Lauren Conrad)
OK, I actually have to go now and start packing up my room…and then going to yoga! Headstand here I come…
Have a great week!
N x
pottery design

Self Reflection.

I came home last Saturday night exhausted.

I hadn’t even been on the dance floor.

I hadn’t even consumed lots of wine (ok, maybe just a little)

I had just been to dinner with ‘ma gurls’ and laughed……and laughed….and laughed.

I was exhausted from laughing.

If there is one thing I truly love in life – it is laughing until it hurts.

I love that feeling of gasping for breath. The stabbing pain in your abs.

I love that fleeting moment of self consciousness when you are laughing so hard and you know you look so unattractive (especially with my horse-like teeth) but… you just don’t care…and carry on laughing.


The last six months of my life has prompted a significant amount of self-reflection.

Life events have forced me to be introspective and develop a real sense of self –awareness. I have honestly learnt so much about my emotions, actions and willpower. I have learnt what gives me inner strength. I have learnt the importance of not over thinking. I have learnt what truly makes me  happy.

I am not going to lie – the last few months have sucked at times, but I have been blessed to have learnt so much about myself.  It has forced me to gain perspective on really is important. For me, it is the beautiful people I am surrounded by. My family and friends.

I have also realised that I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

I believe that people wander into your life for a reason. To teach you lessons. To teach you about yourself. To test you. Some people stick like glue.  Others swan in and then out…

Last year when certain things were falling apart … two beautiful girls entered my life. I have only known them for a year, but immediately they have become like… ma sista’s. I honestly believe they were brought to into my life for a reason. They have kept me grounded. When I am going off on an emotional tangent – they bring me back to reality. They are both so individual and unique.

The best part… I am lucky to be able to see them every day at work.

When the three of us are together we don’t just laugh….we sqwark. We don’t just talk…we rap like we are from the Bronx. We don’t just eat…we devour (usually ‘Pilpel hommous’).

I know this all sounds really corny – but I just being honest.

It was these two girls (and some other friends) that I went to dinner with on Saturday night. We had a ball. My abs got a work out. We laughed and laughed.

I am honestly blessed to have met Miss A and Miss F.

Miss A  attends pottery lessons every week and creates the most beautiful, organic bowls, spoons and little vessels. Each piece is made with such care and love – a reflection of Miss A’s vivacious and warm personality.

Miss F is a very talented artist (graphic designer by profession) who creates the most thought-provoking collages. She seamlessly integrates delicate hand drawn lines with mixed media elements to explore ideas, themes and social commentary. She is a true artist and I know her potential is limitless.

Check out Miss F’s work here.

In celebration of their talents (only one of many), I hope to inspire you with this collection of beautiful ceramic and collage images….

pottery design

(Image via blog.kstable.jp)

pottery design

(Image via shopprettymommy.myshopify.com)

pottery design

(Image via (utsuwayayuuyuu.com)

pottery design

From fernwah-fernwah.blogspot.co.nz

pottery design

(Image via mespetitesmainsmagazine.net)

pottery design

(Image via artpropelled.tumblr.com)


(Image via browndresswithwhitedots.tumblr.com)

pottery design

(Image va birdiebooneceramics.com)


(Image via thejealouscurator.com)


(Image via kacper-kiec.tumblr.)

collage design

(Image via flickr)


(Image via Pinterest)

collage design

(Image via Fernwah) 

Ok, I am off…..have a dull headache from one too many ‘grape juices’.

N x


So Sexy!

 Juicy. Sappy. Fleshy. Lush. No, I am not referring to my bootilicious  booty….but instead the less famous cousin of the cacti – the succulent.

Of late, I have had an obsession with succulents. Especially when placed in clear glass vases. I am drawn to succulents primarily because of their shape and form. There is something so sensual about their fleshy, hardy ‘leaves’. They possess an innate calming quality – I could honestly stare at my succulent for hours…ok, maybe not hours – but atleast good 7 minutes.

Succulents can add warmth and colour into any lifeless corner. They are also versatile and slip easily into a modern or more traditional space. Succulents can range from green to purple in colour.

Ok, so admittedly I didn’t obtain my succulent from an honest source. I may have helped myself to a ‘clipping’ from a neighbors front garden. I still feel so guilty – It was close to 11pm, I was dressed like a licorice stick (all black) and literally crawled down the street …. it is probably the most rebellious thing I have done in a while. No joke. Come on….I was in the choir for 13 years – what do you expect?

I don’t have the best track record in keeping plants alive, so they are perfect for me – very low maintenance. I don’t even need to water it…it just sits there, in its water….growing and growing. So cute!

Here is my succulent plant (I placed it in a glass water bottle)….

succulent design

Check out some sexy succulent inspiration……


(Image via Style Me Pretty)



(Image via Tumblr)


(Image via F Store) 


(Image via Etsy)


(Image via Pinterest) 


(Image via Man Made Daily)




(Image via Pinterest) 


(Image via Pinterest) 

So what do you think? Do you agree? Aren’t succulents just so sexy!

Happy Sunday Night.

N x


oversized mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

Who’s the fairest of them all?

Definitely not me.

Despite my daily application of ‘Fair & Lovely’ (my whitening cream), my skin remains a dark 70% cocoa colour (if you turn the lights off – you can only see my teeth and whites of my eyes).


I will never forget the moment when the next door neighbour called my mum to say…. “Tell your daughter to pull down her blinds, I can see her dancing in her underwear in front of her mirror….”

I was fifteen years old at the time.

Ok fine – I still do it today. I genuinely love trying on different outfits and dancing (usually to Beyonce or Destiny’s Child) in front of my mirror. It makes me so happy.

Mirrors have recently been on my mind.

Last week, I ‘rescued’ of an old dusty mirror that was kicked to the curb near my house. It was nothing special – a small ordinary rectangular mirror with a timber frame. I decided to make it my next DIY project.

Yesterday, as I began working on the mirror (sanding, applying gesso, painting it hot pink)….I began to wonder… …whose face had peered into this exact mirror?, where had it been hung?, what purpose did it serve? Aesthetic? Purely functional?

nikita sheth

nikita sheth

In our society, mirrors play a significant role in our personal grooming. They offer an objective assessment of ourselves – without the reliance of others. Applying make up, doing our hair, brushing our teeth – we take comfort in seeing our reflection before we venture into the public eye. It creates a sense of security, self-confidence and heightened self-awareness. Staring into the mirror too long and you may be labelled as a narcissist or vain…but please…everyone does it.

Actually…not everyone. There is a small percentage of people who suffer from Eisoptrophobia (possess a fear of mirrors and their own reflection). But that is another story.

In addition, within our society, almost all of our homes have mirrors. Whilst from an interior designers perspective, mirrors are not purely functional, but can be a decorative element – creating visual interest and the illusion of space. Mirrors can be a feature piece and serve as a piece of art or conversation starters.

Sometimes it helps to have mirrors in easily accessible places. When you have that piece of parsley gets wedged in your teeth or you accidently draw on your face at work – it is these exact moments, you wish you had caught a glimpse in the mirror. How long have I been walking around like that for?

Mirrors have all sorts of applications. See below for a round up of some cool mirror inspiration….

mirror design

(Image via Kloudy MIlk) 


(Image via Archiproducts)

mirror design

(Image via the Design Chaser)

oversized mirror

I love this!

(Image via the Design Chaser)

mirror design

(Image via Yvonne Kone)
house of mirrors

New York retreat by design firm Axis Mundi

(Image via Indesignlive) 

anish kapoor mirror

My favourite – Anish Kapoor’s ‘Sky Mirror’ – Commissioned by the Nottingham Playhouse from the artist, it is installed outside the theatre in Wellington Circus, NottinghamEnglandSky Mirror is a six-metre-wide concave dish of polished stainless steelweighing ten tonnes and angled up towards the sky. Its surface reflects the ever-changing environment….GENIUS!

(Image via designheard.blogspot.com)

treehotelUmmm…when can I stay here?  It is my dream to stay in a treehouse hotel. Treehotel Mirrorcube by Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård.

(Image via Yellowtrace)

Break a mirror and you get 7 years bad luck. Mirrors are serious business. So is dancing in front of my mirror (how do you think I perfected the Beyonce body roll or ‘the worm’)…..ok, I better be off…I think you can probably guess – what I am about to do….Watch out Beyonce!

N xx


bedhead design

Suffering from…Night Rage.

Night rage is like no other. It is a unique fury that is specifically experienced  in the midnight hours.
It occurs when you are jolted from your deep slumber.  Crusty drool marks your chin. Bits of bed hair sticks to your lips – there is nothing sexy about night rage. You stagger around in the darkness, vision impaired by a light red ‘angry’ mist.
Dogs barking, partners snoring, neighbours partying…these are just some of the triggers of night rage.

When hit by ‘the rage’ you only have one mission – to destroy the trigger. You are on a war path.

A couple of nights ago ‘night rage’ crept into my bedroom and smacked me in the face. I was abruptly  awoken by an intense pain in my neck. As I slowly regained consciousness… I realised what had happened….my pillow had slid between the wall and the bed. This has been a recurring problem…as we are currently do not have a bed head.


I aggressively grabbed my pillow and put it back in position. And then….30mins later….it happened AGAIN.



I was furious.  I used all my strength to jam the bed against the wall… but then I could not get back to sleep. The night rage was at its peak. I tried to count sheep. I went and got a warm glass of milk (and a crumpet). Nothing worked. I started stressing about not sleeping. Counting the hours until I had to wake. I felt hot. I felt cold. I felt….the rage.


Bed heads –  are like eyebrows. You question whether you actually need them. You don’t think you actually need them….but aesthetically & functionally you DO.



So…I am now on a mission to find a bedhead. This is what I have stumbled upon…

Adds an ethnic touch – love this one!

(Image via 24.media.tumblr.com)

Neutral wooden bed head, teamed with colourful artwork – simple, yet effective.

(Image via From amerrymishapblog.com)

Splinters in the head? worth it for this gorgeous raw design style!

(Image via in4fun)

A pinboard – Great flexible way to keep your bead head ‘fresh’ & dynamic.

(Image via designsponge.com)

(Image via refresheddesigns.blogspot.com)

Not really a bed head per se…but I visually amazing!

(Image via lostindecoration.tumblr.com)

(Image via homes.ninemsn.com.au)

Such a cool DIY bed head!

(Image via House)

(Image via amberinteriordesign)

(Image via homedit.com)

Resolution: I need to invest in a bed head asap.

N x

Writing on the wall- Inspirational Quote DIY Canvases….

Sensitive to the fact that I have added a lot of feminine touches to the apartment – I designed these ‘masculine’ canvases as a gift to the boys.

Keeping the colour scheme quite monochromatic & the basic design quite simple – I integrated their favourite inspirational quotes & a photo of Jai. We haven’t hung them up yet, instead have placed them on a narrow ledge on the staircase (see below);

graphic canvas

To be honest, I have never been a fan of displaying inspirational quotes – I think they can be a little ‘cheesy’ and unoriginal. Nevertheless, written words on a wall can immediately evoke a certain response – laughter, nostalgia, sadness….

Bold prints with inspirational interesting typography can add energy into a space, whilst maintaining a simple, minimalistic style.

(Image via Etsy)

(Image via Home-Designing)

Check out Blacklist Studio – they are an amazing couple who hand make cute typographic prints! They speak for themselves.

(All Images via Blacklist Studio Prints)

Came across this increasing trend to write poems,  chapters of books or song lyrics on walls. I quite like this idea as it adds a personal element to the space  – however, it needs to be used in a larger space as otherwise it could become a bit cluttered.

This Harry Potter fan,  Liz Kirkham, wrote the whole of the first Chapter on her wall. Don’t know if I have the time (or could be bothered to do this project), but it does give the space an edgy feel!

Check out Liz’s story here

(Image via Curbly)

What to do with old books? Book page wallpaper…such a great idea – cheap & adds an inherent sense of vintage glamour!

Bored? Start reading a chapter on the wall! Ingenius.

My legs get cold too..

My new obsession – knitted table socks.

With the weather getting notably cooler, who says a table’s legs don’t get cold! Such a cute way to add a bit of colour in any room…

(Images via Decor8)

Cute knitted socks – a perfect addition to this Scandinavian-styled nook.

Fluro pink. Table socks are so hot right now!

(Image via Jorg Boner) –> Click on Jorg’s link & check out the website – Whilst it is simply design, it is very inviting and a definite source of inspiration.


The preppy look! How can you not love these?!

(Image via Sleek Identity)

And for some other knitted inspiration….

Knitted Eames wire chair – such a good way to add a bit of personality and customisation into your space – A new colour for a new season…just knit away!

(Image via Lushlee)

Absolutely crazy for these knitted stoolsby designer  Claire‐Anne O’Brien . They exude warmth with their tactile texture…you just want to stroke them! Clair has placed the knitted stitch, under the magnifying glass by making them BIG. I love the unique finish on them, resembling some sort of lifeform (I can almost feel them breathing…). The mustard yellow one is my favourite.

(Image via  Claire‐Anne O’Brien )

Couldn’t resist sharing this one from Claire O’Brien….A chairweater (Chair Sweater)…ok, I made that up – it’s just so irresistibly cute!

(Image via  Claire‐Anne O’Brien )

I just added the below image, because I think it is divine. That chair is just asking to be sat in, with a hot milo!

(Images via Decor8)

I think another round up of knitted objects is in order (watch this space)…Who said knitting is reserved for baby bonnets and grandma sweaters –  it adds colour, texture and most importantly a sense of interest in any room!

Wear a chair.

The chair is not confined to a home or backyard nor reserved for your backside. Let your neck experience the ‘chair’. I’ve fallen head over heels for these chair-inspired pieces below show how it can be worn!

It just emphasises how the form of the chair can transcend the functional and transform into the purely aesthetic. There is something so intriguing about these miniature chairs  – it took me a while to take my eyes of each of the images below, perhaps because they are so beautifully styled and photographed.

A chair for ants! Love the vibrant green ‘grass’ in the background.

(Image via Etsy)


Such a perfect fit – Vintage style chair necklace, placed against an old textured worn-out book. Just something about the mint green and brass…goregeous…

(Image via Etsy)

Shape. Form. Simplicity. Would love this to rub against my neck (not in a weird way! )

(Image via Etsy)


This collection is my favourite. Perfect gift for a design junkie! These necklaces are a fun homage to classic mid-century modern chairs…from the Eames modern plywood chair to Saarien Tulip Chair – ultra cool.

(Image via Inside Out)

BEST of all – all the necklaces above are all for sale (just click on their respective Etsy link)..

Wear a chair. It’s just as good as sitting in one – I promise!






Blackboards (sans fingernails)

I believe there is a certain subconscious stigma attached to blackboards. Mention the word blackboard…and immediately an unpleasant shiver is sent up my spine. I (like many others) cognitively associate blackboards with the sounds of a high-pitched screech as long fingernails run over its surface…

However, I have recently noticed the renewed appreciation of blackboards – in both function & aesthetics. Whether this has to do with Bunnings offering price specials on blackboard paint or part of a larger macro trend to revert to ‘simpler times’…I don’t know – all i know is that I quite like it!

As part of my Manual Drafting Assignment I had to practise my handwriting – It wads painful both physically (my hand cramped up after 5 lines…typing has caused my hand muscles to become lazy!) and emotionally (I felt like I was in detention – FYI: I never got detention at school – I was a prefect & in the school choir for 13 years…enough said.)

(Image via AndrewReclaims)

(Image via Daring Ideas)

(Image via Daring Ideas)

This one is my favourite – I HUGE blackboard calendar. Ingenius. And looks so funky as well.

(Image via I need a bigger wardrobe blog)

So next time you hear the word blackboard…don’t think fingernails, instead think endless possibilities!


Not so boring: Clipboards

Clipboards are not tied to filling out worksheets on a school excursion at the zoo . Instead, clipboards possess a hidden potential within the interior space.

Clipboards are a great way to showcase bits & pieces- and the best part…nothing is permanent, when you get sick of something, just pin something else up! It can be constantly evolving to suit your mood &  style.

The first 2 images  below are from my own effort to try and ‘reuse’ clipboards in a creative way….I think I still need to integrate some more colour into the pieces I have attached…

Here are some inspirational ideas on how to use clipboards…

Using different wallpaper off-cuts on the clipboards, gives it an extra dimension.

(Image via Wren)

Great to ‘funk’ up a workspace (and very functional too). I really like this one – the wooden clipboards against the white wall, creates a clean modern feel.

(image via Decor8)

Random numbers – what a great (and beautiful way) to learn how to count. Clipboards even transcend into interiors created for children!

(Image via Decor Pad)

Give it a go…unlock the potential of the clipboard. Not so boring now, hey?!