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photography studio

Caught on Camera…

The camera has been a life ‘theme’ this week.

Number One: I found out that my work computer has ‘photobooth’. Not going to lie, it has changed my working day. Productivity may have taken a hit, but it is SO much fun.


Number Two: I was lucky enough to spend 90 minutes with Megan Young (and her partner Matt) – amazing, inspiring photographers.  They invited me into their gorgeous Surry Hills apartment which they had transformed into a make-shift photography studio. I was pretty awkward and nervous….actually who am I kidding?!.. after about 20 mins I started to love it!  Not going to lie, I did pretend I was on an episode of ‘Australia’s next top model’. This ‘spontaneous’ photoshoot was brought on by the realisation that I literally did not possess one suitable ‘professional’ shot of myself  – doing the splits on the dance floor, weaving, tree-surfing…just didn’t ‘cut it’ from a professional perspective…

OK…now for Number Three. This definitely comes in my top 5 embarrassing moments of 2013.

I got caught on a security camera. Doing something VERY weird.

Allow me to set the scene:

I was visiting a commercial screen/awning client in the industrial ‘burbs of the Northshore. The visitors car park was literally a vertical, dark, narrow spiral. NO exaggeration. I inched my yellow car all the way down…without a scratch. I was pretty proud of myself. I got out of the car. NOTE: I was wearing  a dress and VERY high clogs. I scanned the car park. Could not locate a life.  I has to shuffle in my high heels UP the ‘ramp’. It literally took me 10 mins, but I got there…without breaking an ankle.

The meeting went well.

It was then time to leave.

I now was faced with the challenge of having to  walk DOWN the dark, VERTICAL, ramp. For some (stupid) reason, I decided I didn’t want to take off my clogs. I started walking down…I felt shakey…I felt like I was going to fall face first into the cement…I analysed my situation and decided the best possible way to get down was to SIT ON MY BOTTOM and ‘scoot’ all the way down.  More accurately it was a cross between a crawl and crab walk. I knew my undies were showing….

I made it. without a bruise. I smiled at myself. Thinking how lucky i was that there was no one around to witness this highly awkward display of movement….Or was there????Upon driving out of the carpark, I heard people clapping and cheering. I looked out of my window and there were my clients laughing. Hard.   I had been caught on the security camera….

They yelled out…..”Hahaha, did you have a bit of trouble getting down the ramp Nikita?  ……”Nikita, why didn’t you use the lift?”…

MORTIFIED. I (genetically) can’t go red…but if I could, I would have been the shade of a beetroot.

I can NEVER face those clients again.

So…. in following this week’s life ‘theme’ of camera’s, I thought I would share a round up of some inspiring photography studios. Photography needs to consider so many factors and variables – light, space, composition, not to mention the massive amount of equipment. Photo studios need to be functional. Ample space and room length is a essential for long focal lengths and set up of umbrella’s. High ceilings  can also be necessary to allow for manipulation of the height of equipment etc. However, studios must also be comfortable and allow people to feel at ease. Any feelings of ‘awkwardness’ are sure to be caught on camera. Storage is also another factor that must be taken into consideration..

The camera has been my life’s ‘theme’ this week.

interior design photo shoot


(Image via Pinterest)



photoshoot interior

(Image via fffound)


 photoshoot interior

(Image via Airspaces)


photoshoot interior

(Image via Scout Catalogue)


photography studio

(Image vis serenadeofaneclecticloversmirage.tumblr.com)


interior design

(Image via Pinterest)


camera collection

(Image via Pinterest)

Whilst these photo studio’s are gorgeous…not too sure that I will be able to say the same about my professional photos! ha.

Happy Sunday Night.







interior design space

Spaced Out

Don’t judge me for what I am about to reveal. Seriously…don’t judge me.

I have never seen Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien,, Space Odyssey, Wall-E…

(I have however seen Men in Black – mainly because of my teenage crush on Will Smith….. )

In my defence, I don’t have any brothers (although my youngest sister & dad are obsessed with Dr Who).

Sci-Fi is a genre which has never interested me. Indie films, rom-coms, world movies are more ‘my thang’.

However, on the weekend I saw Gravity in 3D ( it was by default as all the other movies were fully booked). As I put my 3D glasses on, I was very apprehensive. Admittedly, George Clooney warmed my heart a little – such a silver fox!  However 90 minutes later, as the credits rolled – I just sat  there in absolute silence.  I  couldn’t get off my seat. So many questions were orbiting around my head.

As i drove out of the cinema car park…I looked up at the sky in total awe. What is actually up there? How big is the universe? What is happening on other planets?  My personal stresses and dilemmas suddenly seemed so insignificant . Watching ‘Gravity’ seemed to put everything into perspective, forced me to realise the ‘bigger picture’

I am now obsessed with learning about space exploration, planets , the solar system etc.  Last night, I spent 2 hours ‘googling’  outer space (I wish, I was joking).  I got sucked into this google vortex…next on my list is to watch a few space documentaries.

Did you know?

* You can grow up to 6% taller in space – without gravity your spine is free to expand

* Contrary to depictions in science fiction movies, the human body can briefly survive in outer space unprotected – we don’t explode!!

* You can’t technically ‘cry; in space – tears don’t fall…

* The Milky Way galaxy we live in: is one among the BILLIONS in space.

We have an undeniable fascination with outer space.  I believe it has something to do with the unlimited potential. The size of the universe is infinite and we only occupy a tiny speck of it.  Outer space is like a huge stage upon which some incredible things take place. Giant stars exploding, black holes, asteroids, giant meteors,

In the world of design, it is no surprise, that stars, moons and planets have long been a source of inspiration. Planetary motifs, vintage star constellation maps an even alien-inspired lighting are commonly integrated into interior spaces.

Space themed bedrooms are also very popular amongst children…damn, I wish I could go back in time…probably a little creepy if I create a ‘space’ bedroom now. Although in saying that, I did have glow in the dark stars on my ceiling when I was little.

See below for my round up of interesting ‘space’ inspired design and rooms…

soace themed room

Secretly my dream room….

(Image via Hative)




( Image via Behance)

space theme interior

(Image via Pinterest)

interior design space

(Image via Pinterest)


space-themed room


(Image via Dig Digs)


space architecture

Futuro, ufo house, Warrington, Matti Suuronen

(Image via Wikipedia)


space interior

Space Age interior of Kurokawa Kisho’s Nakagin Capsule Tower

(Image via Scavenged Luxury)

space themed wall

(Image via Tangletree)



interior star map

(Image via Pinterest)


interior design cutlery

So so cute!

(Image via Pinterest)


OK,, I’m off…going to make myself a tea and eat a Mars Bar (no joke, my new fav chocolate)…but before I go…I’ll leave you with some ‘cool’ space jokes…

Q:What kind of music do planets sing?

Q: Why did the people not like the restaurant on the moon?
A: Because there was no atmosphere.
N x
mismatched chairs

Well-designed Imagination.

 I had two imaginary friends growing up – Little Mimi & Big Arka. I have no idea why I chose those names. Little Mimi was forever in the hospital with a broken arm & Big Arka was always ‘making me’ ask my parents for  ice-cream. I guess those first two years (before my sister came along) must have been pretty lonely.

As children we have such active imaginations, but as we ‘grow up’  our imagination becomes overwritten with reality and thoughts imposed on us by a means of socialisation. Our imaginations are spoiled by the knowledge of what is actually possible.

I have always had a very active imagination. One of my favourite ‘games’ as a child was pretending my wardrobe was an elevator. I would stick numbers on the inside of the doors and would ‘exit’ into different ‘worlds’ – Disneyland, Fern Gully’s forest and with mermaids under the sea (yes, I would do breast-stroke across my carpet and get carpet burn)….

I believe that without our imagination, there would be no reality. Where would the human race be? Would we even exist? Everything new…every invention…every idea…every improvement in our life has been connected to the imagination. Our imagination is an elusive, non-material ‘thing’.….but it exists. Our imagination is uncontrollable, infinite and has no boundaries. Our imaginations can’t be owned by anyone else. It allows us to actualise what reality can’t provide.

Many adults feel no need to use their imagination. It is easy to carry out day-to-day lives without tapping into our imagination. But I argue, that if we do keep our imagination alive we can lead a much richer, fuller and satisfying existence.

I also truly believe that everyone is capable of being ‘creative’.  The amount of times I have heard friends and family say; “Oh, I am not the creative type”. Not true. I believe that we are born with a ‘creative muscle’. It is a muscle that needs to be properly nourished and exercised. Otherwise it lies dormant.

In the industry of design – imagination is key.  Imagination and creativity go hand-in-hand. The ability to visualise. The ability to translate an abstract concept, idea or belief into a creative form.

My imagination is still very active…I know I am going to some like a complete freak…BUT…

I often imagine that when I exit a room the pieces of furniture talk to one another. They have their own dialogue. Everything from the chairs way they are positioned

I know it sounds weird. I know it probably sounds like I’ve eaten some mushrooms (not the shittake variety). I haven’t.

(Mum if you are reading this – I haven’t lost my marbles –  please do not book me into see the doc.)

Imagination aligns itself with the ability to visualise. When it comes to interior design – visualisation is key. When we are selecting a new piece of furniture, deciding which colour to paint a wall or even just rearranging furniture, we need to ‘imagine’ what the end result will be. It is this process of visualisation that taps into the imagination.

Interior designers must be able to see beyond the current environment and actually visualise what they hope to accomplish as an end result.

Listen to this amazing TED talk –


An increasing trend, which I believe aligns to my imaginative journey is mismatched chairs.  For some crazy reason, when I see mismatched chairs it seems like they each have their own unique personality and are ‘talking’ to each other like old friends.

Ok, I am sounding crazier my the minute – see the images below and maybe…just maybe…you might ‘get’ what I mean….or maybe you will just think I am nuts.

mismatched chairs

How cute is this arrangement of various wooden chairs!
(Images via At homeinlove)
mismatched chairs
The little stool looks like the child of the ‘Chair Family’…
(Image via Msalx)
mismatched chairs
This has to be my favourite image…it looks like the chairs are having a business meeting.
mismatched chairs
(Image via Desire to Inspire) 

mismatched chairs

Birds eye view…with a gorgeous tribal rug.


(Image via Scandanavian with Love)


mismatched chairs


Chairs have a dine out…wine & all.

(Image via Petite Passport)

mismatched chairs

Having breakfast…with grandma (the fluffy chair!)

(Image via Lovely Life)

mismatched chairs


Kids party!!!


(image via Blood & Champagne)

chairs waiting


(Image via Lisa Scheer )


OK, I am off….it is a rainy Sunday afternoon and I feel like exercising…my… imagination. Allowing myself 30minutes of solid daydreaming.

Happy  Sunday.

N x



What is your hobby?

For the last couple of weeks I have been conducting my own ‘social experiment’.

I have been asking my friends, family, acquaintances and strangers … “What are your hobbies?”. The responses have been varied:

  • Avoidance; “Nix, why do you ask these random questions? It’s too weird, I’m not going to answer.”
  • Confusion; “Does online shopping count as a hobby?”
  • Defensive; “Nix…not everybody needs a hobby”

And it is true. Not everybody needs a hobby. But, admittedly I do find it a little odd when someone has absolutely no hobbies…

Conducting this ‘social experiment’ has made me realise how much I love learning and hearing about other peoples’ hobbies. By asking such a simple question, it immediately provided me with such insight into their personalities and characters.

My barista whose hobby for 20 years has been making puppets, a guy I met at a party whose hobby is competitively riding ‘Penny Farthings’ (no joke, he learnt how to ride one in Tasmania), the taxi driver who told me she loves playing the harmonica…then proceeded to whip one out of the glovebox (again, I promise you this happened).

Hobbies are highly personal. They are essentially are a form of self-pleasure. And can be so satisfying. Whether it is making things, collecting things, learning things…they offer an opportunity to develop yourself and knowledge base.

A common misconception is that hobbies are reserved for retirees. This is not true. Hobbies have SO much to offer. Instead of depending on external sources of pleasure and entertainment, a hobby is something you can do from within and it allows you to have dedicated time by yourself…you can switch of and unwind. Experimenting and trying different hobbies also acts as a means to discover a talent that may have lied dormant…you never know where it could lead you – think of all the artists, chefs, music and etc who have transformed a hobby into a career!

However, I believe that the best part of having a hobby is it can connect you to like-minded people with similar interests. It can then offer you a sense of belonging or a community. With our lives at such a crazy fast pace, I wonder if the importance placed on having hobbies is getting diluted…

Whilst I have a few hobbies…I believe that about a month ago I found ‘the one’…



nikita sheth

Inspired by New Friends, Brook & Lyn and Mary-Ann Moodie, I purchased a small hand loom and have not looked back. It is the perfect hobby for me; tactile, colourful, patterned and aligned with my ‘global boho-chic’ design style! I weave during my lunch breaks at work, I weave whilst listening to Frank Ocean, I weave on Saturday nights whilst drinking peppermint tea (yes, it has become a bit of a social-life killer). I find the process highly meditative, it allows me to calm my mind and focus on the ‘now’.

I am determined to continue this hobby, so that when I am ‘Grandma Nix’…I will dominate all the other grandmas in the arts and crafts group.

I can’t wait until I get a little better at weaving and can make my own loom. Oh god, I sound like such a nerd!

See a roundup of some beautiful weaving , it is what I aspire to…


(Image via New Friends)



(Image via New Friends)


(Image via House of Maryanne)


(Image via becollection.tumblr.com)


 (Image via House of Maryanne) weaving

(Image via New Friends)


(Image via refinery29.com)



(Image via Brook & Lyn)


(Image via Brook & Lyn)





Next time you meet someone…ask them; “What is your hobby?”. Trust me, you will find out a whole lot more about that person…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

N x







nikita sheth

tunes which I am currently loving…

Music is home to me. It makes me feel happy, safe and content.

It is my instant time machine. It takes me back to my awkward teenage years – getting dressed for a ‘gathering’ or  driving in the car with my first ‘boyfriend’.  It connects me to my friends –the countless times we sung at the top of our lungs to Mariah Carey or pretending we were in ‘da hood’ listening to ‘Gangstas Paradise’ (ok…I still do that sometimes …)

I was in a choir for 13 years…a high soprano. Since I can remember, singing makes me happy. (NB:- I think my voice ‘broke’ at age of 18…and I am now tone deaf).

I can occupy myself for hours ‘producing’ film clips in my bedroom. Dancing makes me happy. Sometimes I use my hair straighter as a microphone. Sometimes I dress up as Beyonce (Don’t judge, I bet you do it to…). I thought I would have ‘grown out’ of this by now. I wonder if I will still be doing this at 73 years old…

Music & design have lots in common especially in terms of creativity. Both design and music seek to create a certain connection with the end-user. They are a catalyst to unlocking emotional responses and just like good design, music also has to be catchy, original and innovative.

I will update this list sporadically, but here are some tunes which I am currently loving…





Frank Ocean – Thinking About You



Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill my Vibe



Madcon – Beggin’ You



Chris Malinchak – So Good to Me


I put my foot in it.

It took me 8 years….

But..I did it.

I mastered the yoga headstand (Shirshasana).

 nikita sheth

I finally released this deep-seeded fear of ‘falling’ and just let go…I cleared my mind, removed the mental pressure of having to do it successfully and just let my feet float upwards.

I was SO happy. I couldn’t stop smiling. I have been wanting to do this for years.

I love the sensation that arises from being upside down. Reversing the flow of gravity, I love the feeling of fresh blood running to my head. It is a weird pulsating feeling but this dissapates as you you relax and breath deeply into the pose.

When I got home (before hopping into the shower), I wanted to prove to myself that I could replicate the headstand outside of the yoga studio.

I rolled out my mat. I positioned myself and carefully rose my legs..I did it again!!!


I completely lost my balance, did a flip and put my foot through my wardrobe door – before I had a chance to register what had happened, the door hit me on the back of my head. I lay there, half-naked my face flat on the floor… my head throbbing. And then without even thinking…. I just started to laugh, hysterically. By myself. At myself. Sometimes, I honestly don’t know how I end up in these ridiculous situations.

My wardrobe is now missing a door – from one side it now looks like a clothes rack and from the other side a wardrobe. Don’t believe me? Think I made this story up? I wish…


wardrobe broken

It prompted me to start thinking about clothing racks. There seems to be a reemergence of aesthetically pleasing clothing racks popping up of late. Gone are the days were they are an eyesore reserved for the dressing rooms of fashion shows and dance recitals. Surprisingly these simple constructed frames can introduce a whole new dimension to a space. If used well, they can almost become a focal point, adding in colour, texture and form. Although….it does help to have lovely designer clothes to display (I somehow don’t think my boho-chic moo-moos won’t look as ‘cool’ when hung).

I am moving into a new house next week and I have decided to dispose of what is left of my ‘wardrobe’ and replace it with a a new clothes rack…after doing a bit of a website surfing, I am quite inspired and excited to get one!

wooden clothes rack
Raw wood clothes rack…feel like another DIY project coming on…
(Image via Pinterest)
clothes rack
(Image via Sequin & Sweets)
clothes rack
I really want one of these….especially with the bottom plank to house all my Habitus magazines
(Image via Pinterest)
wooden clothes rack
(Image via Sorakeem)
clothes rack
(Image via Imgfave)
wooden rack
Amazing clothes rack stylin’…
(Image via Etsy)
wooden clothes rack
(Image via Decordots)
clothes rack
A metal pipe clothes rack…my dream…
(Image via Lauren Conrad)
OK, I actually have to go now and start packing up my room…and then going to yoga! Headstand here I come…
Have a great week!
N x
acoustic panel

Blind Date.

For reasons, (that I am not going to get into)…I have embarked on a Dude Detox / Man Ban/ Men Zen.


It is day 22…


Anyways, the purpose of this whole ‘exercise’ is to spend time focusing on being the best person I can possibly be (i know it sounds a little cheesy…) but I believe that we can sometimes get so wrapped up in our daily routine that we often forget to ‘slow down’ and spend a bit of time looking inward and alone.


I am using this time to really do things I enjoy and not worry about what the future may or may not hold. In just 22 days I have visited an art events (Sydney Contemporary & Art Up Late 10th Anniversary), visited a museum, spent a whole afternoon in a bookstore café by myself just reading/writing/drinking coffee, gone on a bushwalk with my parents, attended a nude drawing class, swam countless laps (whilst getting 4 shades darker), attended numerous yoga classes, watched a foreign film, went to a hipster ‘soup party’, made 4 new friends and have re-connected with old friends…


However, I believe the best part that has arisen from this whole ‘dude detox’ is my discovery of the Achillies Running Group. It is a fantastic group which I am now proudly a member of!


Every Sunday morning (at 8am…a killer!) I now go running with visually-impaired individuals around The Domain & Centennial Park. Ok, so I am not going to lie….it has been a MASSIVE personal challenge. I was born with the ‘directional’ segment of my brain missing. I honestly can’t tell my left from my right. It is not a joke.  wish it was. I even repeated Year 1. The only way I can tell is from a small freckle on my left hand. This does not always work. At 3am after a big night out…. this ‘freckle’ becomes a little hazy (I apologise to ALL the Sydney taxi drivers who have driven around in circles….).


I really do need to improve my directional abilities as I nearly ran my visually-impaired friend into a tree last week. Luckily she had an amazing sense of humour…..I on the other hand was mortified.. (I am now spontaneously ‘pop-quizzing’ myself every day; ‘Point left….Quick, turn right..”. I Do it waiting for my morning coffee. I do when driving my car. Practise makes perfect…right?!


Spending time with the members of Achillies, has made me realise how our culture is so visually dependent. We rely on our vision so heavily, that sometimes we ‘forget’ we have 4 other wonderful senses.


Each Sunday I am paired with a different visually-impaired friend. Each with their own story and experiences. It has honestly opened up my world. I am almost a little envious – they experience the world so differently…in a way people with full-sight will never understand. I just feel so lucky to be a part of this group so atleast I can get a glimpse into a world without sight.

Just this morning one of the members told me; “Nikita, it is so great being blind – my electric bill will always be lower than yours and every time I go on a date the girl is a 10/10”.

Who needs man-dates when I can have multiple (amazing) blind dates each Sunday morning?


My job working at an Architecture & Design publishing firm is centred around the visual. What is the colour scheme of the space? Are all the pieces of furniture compositionally-balanced? Is the lighting to harsh? It seems that we neglect our other senses in favour of sight.

We should also be asking; How did the space filter sounds? What did the texture of the finishes on the wall feel like? Did the openness of the space make you feel a certain way?


However, spaces have so much to offer our other senses. Weshould really be making a conscious effort to invite all our senses to experience a space to endeavour to have a ‘holistic’ experience.

Since volunteering at Achillies, I have definitely become more conscious of sound. I know this is a little strange, but the other day I even tried to have a shower with my eyes closed. It was a huge struggle….I ended up getting shampoo in my eyes and then burning myself with the hot water. But after I relaxed a little I began to experience the shower like I never ad before. I focused on the sound of the water to gauge it’s pressure. I focused on the feel of the water. I also focused on the sound of my beautiful voice singing “Can’t Hurry Love” (Jokes! Ok, maybe not joking…something has to get me through dude detox!). It was a real eye-opening experience (excuse, the pun!). You should give it a try….


Architectural acoustics contribute significantly to the enjoyment and function of a space. For example a hospital or university lecture theatre require sound to be absorbed, whilst a concert hall needs to be designed to accentuate the characteristics of the music or actors voices. In the workplace, unwanted noise can interfere with privacy, concentration and productivity. Acoustic panelling is an important feature of many building spaces. Acoustic Panels help control or eliminate sound waves from bouncing off hard surfaces. See below for a round up of some aesthetically pleasing and well-designed acoustic panels.

acoustic panel

(Image via Formnation)

acoustic panel

Origami-inspired acoustic ceiling panels…gorgeous!

(Image via Designboom) 

acoustic panel

I love the texture and shapes of these panels.

(Image NoShapeNoShade) 

acoustic panel

(Image via Co Design)

acoustic panel

Meeting Space by Richard Shed Studio. So cute!

(Image via Yatzer)

acoustic panel

Hexagonal acoustic panels – a great way to add colour into a space.

(Image via Pinterest)

acoustic panel

(Image via mostbeautifulpages.com)

acoustic panel

(Image via designboom.com)

acoustic panel

(Image via Bertrand Grimont)

acoustic panel

Hoshakuii Station

(Image via Architonic)

acoustic panel

Gorgeous lines!

(Image via Designboom)

OK, I’m off to cook some dinner!

Happy Sunday NIght.

N x

indoor plant

Kicked to the curb.

I have a problem.

I just love objects that have been ‘kicked to the curb’.

I went through a stage where I couldn’t go for a walk without coming home with a pre-loved item that had been sitting on the curb.

It was when I lived back home with mum & dad. Admittedly, bought home some pretty weird items – A family portrait (of some stranger’s family)….It had a nice frame! The inside of an old television…I wanted to transform it into a cool installation art piece. A wooden shipping palette…I wanted to create a table. Sadly, none of these ‘creative aspirations’ ever came into fruition. Instead, I was just yelled at; “Nix, if you bring one more piece of junk inside this house…..we are kicking you to the curb”. Ouch.

Over the years, I have learnt to control my urge. I can’t really explain why…. but I am drawn to pre-loved sofas, cabinets, shelves etc which are kicked to the curb. I almost feel sorry for them. They were once so loved…a part of the interior. Now, they have now been deemed ‘useless’. Either waiting for the council clean up…or for someone else to rescue them. Seeing abandoned household furniture and objects, are a catalyst for my mind to embark on some bizarre imaginative journey; Who sat on that couch? What items have been stored in those drawers? What was watched on that TV?

It’s just like an informal sidewalk orphanage. You will never know the exact history of pre-loved object, but sometimes you just have a ‘connection’ with an object and learn to love it, like it has always been you own.

Ok, I know….I probably sound like a crazy person.

Yesterday as I was walking up the street….I spotted a gorgeous wire planter.  I have been wanting one for ages. It was definitely a sign. It looked so cute and lonely…just chillin’ out on the curb. Waiting to get picked up by an old council truck. I couldn’t handle the thought of this little planter being landfill.


nikita sheth

So….I rescued it. Next weekend, I am going to give it the ultimate makeover. I will spray it either gold or black…from CURB to SUPERB!!!

In the 1970s indoor plants were all the rage and in recent times they have definitely made a comeback.  Indoor plants needs to be used appropriately, otherwise they can literally transform your interior space into a scene reminiscent of Fern Gully on the Jungle Book. It is important to keep it simple and not crowd the space too much. Interesting shape leaves teamed with a cute pot is the perfect way to freshen up a lifeless space (plus having indoor plants is apparently very healthy!).

Check out some of these cute planters below…

indoor plant

(Image via Fab)

indoor planter

(Image via scandinaviandeko.com)


indoor planter

(Image via Homed It)


(Image via Nitzan Cohen)(

indoor plant

(Image via Pinterest)


indoor plant

(Image via Liz Marie) 


indoor plant

(Image via Etsy)


indoor plant

(Image via Etsy)

I am SO excited to give my little orphan wire planter a make over…and then buy a plant to fill him with!

Happy Sunday night!

N x

Breaking News.

It has happened five times in the past 3 weeks. No exaggeration.

Two iphone screens. Two mugs. One antique bottle (which I bought from NYC).

Glass seems to be breaking all around me.

I know I am clumsy. But this feels like a joke. I am starting to wonder whether I am carrying around some bad ju-ju vibes or something.

The theme of glass re-emerged on Wednesday night. But this time in a more positive way. I had a dinner date with my grandfather (Papaji). He was to ‘fit me into his packed social schedule. He is actually the coolest (to find out why – read this) 

I love the predictability of going to Papaji’s house for dinner  – A glass of red, a vegetarian Indian meal, bailey’s ice-cream/strawberries & cream for dessert. In that order. Always.

However, after dinner this week instead of immediately tucking into dessert, he started showing me ‘objects’ and some of my grandmother’s things he had found after she passed away. One of which was a gorgeous blue glass vase….

It had the most beautiful story behind how it had come into his hands (see below) (NB:- Aaji what I called my grandmother):

nikita sheth email

I have a fascination with coloured glass vessels. I have decided to start a collection. I purchased two (one broke) in NYC from the most remarkable man. In a nutshell, Scott Jordan grew up on Long Island. As a bored kid, his dad made him a sieve and he spent is afternoons and weekends ‘digging up treasure’. After finishing school he followed his passion and became an Archaeologist. He spends his time transforming discards of New York City into artifact art. Read More Here (http://www.newyorkartifactart.com)

nikita sheth

Each of his items comes with a handwritten card outlining where the piece was found & the time period it came from.

I love the ethereal nature of glass. The transparency. The buoyant quality. The simultaneous reflection and absorption of light. I have decided to be very discerning with my glass vessel collection. Each piece must have an engaging ‘story’ – whether it be the process of which it was created, a past owner to the historical context in which it derived.

Have a look at the images below…they are my point of inspiration for my ‘collection’….


(Image via imgfave.com)


(Image via antiquebottles.com)

glass collection

(Image via Vmburkhadt) 

glass collection

(Image via Hannah Roberts)

glass collection

(Image via The Great Gracie) 

glass collection

(Image via decor8blog.com)

glass collection

(Image via Herebewitches)


Hope you have a great Sunday Night.

N x

Pink Finger Buns.

Everyday. For 6 months. Always at 4pm. In my final year of school….

I bought a pink icing finger bun on the way home (it HAD to be the one with pink icing). It was a stressful year as I was intensely studying for the HSC exams (yes, I was…and still am a total nerd).

But…the routine of buying and consuming a pink finger bun on Turramurra Station offered me total emotional comfort. Forget meditation. Forget deep breathing. To this day, I am a strong advocate for Pink finger buns…they reduce stress like nothing else.

I even encouraged a friend of mine to join the ‘finger bun’ band-wagon and we called ourselves the ‘Fatty Finger Bun Sistas’. I loved the way the baker at Bakers Delight would keep two finger buns aside for us (to ensure we didn’t miss out on our ‘hit’)….

finger bun

In hindsight, it was probably not the best choice in terms of nutritional value.  Between my Coles Home-brand fruit cake addiction (I’ll save that story for another post) and pink finger buns obsession, I put on A LOT of weight. I was a little too old for my extra weight to be passed off as baby-fat and I had always been a ‘gangly’ Indian kid…so the ‘big-boned’ justification also didn’t work….(Don’t believe me?! Just check out my End of Yr 12 dinner photos – I have more rolls than Baker’s Delight).

This gluttonous stage of my life continues to haunt me today. Whenever I catch a glimpse of a pastel pink colour…I suddenly get hungry and crave a pink finger bun. It is like my brain has been wired to create an innate association. I just start salivating whenever I see a certain shade of pink….

When it comes to colour preference, whether it be fashion, art or interior accessories I always tend to lean towards bold and vibrant colours. For me, pastels just seem a little uninteresting and uninspiring. (FYI – Pastels are just an unsaturated version of any color, the lighter and sweeter version!). However, pastels are making a come back in the world of interior design. And after some research….I have definitely changed my view on the pastel colour scheme.

Pastels can be soothing, calming and can even give off a subtle glow. Whilst they are mostly considered as quite ‘feminine’, when combined with wood they can be used as a colour scheme to create a very striking and strong space. I believe they especially work well within a Scandinavian design style – they can freshen up a space and accentuate the light to create an airy space.

Here is a round up of some great uses of a pastel colour scheme..


pastel design


(Image via finnishdesignshop.com)



interior design


(Image via finnishdesignshop.com)

interior design

(Image via  birchandbird.com)

interior design



(Image via Hege In France) 

interior design


(Image via Interior Originals) 

pastel interior


(Image via dis-vague) 

interior design



(Image via Vonderhue)

interior pastel

(Image via Sigrid Stromgen) 




OK, now I am craving a finger bun…no guesses, where I am going before work tomorrow morning?! (Baker’s Delight!).


Happy Sunday Night!

N x



















Peep Show.

My neighbours above can see right into our kitchen.

We usually just have friendly neighbour ‘banter’ from our back garden when they are sitting on their balcony.

…but last week things escalated.

The neighbours (4 Canadian guys in their final year of medicine) came over & introduced themselves.

Rather than making mundane “small talk”, one of the guys just blurted; “You like sweet potato, hey?!”.

He had obviously noticed my current obsession with sweet potato. Yes, I eat it most nights. Yes, I have been making excessive amounts of sweet potato chips.

My first reaction was to become highly defensive (so what, if I really, really enjoy sweet potato?!). My mind then clicked into gear and I realised…

If he had be observing my sweet potato baking habits…what else had he (and his other housemates) witnessed?

My ‘naked’ sprint into the kitchen after a shower? My rendition of Frank Ocean into the Olive Oil bottle? Emptying the dishwasher in my underwear? Had they seen all of this?

I then had a horrible flash back….

The time that I was dancing & singing half naked (to TLC, Waterfalls) in my bedroom (just for the record, it was years ago….I promise)…when the neighbour called our home phone and told my mum that ‘your daughter should shut her blinds as Westbrook Avenue is getting a free show…..”. Awkward.

I then got a 20min lecture on the importance of privacy and closing my blinds.

I believe we often take windows for granted. We day-dream out of them, when sitting at work. We look out of them to check the weather. But we often focus on the what lays beyond, rather than the window itself.

 Windows provide both a physical and visual connection between the inside and outside.  We forget how important they really are. They let light in. They contribute to the character of the home. When opened, they offer us fresh air. When closed, they keep us secure from the outside elements.

Windows also possess the ability to add to the aesthetic charm of the room and enhances the overall appeal of your home and make it look more beautiful and spacious. Without windows, we would feel isolated from the outside world. Without windows, i believe the rate of depression would definitely increase. Without windows, I also believe that more people would be late for work….(i lived in a room without windows in Boston for a year and have never slept-in more in my entire life).

Here is a roundup of some beautiful glass windows (and doors)…

window design

(Image via Style Files) 

window design

(Image via matte-and-sequins.tumblr.com)

window design

(Image via theamericanlegacy.tumblr.com)

window design

(Image via southstreetcollective.com)

window details

(Image via Desire to Inspire) 

window details

(Image via  thedesignfiles.net)

window dedtails

(Image via the-wiretap.com)

window design

(Image via Pinterest)

interior design window

(Image via  l-ion.tumblr.com)

Ok, I am off…just about to jump into the shower…with my BLINDS CLOSED.

Enjoy the sunshine.

N x

sydney indesign

Getting SID faced.

For the last 3 days I have been getting absolutely SID faced.

No it is not a spelling error – SID is the abbreviation for the Sydney’s number one design event “Sydney Indesign” (This event is created/run by Indesign Group – the company I work for).

Although….admittedly, every night last week I was also getting quite sh*t faced too. Don’t judge…we had reason to celebrate!

nikita sheth

It has taken over a year to organise this event. Like when organising most big events, there is a certain void when it is comes to an end (although I think my liver and voice box are celebrating it is over).

Check out the website here: http://www.sydneyindesign.com.au/

How it works:

– The event was over 3 days.

– 6 different precincts around Sydney open up their showrooms. Buses take participants around to all the different showrooms.

– The Galleria (see below)

Whilst the event has been going for over 10 years. This year we decided that it was time to evolve. Drawing inspiration from Milan Fair, we introduced the “Galleria” – a gorgeous industrial warehouse at Australian Technology Park.

We aimed to step away from the whole ‘tradeshow’ concept and use this 3000 sqm to encourage to create an experiential space. We encouraged suppliers to encourage people to engage with their brands rather than their products. We encouraged creativity and collaboration. We wanted attendees to walk away feeling inspired, rather than with a catalogue.

It was an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase to the industry what they are all about – their personality, culture and energy – and gives our audience of architects, interiors designers and creatives the opportunity to discover new design, build their industry knowledge and develop meaningful relationships. It’s about educating, networking, socialising and exchanging ideas.

The result…..was truly unique. A complete visual feast. Your eyes couldn’t help but darting around the space – up to the ceiling down to the ground.

I met lots of inspiring people. I saw lots of truly innovative products. I couldn’t take the smile off my face (EXCEPT when I stacked it down the skateboard ramp (with a wine in hand) created by Mafi, a flooring company – SO embarrassing and I have a nice bruise on my elbow as a memento).

I feel so lucky to have been a part of Sydney Indesign. It was 100% a team effort and I admittedly am a little shocked that we managed to pull it off!).

Highlights; Special Sydney Indesign inspired Gelato Messina (by Designer Rugs), Indigenous dancing (by Tapetti Rugs), Educational Discussion Series (My favourite was; ‘Adaptive Reuse – Is the Old New New?’ involving Tim Ross), Beer Pong (at Blu Dot), a delicious lunch (by Coco Republic & Smeg)….and SO much more…

If you are interested keep your eye out for all the news on www.indesignlive.com and www.habitusliving.com.

Indesign event will be in Melbourne next year & it is free to register so keep your eye out…

Last night was our after party, it involved a lot of pizza and a little too many glasses of wine. We all definitely let our hair down…we deserved to ‘treat ourselves’!

Here is my roundup of the event…

sydney indesign


Bump in day…(on a side note: So many hot men constructing ‘things’…definitely made the day a little easier!)

sydney indesign


I never want to see a cardboard box again. Yes, we had to construct 800 of them for the Habitus lounge ‘feature wall’ #nobudget.

sydney indesign


The outside of The Galleria!

sydney indesign


Birds eye view of the Kezu showroom – such a stunning set up.



Nikita to All…I suck at this walkie talkie thing. Copy that. Over.

sydney indesign


Gorgeous umbrellas by Basil Bangs.


sydney indesign


Yes…this is the one I stacked it down.

sydney indesign




I am absolutely shattered. It’s only 8:19pm…but I think it is time for bed.

nikita sheth

Over & out.

N x