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I’d like to say that I treat my body like a temple – I eat well, sleep well, exercise and manage my stress levels…ok, fine I am admittedly addicted to chocolate (peanut M&M’s are my weakness) and never say no to a glass (or bottle) of the old ‘grape juice’…..

Despite all this, for the last 8 weeks my leg has been playing up. I’ve torn something, somewhere mid-calf and its taking an eternity to heal (futsal & soccer isn’t probably helping!).

Nevertheless, as the (fairly good looking) physio massaged my calf, I decided to turn this physical pain into emotional joy…

Artery inspired bed. Love the different finishes & textures…think I would have nightmares sleeping in there.

(Image via Housology)

Hanger Vertebrae by Iwona Kosicka

(Image via Housology)

I have noticed a growing trend in displaying eye charts – with the letters communicated a message! I love it – very, very cute especially against that warm exposed brick wall….yum!

(Image via Pinterest)

This ‘spinal inspired’ staircase was designed by Philip Watts. Wouldn’t want it in my house, but its pretty cool.

(Image via TrendHunter)


Can you spot the naked men? Take a closer look at the lamps! Bizzotto’s “Man Lamps” are shaped like a naked full – grown men. I think its a little creepy to be honest…

(Image via DesignerSatlier)


After much exploration I’ve decided that the human body is actually a little creepy when applied to interior design. Not quite sure I like it. Hmmm….I think writing this post just caused me more pain. Damn.