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As part of my colour theory module I have been learning about various the colour schemes – one of which is the monochromatic scheme.

Initially I thought this was quite a ‘boring’ and ‘dull’ scheme – A monochromatic scheme uses different values (tints, shades, tones) of only one colour, with the possible addition of white, black, and grey majority of elements being one colour, I couldn’t understand how this scheme could be appealing….

Monochromatic schemes are easy to get right and can be very effective.

Keeping it black & white takes immense discipline. Whilst it is not exactly my style (I can’t live without colour)… ..I still love this look though and do believe it evokes a sense of calm and serenity.

(Image via Decor8)

Gorgeous Styling. Very earthy. Love it.

(image via Cabbage & Rose)

I find this one a little intense and a little unsettling, however, I believe it is a good example of a cool colour monochromatic scheme.

(Image via The Decorista)

Perfect example of how a monochromatic scheme can give spaces a fresh look. There is somthing very soothing & peaceful about this space. The different values of blue (from light to dark) create interest and give depth to the interior!

(Image via BHG)

I can imagine ‘chilling’ in this space, with a  glass of white in one hand and an interior design magazine in the other. Definitely has a ‘funk’ factor, yet it is sophisticated and inviting.

(Image via Ikeafamily)