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Mama Africa.

I have made some new friends. They are the guys  that live next door to my work building.

They are African Drummers. They have dread-locks. They import & export drums. Let’s just say ….they got da riddim’

Last week, they invited me to attend one of  their ‘African dance classes’.

It took a bit of convincing, but I decided to go.

I rocked up in my colourful ‘African-inspired’ pants and big hoop earrings. Only to find everyone else was dressed..in gym gear. Awkward.  I then found out it was actually an advanced-level class. All attendees had been practising for years. Double awkwardness.

The 2 hour ‘lesson’ took place in a church hall in Paddington. I could hear the drums beating from half way down the street. They were LOUD. There were eight drummers who played whilst we learnt ‘the routine’.

In the beginning, I concentrated hard and approached the moves cerebrally.  But the drums were too loud. I honestly could not think properly. I had no choice but to…. LET GO. I stopped trying to mentally process the moves and allowed my limbs take on a life of their own. I looked like a drunk brown octopus. My arms, hips, head, neck, ribs, legs, feet just flailing around.

I was drenched with sweat.  The balls of my feet ached. Adrenalin surged through my body. I actually felt a little intoxicated.

The vibrations of the drums shot through my body….electrifying my nervous system. I felt so liberated. So grounded. So free. I couldn’t stop smiling.

I will definitely be going back for more.

There is something so raw about the sound and vibrations of an african drum. Whether it be the table, the bongos, the djembe or a DIY drum…they have the ability to activate your heart, body, mind and soul. It is a universal dialogue – one that takes place between the beat of a drum and the soul. They talk to each other. Beating slowly, it soothes…massaging the soul. Beating fast and hard, it energises…..resuscitates the soul. The beat of a drum possesses the ability to transform your everyday worries into feelings of freedom  – a natural stimulant. Drums have been sewn into the history of man-kind. I predict that they will continue to live on…in all forms – electronic, tribal, sensory touch systems…

It is no wonder that drums are continually be up-cycled and integrated into spaces. I believe that even when static, they a positive source of energy. I definitely am on the ‘look out’ for a tribal drum that I can place in my living area. Here is a random assortment of  drumspiration..


drum table

(Image via 4 Blogspot)
Love everything abotu this space – the electric blue wall,m the hot pink juju hat, the art, the drums….gorgeous!
(Image via Pinterest)
african drum
(Image via Fab)
Just had to include this photo – how cute is he!
(Image via Pinterest)
drum interior
Djembe inspired side tables!
(Image via Pfeifer Studio)
Djembe drum with original henna original design mandala while listening to Jeff Buckley
(Image via Flickr)
african drum chairs
African-inspired drum chairs.
(Image via Pinterest)
So…if you are looking for a new form of physical exertion, I highly recommend dabbling in African Dance. Great for your soul.
Happy Sunday.