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Stairway to heaven.

Stairs. It’s a love hate relationship. They require you to burn energy, are known to cause burning hamstrings when climbed in excess, are definitley a hazard (in the dark, when intoxicated…etc)…but let’s face it – we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

I have flown from my parents nest in the ‘burbs and moved into a city apartment this weekend. Admittedly, I (like most girls) have alot of ‘stuff’ and do not like to be questioned – yes, I need all x10 winter jackets (even though Sydney Winter is still 5 months away) and yes I need my bag full of haircare products (even though on most days I rock the ‘high bun’) and YES, I need my A3 printer.

Anyways…I thought the move would be relatively easy – pack the lift with all my things, go to the 9th floor and empty it up there.

How was I wrong – my boyfriend’s brother got stuck in the lift for 4 hours (10pm – 2am) on Thurs night (1 day before move in day). The lift is broken. The part needed will take 4 weeks to get here from Germany. Oh, and yeah he was fine – he escaped slightly dehyrdated & naked (it got hot in there so he stripped down).

So up we climbed…9 flights of stairs…with all my ‘stuff’. I have never hated climbing stairs in my life.

However, in typical ‘nix’ style, as my calves, hamstrings and biceps (from the carrying) burned like a west african death chilli -my mind wandered…..I wonder how many innovative and cleverly designed staircases out there…and so I began my search….

(image via  mihogar.tumblr.com)

Hot pink. Wonderfully designed. I would run a marathon up these stairs.

(Image via Curbly)

Such a great idea! Light up any deck. Love how each riser has a different design.

(Image via Houzz)

Why take the stairs when you can slide?

(Image via CF3)

Bare brick wall combined with a raw wooden staircase…perfect.

(Image via

Consistently making the top 10 lists as one of the world’s most beautiful staircases, this steel structure by Olafur Eliasson is truly a piece of art.

(Image via Travel Trivia Blog)

Graffiti piano stair case – one of my favourites…would be cool if it could play music too!

(Image via Onepicten)

Simple floating staircase – you cant go wrong!

(Image via Scandanvian Retreat)

FYI:- I made friends with the Russian next door & found out I can go up to level 6 on the ‘East Wing’, cross the bridge & climb only 3 flights up to level 9 …needless to say she is my new BFF.