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Water Sign.

I was born on the Cancer-Leo cusp.

Emotional, nurturing, intuitive, sensitive, moody…possessing many of the Cancer traits, I consider myself to be a Cancerian.

Cancers are ruled by the moon and belong to the element of water.

Admittedly, I usually read both horoscopes and pick which one I like best….

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and I guess over the years I have come to believe in various elements of astrology.

Whilst I have never been a strong swimmer (i’ve heard Indians have a lower buoyancy to most), I do love the feeling of being submerged and moving through water.  After all, I am a water sign.

I never really swam at school…preferred being on land. However over the last few years, I have consciously integrated ‘swimming laps into my exercise regime and my ‘buoyancy’ has definitely improved!

Growing up, our family vacations revolved around the beach, but I have never lived near the water….

until  last week…

Yes, I made the move. Right near the beach. I have never considered myself a ‘beach babe’. I get way too dark, too quickly (ie. You can only see the whites of my eyes and teeth when the lights turn off) and I can’t stand on a surfboard to save myself.

But…there is just something so magical about staring out into the sea. I believe humans have an innate visual appreciation of the sea.

Many people seek out the ocean in times stress or emotional crisis. It is no wonder that popular holiday destinations are by the sea. I often wonder why this is?! Maybe it is the sheer vastness, that reminds us of the ‘bigger picture. Maybe it is the consistent movement of the water – large swells followed by stillness.  Or something to do with the smell and taste of salt.

Like us, the ocean has different moods. Dark and broody. Bright and exultant. It always in flux. Never the same. Each day it is different.

I believe that humans are possess some sort of archaic magnetism to the ocean. We recognise the ocean as part of us. I guess on some deep proverbial level it is – water is the lifeblood of humans.

Being near the water soothes me. It grounds me. A dip in the salt water, recharges my energy. I also found out that scientific research proves that the sound of waves alters wave patterns in the brain lulling you into a deeply relaxed state.

It is no wonder that so many people live by or on the water. Have a look at some of these ‘floating houses’  I found …such beauties…

house boat

(Image vua Kulfoto)

house boat


Atleast you wouldn’t have any trouble with the neighbours here!

(Image via Ms Arichter)


house on water

(Image via Becoming Roux)


house on the water

(Image via Pinterest)

House on the water in Bayview, Idaho. Photo by Katrina Bondra


house on the water


Coolest houseboat ever!!

house on water

(Image via Becoming Roux)

house on the water

(Image via Bourgeois Bohemianism)


house design


Dutch studio Ruud Visser Architects have tranformed a 1930s church into a house in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

(Image via Dezeen)



Only in Kashmir. Gorgeous.

(Image via Just Call Me Grace)


house boat

I love this one…it is like something out of a fairytale.

(Image via Pinterest)

And here is one of my favourite tunes; Frank Ocean, Swim Good:


Now…I just want to go live on a houseboat for a few weeks!


N x





sydney indesign

Getting SID faced.

For the last 3 days I have been getting absolutely SID faced.

No it is not a spelling error – SID is the abbreviation for the Sydney’s number one design event “Sydney Indesign” (This event is created/run by Indesign Group – the company I work for).

Although….admittedly, every night last week I was also getting quite sh*t faced too. Don’t judge…we had reason to celebrate!

nikita sheth

It has taken over a year to organise this event. Like when organising most big events, there is a certain void when it is comes to an end (although I think my liver and voice box are celebrating it is over).

Check out the website here: http://www.sydneyindesign.com.au/

How it works:

– The event was over 3 days.

– 6 different precincts around Sydney open up their showrooms. Buses take participants around to all the different showrooms.

– The Galleria (see below)

Whilst the event has been going for over 10 years. This year we decided that it was time to evolve. Drawing inspiration from Milan Fair, we introduced the “Galleria” – a gorgeous industrial warehouse at Australian Technology Park.

We aimed to step away from the whole ‘tradeshow’ concept and use this 3000 sqm to encourage to create an experiential space. We encouraged suppliers to encourage people to engage with their brands rather than their products. We encouraged creativity and collaboration. We wanted attendees to walk away feeling inspired, rather than with a catalogue.

It was an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase to the industry what they are all about – their personality, culture and energy – and gives our audience of architects, interiors designers and creatives the opportunity to discover new design, build their industry knowledge and develop meaningful relationships. It’s about educating, networking, socialising and exchanging ideas.

The result…..was truly unique. A complete visual feast. Your eyes couldn’t help but darting around the space – up to the ceiling down to the ground.

I met lots of inspiring people. I saw lots of truly innovative products. I couldn’t take the smile off my face (EXCEPT when I stacked it down the skateboard ramp (with a wine in hand) created by Mafi, a flooring company – SO embarrassing and I have a nice bruise on my elbow as a memento).

I feel so lucky to have been a part of Sydney Indesign. It was 100% a team effort and I admittedly am a little shocked that we managed to pull it off!).

Highlights; Special Sydney Indesign inspired Gelato Messina (by Designer Rugs), Indigenous dancing (by Tapetti Rugs), Educational Discussion Series (My favourite was; ‘Adaptive Reuse – Is the Old New New?’ involving Tim Ross), Beer Pong (at Blu Dot), a delicious lunch (by Coco Republic & Smeg)….and SO much more…

If you are interested keep your eye out for all the news on www.indesignlive.com and www.habitusliving.com.

Indesign event will be in Melbourne next year & it is free to register so keep your eye out…

Last night was our after party, it involved a lot of pizza and a little too many glasses of wine. We all definitely let our hair down…we deserved to ‘treat ourselves’!

Here is my roundup of the event…

sydney indesign


Bump in day…(on a side note: So many hot men constructing ‘things’…definitely made the day a little easier!)

sydney indesign


I never want to see a cardboard box again. Yes, we had to construct 800 of them for the Habitus lounge ‘feature wall’ #nobudget.

sydney indesign


The outside of The Galleria!

sydney indesign


Birds eye view of the Kezu showroom – such a stunning set up.



Nikita to All…I suck at this walkie talkie thing. Copy that. Over.

sydney indesign


Gorgeous umbrellas by Basil Bangs.


sydney indesign


Yes…this is the one I stacked it down.

sydney indesign




I am absolutely shattered. It’s only 8:19pm…but I think it is time for bed.

nikita sheth

Over & out.

N x

Olympics – Sports-obsessed Sneaker Freaker strikes again.

Last Friday night, Sneaker Freaker walked into the house with a massive cardboard box. I am quite desentised to his large ‘cardboard box’ escapades- massaging footstools, automated robot cleaner, electronic salt & pepper shakers…I have seen the lot.

Proudly he announced, “We are new owners of an Xbox!”. Rolling my eyes ( I am adverse to any type of ‘gaming’) he quickly followed with; “BUT…it has Foxtel installed on it”. I suddenly changed my tune. I found myself very excited (grand designs, re-runs of offspring, movies….awesome.)

After setting up the Xbox, Sneaker Freaker went to Melbourne for the weekend  and I was left with the “Foxtel”. Woo…or not.

However, as I flicked through the channels…I found myself scrolling though the channels which looked like this…

London 1

London 2

London 3


Sports-obsessed, Sneaker Freaker failed to mention that he had only purchased the ‘Olympic Channels’. Ha.

I’m not going to lie – I am addicted. Yes, you have the Olympic ‘haters’ …and then you have the Olympic lovers (i fall into the second category). What is not to love -rippled muscles, hunky men, warm/fuzzy sportsmanship…oh and ofcourse excellent athletic abilities.

Yes, I have been struck down with Olympic fever. I have found myself immersed in the world of table tennis, gymnastics, air pistol (yes…it IS a sport). It is guilt-free procrastination. Instead of doing my Diploma assignments, I am supporting my country ( a way bigger, better cause than selfishly doing some manual drafting).

Watching these athletes transcends the screen. It provides the ‘average joe’  with a renewed sense of achievement and capability. I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched sweaty, beer-bellied 50+ year olds try and ‘long jump’ at my gym this morning – all part of the gyms ‘Mini Olympics’. Good on them!

Ok, enough of my Olympic rant. Ofcourse there are the athletes…but then there are the buildings. The spaces & places the athletes use to compete. In my eyes, the buildings are just as important (and beautiful) as the athletes themselves…

London 2012 Olympic Velodrome by Hopkins Architects

London 2012 Aquatic Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects

(Image via Nest Interior Design)

2012 Olympic shooting venue designed by Magma Architecture

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BY FAR…I love Anish Kapoor (have already booked tics to see his work at the MCA in Sydney in February- so excited)

Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond – Orbit London Olympics 2012

(Image via Arch Daily)

Inside the Olympic Village…must admit don’t find the interior (especially the bedspreads) too exciting.

(Image via idesignarch)

Also on a side note, I am a massive Banksy fan – was very excited to see these two new pieces pop up on his site!

I’m a big Banksy fan so I was thrilled when these two new pieces showed up on his site.

OK better go…Olympics are calling!

Ni x

My very first Orthographic Drawing.

This manual drafting unit is slowly killing me. I need to be precise. Draw straight lines. Calculate scaling. All thing which are not my strengths. I’m what you call….a bigger picture person. The finer details don’t come easily to me…

By the end of this drawing, my floor was a carpet of rubber erasings…and so was my hair…

Here is my first attempt at an orthographic drawing – I need to fix a few things and resubmit it…but thought i would share anyways…

I will post up my isometric & perspective drawings as they get marked…

Indians lack buoyancy – Cool Pool Inspiration.

A scientific paper proving that Indian’s lack buoyancy in water must exist- if not, then one should definitley be written.

Yes, I am guilty of generalising, but I’m yet to meet an Indian who is a very strong swimmer (If you an excellent Indian swimmer and reading this – I apologise and congratulate you…). Our physic doesn’t help us – brown chicken legs and an abnormal amount of bodily hair – not good for ‘gliding’ through water.  Also…not helping our case is  our belly (more often than not) is filled with a heavy substance (ie. some sort of curry or milky chai).

Despite that all odds are against me, lately (with a bung leg) I have taken my chicken legs to the pool, in an attempt to swim some laps. Admittedly I have had a few hiccups – After being hit in the head, I got cursed at for not ‘staying in my lane’ and developing a nasty bruise on the bridge of my noise…realising I had been wearing my goggles upside-down (yes, it is possible).

Surprisingly, I find it quite meditative. There is something about submerging your body in water….you are literally weightless, a sense of calmness descends upon you…as you swim its just you and your breathe…

So that led me onto thinking about what kind of cool designed pools must exist out there – here is what I found…

(image via MIssouri Home)

How cool is this?!

(Images via Tumblr)

Glass bottom pool…slightly creepy – but cool.

(Image via Techeblog)

Swimming on top of the city – A sensational infinity pool 57 stories up in Singapore.

(Images via National Geographic)


Infinity and beyond – Infinity pool in Ubad, Bali. Picture perfect.

(Image via Flickr)

(Image via Tumblr)

Balconies as pools – such a great use of space. Although, you wouldn’t want to be scared of heights! Want to have a dip? Its located in Mumbai at the Aquaria Grande – a 37-story residential skyscraper.

(Images via Gizmodo)

Wow – so easy to get carried away, just so many inspirational designs out there….