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Do you have the balls?

With the move into the city apartment, my headspace is still consumed with the interior of small apartments…it lead me to find the below!

Have a look at the below – Do you have the balls (literally to do the below)…

This apartment is made up of 25,000 ping pong balls! It belongs to Daniel Arsham’s and is located in Brooklyn. It’s only 90 square feet. Whilst it looks quite sleek and minimalist, I’m not too keen on the monotone colour scheme of balls- although to much colour and it would probably look like a circus!

(Image via Oddee)

Here are some more crazy/innovative apartment designs…

Inspired by the hampster wheel this can interchange

(All above images via Bhousedesign)

The rule – ‘No skateboarding in the house’ does not apply here. The entire interior of this apartment has been designed for skateboarding. Any teenage Sk8ter Boys’ dream. Skate park interior in skateboarder house was designed by Pierre Andre Senizergues and Gil Le Bon Delapointe, in collaboration with Architect Francois Perrin. The ceiling, walls, floors…are all ‘skateable’.

Whilst this is definitely not liveable, Artist Don Lucho the above images reveal a fascinating project called Casa de Karton, which is an apartment totally made from cardboard and paper. I am amazed how he has integrated so many elements which you would find in an ordinary apartment (ie. even dirty socks lying around) – what’s more spectacular is that he has hand drawn the detail on everything!

See more pics here.

(Images above via Design Swan)

Seeing these makes you feel so boring/normal…step out of your comfort zone today and do something to make your interior a little crazy – Go on…I dare you!