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Suffering from…Night Rage.

Night rage is like no other. It is a unique fury that is specifically experienced  in the midnight hours.
It occurs when you are jolted from your deep slumber.  Crusty drool marks your chin. Bits of bed hair sticks to your lips – there is nothing sexy about night rage. You stagger around in the darkness, vision impaired by a light red ‘angry’ mist.
Dogs barking, partners snoring, neighbours partying…these are just some of the triggers of night rage.

When hit by ‘the rage’ you only have one mission – to destroy the trigger. You are on a war path.

A couple of nights ago ‘night rage’ crept into my bedroom and smacked me in the face. I was abruptly  awoken by an intense pain in my neck. As I slowly regained consciousness… I realised what had happened….my pillow had slid between the wall and the bed. This has been a recurring problem…as we are currently do not have a bed head.


I aggressively grabbed my pillow and put it back in position. And then….30mins later….it happened AGAIN.



I was furious.  I used all my strength to jam the bed against the wall… but then I could not get back to sleep. The night rage was at its peak. I tried to count sheep. I went and got a warm glass of milk (and a crumpet). Nothing worked. I started stressing about not sleeping. Counting the hours until I had to wake. I felt hot. I felt cold. I felt….the rage.


Bed heads –  are like eyebrows. You question whether you actually need them. You don’t think you actually need them….but aesthetically & functionally you DO.



So…I am now on a mission to find a bedhead. This is what I have stumbled upon…

Adds an ethnic touch – love this one!

(Image via 24.media.tumblr.com)

Neutral wooden bed head, teamed with colourful artwork – simple, yet effective.

(Image via From amerrymishapblog.com)

Splinters in the head? worth it for this gorgeous raw design style!

(Image via in4fun)

A pinboard – Great flexible way to keep your bead head ‘fresh’ & dynamic.

(Image via designsponge.com)

(Image via refresheddesigns.blogspot.com)

Not really a bed head per se…but I visually amazing!

(Image via lostindecoration.tumblr.com)

(Image via homes.ninemsn.com.au)

Such a cool DIY bed head!

(Image via House)

(Image via amberinteriordesign)

(Image via homedit.com)

Resolution: I need to invest in a bed head asap.

N x

Optimal Power Nap = 22 minutes

Power naps. I have a love-hate relationship. I love entering them…but hate when I awake. I suffer from nap-rage. When I get up from a power nap..I immediately need sugar (probably signs of some sort of pre-diabetes or something) and I am always cranky. They never last long enough.

Power naps are best when they are not in your bed – the couch, a sun bed, a neighbours reclining chair.

Signs of a good powernap – a small puddle of dribble & crease marks (preferably on your face). I believe the optimal time for power naps is 22 minutes. Also, power naps somehow always are better in summer – when its hot outside and you have a fan on your face…

Look what I found below – would love to have a power nap on some of the pillows below….

Pillows don’t have to be boring soft, rectangles…

Ostrich pillow – seriously you can sleep anywhere…

(Image via Design Swan)

Alarm clock pillow – so innovative. genius.

(Image via Design Swan)

The pillow wig – I want one…

(Image via Trend Hunter)

The ultimate break-up pillow.

(Image via Design Swan)

This one is a little creepy…haha

(image via  Centro Architecure)

(image via  Centro Architecure)

‘Study’…yeah right.

Image via Design Swan)

It’s a saturday night – I’m sipping on a wine…this post  is making me kind of drowzy…..better go put on some ‘beats’ to regain some energy!