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Getting my ‘Indian’ On.

Last weekend was very ‘indian-centric’.

It started on Friday, we had an International food day at work. It was a sensational lunch. Although post-lunch productivity did hit an all time low as we all battled with an onset of food coma. I made a BIG bowl of an Indian Street food dish called Beil Puri (Click here to learn how to make it). The dish consists of spiced rice puffs with potatoes, chickpeas, sweet tamarind chutney and  spicy green coriander chutney. It is literally a party in your mouth.

Flava Flav.
A lot of my colleagues couldn’t handle the spice. Many faces turned bright red. Many beads of sweat ran down foreheads. Many turned to yoghurt to extinguish the fire in their mouths.

Who am I kidding? It WAS spicy even for a chilli-nutcase like me (yes, my dad & I love eating raw chilli’s off the ‘West African Death’ Chilli tree). 

After such a big day, in typical ‘Bridget Jones’ style, I was secretly going to go to Woolworths hire a DVD out of one of the vending machines, drunk a hot peppermint tea & some peanut M&Ms. However on my way home..I got the call up; “Come on Nix, just come out for one”: Like most big (unplanned nights), that ‘one’  turned out to be many.  I had no choice, but to go to the bar with my massive silver bowl and bag of chutney’s. I am sure I smelt like ‘little india’. The smell of the chutney’s definitely wafted through the bar. I was interrogated; “Gurl, why are you carrying bottle of chutney’s?”, “Hey Indian chick, are you going to cook for us?”. #indianbattler.

Moving from the bar, I hit the dance-floor. Ofcourse, Punjabi MC came on. And as always, people turned and looked at me. So yes, I whipped out my bollywood ‘light bulb’ move.
Embracing my indian-ness all round.
Saturday night then rolled around…this is when I definitely got my ‘Indian ON”. I attended a Charity Ball – theme: Cocktail with a twist of Indian. Screw the twist. I convinced by beautiful friend Jacqui to embrace the full Indian dress – we both wore bindis, bangles, indian scarves and detailed embroidered corsets. As we were getting dressed, I played my ‘Bollywood’ playlist. And yes…I may have recorded myself doing so (i’ve only just realised the entertainment value of the old ‘video record’ function).
It was an amazing night! Indian canapes combined with lots of Indian tunes. I had a ball.

On Sunday as i walked down Oxford street a ‘little dusty’, I found myself in an Ethnic Handicraft store and fell in love with this beautiful kantha stool. I couldn’t leave it behind…it was just so cute sitting there. Before, I had time to think I had purchased this little beauty and carried it all the way home (see below).


nikita sheth

Sunday afternoon rocked around & my first pieces on the Net-A-Shopper were published both about India…CLick on the link below to learn all about kantha!

Click the link below:

 I ended the weekend sitting on my new stool drinking a homemade masala Chai (which I cooked on the stovetop)….delicious.

Here are some of the pics from the Net A Shopper article I wrote on Kantha….


(Image via Pinterest)

Kantha accents provide layers of pattern and colour. Kantha especially looks great when teamed with dark wood. The combination of colour and detail adds a sense of wanderlust and exotic beauty to a space. 

kantha design

(Image via brittanickel.tumblr.com)

The perfect addition to the bedroom as they can simultaneously add visual interest to the bed whilst keep you warm on those cold winter nights!

kantha design

(Image via fab.com)

Historically, kanthas were used for winter quilts and wraps for books…or babies. Today, the application is limitless from bedheads to chairs. Kantha can work itself into any space.



(Image via olgabennett.blogspot.com)

The ornamentation in kantha is truly exquisite.  Over time, motifs have been contemporised and adapted for modern applications. 


(Image via apartmenttherapy)

Integrating touches of Kantha into a space allows for an exceptional merging of traditional artisanship within a modern context. 

kantha design

(Image via 2.bp.blogspot.com)

Kantha has the ability to add a sense of personality and playfulness into a neutral space. Kantha addresses contradictory elements, delicate details combined with bold colours give it the unique ability to command attention whilst maintaining a degree of subtly. 

kantha design

(Image via fossik.bigcartel.com)

How gorgeous is kantha? I am obsessed.

N x