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Blackboards (sans fingernails)

I believe there is a certain subconscious stigma attached to blackboards. Mention the word blackboard…and immediately an unpleasant shiver is sent up my spine. I (like many others) cognitively associate blackboards with the sounds of a high-pitched screech as long fingernails run over its surface…

However, I have recently noticed the renewed appreciation of blackboards – in both function & aesthetics. Whether this has to do with Bunnings offering price specials on blackboard paint or part of a larger macro trend to revert to ‘simpler times’…I don’t know – all i know is that I quite like it!

As part of my Manual Drafting Assignment I had to practise my handwriting – It wads painful both physically (my hand cramped up after 5 lines…typing has caused my hand muscles to become lazy!) and emotionally (I felt like I was in detention – FYI: I never got detention at school – I was a prefect & in the school choir for 13 years…enough said.)

(Image via AndrewReclaims)

(Image via Daring Ideas)

(Image via Daring Ideas)

This one is my favourite – I HUGE blackboard calendar. Ingenius. And looks so funky as well.

(Image via I need a bigger wardrobe blog)

So next time you hear the word blackboard…don’t think fingernails, instead think endless possibilities!