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Sneaker Freaker draws the line – Inside / Outside.

With winter knocking on our door, a domestic dispute has arisen between Sneaker Freaker and I.
Sneaker Freaker enforces a strict ‘no shoe’ policy inside our house. All shoes are to be left near the door (or in his case, places lovingly in a shoe cupboard – reserved for him only).
However, the cause of our dispute….my Ugg Boots. To me they are ‘inside’ shoes, to him, they are ….’outside shoes’.
Yes,  my uggs may have a (very thin) rubber bottom. Yes, I occasionally wear them down the street to get milk. Yes, every American & English girl wears them as outdoor shoes. But hey? Come on – historically (and in Australia) they definitely classified as indoor shoes.  Sneaker Freaker if you are reading this : My ugg boots are not ‘soley’ INDOOR shoes (see what I did there?! soley…soles of shoes..get it?!)
Long story short – I refused to take the off, so Sneaker Freaker has implemented a daily inspection of my ugg boots.…no he doesn’t suffer from OCD, he is just obsessed with footwear.
This whole episode, acted as a catalyst – I began thinking about merging of the indoors and outdoors…

Blurring indoors and outdoors is a longstanding theme in architectures and interiors. Preconceived notions of the indoors and outdoors are embedded within this dichotomty. Being inside immediatley conjures a sense of comfort, safety and belonging. Alternatively, being outside invokes freshness, an exposure to nature’s elements and an unruly sense of self..

However the delineation between indoors and outdoors need not be so stubborn. Merging the indoors and outdoors creates a almost ethereal, fantastical notion of space….I find it really inspiring…it makes you push the boundaries – almost holistically – physically, emotionally and spiritually, the blurring of the inside and outside presents an immediate sense of  calm….

you be the judge….

Tori Tori Restaurant in Polanco, Mexico City by Rojkind Arquitectos and Esrawe Studio. Photography by Paúl Rivera.

Love the fireplace, surrounded my mossy and a jagged edged stone. Raw. Natural.

(Image via Mocoloco)

(Image via Archdaily)

This is image gives me goosebumps. Just by looking at it, I can almost smell the mossy damp floor. A wooden bath placed in front of foggy windows – love, love, love.

(Image via Jasmine Way)

Such a trend for hanging terrariums and plants at the moment. I sometimes think that they look a little token and superficial. HOwever, I think the example has integrated the plants really well – they uplift the space and fit in with the textured wall piece and ethnic style rug…

(Image via Mr Kate)

Save the best until last – check out this amazing space in Tokyo. It is a fully realised version of a home without stairs, created by d by Sou Fujimoto, is located on a small side street in a very lively, “hip” part of the city. It entirely blends the inside and outside…

(Images via Domus)

Quick…I better go & dust off the bottom of my ugg boots….otherwise sneaker freaker will get mad – nah, jokes he wouldn’t hurt a ‘sole’! (sorry! one more time – I couldn’t resist)