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Judge a book – by its shelf.

I love reading & I have recently been facing an internal dilemma; whether to ditch the traditional books and switch to a kindle/e-reader?

I fear that with the increasing conversion to e-reading, the bookshelf will soon be pushed into the realms of nostalgic rhetoric…(I can hear myself saying to my children….”I remember a time when books used to be collected and displayed on shelves”).

From an interior design perspective, I truly hope the bookshelf sticks around – if only for decorative purposes.

Walking into one’s room and viewing their bookshelf, immediately provides insight into their character – is it organised or colour coded? Upon closer look at the book titles – one gains even further insight into their interests? cookbooks, mystery, romance?

Bookshelves are more important than you think. They do not need to be boring. See below for some true inspirational bookshelves:

Also – check out my favourite bookshelf site – appropriately named bookshelf porn

It would take hours to do this….but oh, so worth it!

(Image via bookshelf porn)

This is stunning. Love it.

(Images via Wave Bookshelf)

Very creepy. Totally not functional. But…wouldn’t mind having this one in my living room!

(image via Pinterest- Pinmarklet)

Floating Bookcase.

(Image via Interior Design Centre)

(Image via bookshelf porn)

Books as a ‘book’ shelf – whilst housing books on this may be a bit of an ‘overkill’ I think this is such an innovative & unique idea!

Click on Belle Maison below to see how to make your own!

(Image via Belle Maison)