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I love it, but I can’t do it – Minimalism

I am not a minimalist, nor can I ever be. The sad thing is…I love the sense of serenity, clarity and simplicity that minimalism conjures.

Even if I tried I do not think I could execute the ‘minimalist’ look – I just have too many….things. I love collecting and displaying objects from my past, from my travels, from my own creations.

To me, minimalist can be equated to sheer discipline. One must exercise self-control and resist the urge to ‘decorate’.

I also think there is a fine line between looking bare and actually being intentionally minimalist- I still think one must create a sense of ‘character’ or style the room.

In my latest Apply Product Knowledge, I carried out some research on Japanese style. Underpinning Japanese design is raw minimalism.

The Japanese have gotten this minimalistic living down to an art form. With the congestion of the urban area’s plots to build a home are getting smaller and smaller. They even have a name for it: kyosho jutaku (狭小住宅). I

These homes being so small don’t let you live a cluttered life. Anything out of place will become an obstruction somehow. I definitely would struggle with that…

Here is my attempt of a Japanese & Danish MInimalistic fusion…its not that great!

Through research, I also starting questioning why does minimalism always equal all white?

(Image via

Neon pink & white = amazing.

(Image via Cococozy)

I like the way minimalism seeks to bring out the core of our interiors, enhancing their functionality while minimizing the unnecessary details and flourishes.

Image via m emmas.blogg.se)

‘Yo…’ Mamma….loving the gigantic text.

(Image via

(Image via Blog AMS)

Example of how minimalist doesn’t need to be pure white – like the tones of blue that have been integrated here.

(Image via m emmas.blogg.se)

(Image via gthegentleman)

(Image via Conspicuous Style)

(Image via Cosstones)

(Image via From ffffound.com)

Hmmm…yes, clean lines, decluttered space and…..just SO much…. white.

I love looking at these images – but know deep down I could never execute it. It is just not ‘me’.

Ok, I’m off – going to eat dessert in my seemingly ‘cluttered’ living room.