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What’s your New Years Resolution?

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Each year, I continue to make New Years Resolutions (yes, resolutionS..I can never pick just one) – inevitably by end of Jan they have been genuinely (or selectively) forgotten.

Not quite sure where the ‘resolution’ tradition originated, but I guess the intentions behind them are always good – with the fear of sounding like Dr Phil, I think they are a nice way to indulge in self-reflection and aim for self-improvement.

Whether it decided after one to many Captain Morgan’s or creating A3 mindmaps of ‘my life’ ….resolutions

In the past week as I have caught up with my friends, I have been quite curious (and a little nosey) and asked them what some of their resolutions were. Actually quite funny, how resolutions can deliver such insight into someone’s dreams, insecurities and ambition.
I loved the variety…they ranged from ambitious – “Nix, this year I want to read a classic novel each month & write an essay on each” to functional “I want to start eating more Kangaroo to increase my protein intake” to general life outlook  “Nikita, this year I am going by the mantra; to only look forward”

.……and then there was my sister’s resolution which was downright hilarious…with such a concerned look on her face she proceeded to say “Nix, in 2013 I  really want to start wearing more G-strings…I had way to many VPL (Visible Panty Lines) in 2012”..(she is a special one).

It is only fair that i divulge a few of my resolutions. My main one is also quite trivial, but necessary. I resolve to reduce the number of ‘high buns’ – no matter what, I can’t resist whipping my hair up into a ‘unicorn-like’ horn on the very top of my forehead. So yes, I need to start grooming my hair properly.

My standard ones included; to reduce/eradicate my ‘pet’ snake (names Rolanda) that lives around my waist (Rolanda LOVES Peanut M&Ms), to learn how to paint with watercolours & to become more involved in volunteering for The Angawadi Project – www.anganwadiproject.com (check it out it is amazing)

Apart of resolutions, the New Year also brings a new calendar year. Calendars need not be boring, but can be inspirational, innovative and intriguing. Check out some beautifully designed calendars below:

2013 calendar design
(Image via from urbncal.com)calendar 2013 design


(Image via vi.sualize.us)

calendar design 2013

Ink Calendar: The ink will slowly color each day of the month as time passes. Yes, please.

(Image via scotchandscones.tumblr.com)

calendar design

(Images via ferm-living.com)
calendar design 
(Image via studiopatten.com)

(Image via wishflowers.tumblr.com)

Hope 2013 brings you lots of laughter, good times & great design.

N x