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Wear a chair.

The chair is not confined to a home or backyard nor reserved for your backside. Let your neck experience the ‘chair’. I’ve fallen head over heels for these chair-inspired pieces below show how it can be worn!

It just emphasises how the form of the chair can transcend the functional and transform into the purely aesthetic. There is something so intriguing about these miniature chairs  – it took me a while to take my eyes of each of the images below, perhaps because they are so beautifully styled and photographed.

A chair for ants! Love the vibrant green ‘grass’ in the background.

(Image via Etsy)


Such a perfect fit – Vintage style chair necklace, placed against an old textured worn-out book. Just something about the mint green and brass…goregeous…

(Image via Etsy)

Shape. Form. Simplicity. Would love this to rub against my neck (not in a weird way! )

(Image via Etsy)


This collection is my favourite. Perfect gift for a design junkie! These necklaces are a fun homage to classic mid-century modern chairs…from the Eames modern plywood chair to Saarien Tulip Chair – ultra cool.

(Image via Inside Out)

BEST of all – all the necklaces above are all for sale (just click on their respective Etsy link)..

Wear a chair. It’s just as good as sitting in one – I promise!