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Does size matter?

As mentioned in my last post – I have officially moved out into the big smoke. Yes, I am now living in the heart of Sydney City. See below for a view from the rooftop!

Space. The biggest difference ultimately Iies in the element of space. Amunt of bright lights, amount of people, amount of cars, buses, houses, buildings….its all compacted into a smaller space. I guess, essentially that’s what makes up a city. That’s what creates the ‘city buzz’.  Environmentally living in the inner city is very different to the leafy suburbs that I have grown up in….but I am already loving it. 

Moving into the inner city surrounded my apartments, it has led me to think about apartment living and the implications on the interior and space….

What I have discovered is the ‘ the small home movement’ which is beocming increasingly prevalent in America (arising from the curround economic climate as well as a desire for a greener lifestyle – many Americans are examining how much space they really need!). I don’t beleive this a novel concept – especially for New Yorkers who have spent decades in studio apartments.

Apartment Therapy has a whole International competition dedicated to finding the very best ‘small cool spaces’ – I have spent many hours on this section of their site – it’s the ultimate procrastination tool for a while. I never get tired and I am constantly fascinated how people effectively and efficiently use their limited space.  Check it out for yourself here

Here is last years winner:

(All above Images via Apartment Therapy)

This is Lasse’s apartment located in Aarhus, Denmark. It is 688 square feet and I believe is the perfect example of creating a sense of space through clever use of furniture, artwork and light. I love the wooden panels teamed with vintage furniture. The pops of yellow with the magazine display also inject a sense of energy through adding colour to the crispy white walls and neutral wooden floor planks.

Smart Space

Check out the Youtube video below – Patrick Kennedy loves small spaces and has developed the smalled apartment legally allowed in California. Its only 160 square feet & not one single part goes unused!


What a clever idea to save space – a dining table that can be ‘hidden’ on the wall!

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

90 SQUARE FEET….Professional Organiser, Felice Cohen lives in a micro apartment. I was actually stunned watching this video, honestly check it out now!


Find out more at news.com

Hopefully, this has shed some light about space….& how we don’t actually need SO much of it to survive! (Don’t know about you, but sleeping with the ceiling 60cm above my face would definitely launch me into some type of claustrophobic coma)