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Not so boring: Clipboards

Clipboards are not tied to filling out worksheets on a school excursion at the zoo . Instead, clipboards possess a hidden potential within the interior space.

Clipboards are a great way to showcase bits & pieces- and the best part…nothing is permanent, when you get sick of something, just pin something else up! It can be constantly evolving to suit your mood & ¬†style.

The first 2 images ¬†below are from my own effort to try and ‘reuse’ clipboards in a creative way….I think I still need to integrate some more colour into the pieces I have attached…

Here are some inspirational ideas on how to use clipboards…

Using different wallpaper off-cuts on the clipboards, gives it an extra dimension.

(Image via Wren)

Great to ‘funk’ up a workspace (and very functional too). I really like this one – the wooden clipboards against the white wall, creates a clean modern feel.

(image via Decor8)

Random numbers – what a great (and beautiful way) to learn how to count. Clipboards even transcend into interiors created for children!

(Image via Decor Pad)

Give it a go…unlock the potential of the clipboard. Not so boring now, hey?!