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Come into my closet.

This past week I have come to realise how spoilt I have been the past 25 years – living at home with two sisters, I have always been lucky to have a well-sized wardrobe.

Upon moving out, I realised my new wardrobe was 1/4 of the size. I am not complaining, I was just faced with two options….throw out 3/4 of my clothes OR find a way to ‘work’ with the space I had…of course, I chose the later! I invested in some drawers and lots of baskets.

Ok fine, I admit it – I have no reason to complain at all….I basically took over the whole of the wardrobe – forcing my very patient BF to move all his clothes to….well…he hasn’t had time yet to organise his clothes, so currently (as you can see below) the spare bed is also doubling as a makeshift wadrobe!

Still…a girl can dream…right?! So here is my roundup of some beautiful, inspirational wardrobes…

(Image via Frankly-Fashion)

There are many different way to organise your clothing…

– By type (ie. keep short skirts together, long-sleeved dresses together, long tops all together – you get the drift)

– By occasion/frequency of use (formal wear kept separate from every day wear)

– By application (inner layers – singlets, cami’s kept separate from outter wears – sweaters, long tops etc).

– By Colour – For designer nerds, sorting your wardrobe by colour may not be functional, but looks awesome!

Personally, I sort by type, occasion, and application.

(Image via Already Pretty)

Love the way the open wardrobe adds colour to this all white studio. You would have to keep it very neat – but it does look amazing!

(Image via Tumblr)

Walk in wardrobe. Enough said.

(Image via From-London-with-Love)

Bed in closet – efficient use of space. Very modern and minimalist.

(image via Bo Bedre)

Whilst this wardrobe lacks a bit of colour, I like the display of the shopping bags – adds a decorative touch, whilst reinforcing high fashion style.

(Image via Dolce Vita)

Off to go re-organise my wardrobe…great procrastination from my Manual Drafting Assignment…