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Rain, Rain go away…come inside today!

Sydney has  been robbed of a summer – it has rained…continuously. From drizzle to downpour, the heavens have refused to close over. a few years ago our concern was the drought, now it is the floods – it is like Sydney has developed a monsoonal tendendancy.

Nevertheless, over the ‘summer’ I have slowly come to accept the rain – or rather accept it as a source of inspiration.

Heavy clouds, steel grey sky, colourful umbrella’s, drips of water running down a window …from a visual perspective rain is a beautiful thing (ofcourse, when viewing it from inside or undercover).

See below for some ways rain can be a source of inspiration within the interior…

A wonderful tropical outdoor rain shower attached to the master bath – I guess the weather man doesn’t call rain ‘showers’ for nothing!

(Image via Interior Style Design)

I love this rain pendent light – creates the downward movement of the rain…

(Image via ZAInteriors)


(Image via HomedIt)

How cool is  this Cloud Silver Rain Lamp, designed by Tadao Shimizu. It is an interesting lamp which takes the shape of a cloud with rain. I love how it is so delicate  & with the soft light coming through the natural paper, it sense of feeling refreshed.

Cloud paper couch – This couch by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka uses paper to exprexx the texture of clouds through industrial material. I believe it is reminiscent of clouds in the sky and flow of water!

(Image via Dezeen)

However…upon waking up something strange was outside my window…the sun! Better get my washing out quick….