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Colourful Inspiration.

Although it we may not realise it – colour brings meaning to our lives. Colour makes up our world. There is no denying that each colour influences our feelings; every colour has meaning and possesses the capacity to play with our mind.

Growing up – my world has been full of colour; with an abstract artist mother, wardrobes full of vibrant sari’s and red-orange butter chicken  – the importance colour has played in my life has been paramount.   Colour in all its forms is something that has always inspired me.  Reality is….majority of us take it for granted. Me included.

This week I started my module on Colour Principles – it has been fascinating so far. Learning how certain colours impact your mood/emotions…even appetite (yes, blue is shown to suppress one’s appetite). I’ve been working on creating a gouche colour wheel – it is driving me slightly loco…

No doubt – I have been distracted. See below as I share my distractions….

Designseeds – has successfully distracted me for over and hour now. Officially addicted. Have a look yourself.

After trawling the archives, I chose to share these two…

(images via designseed)

I wish i lived on this street…

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

Check out this crazy, vibrant, quirky & energetic collection by Squint Inc. It’s a mish mash of colours, patterns and textures… but some how it works!

(Image via Squint Inc)

OK…..I must go back to my colour wheel…

But tomorrow, when you wake up – take an extra second & take note of the beautiful colours that surround you.