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Not so boring: Carparks

Grey. Lifeless. Boring. Cold. Concrete.


They are literally functional spaces. You park your car, you get out (unless ofcourse you are a pre-pubescent teenager…loiteringi n the carpark – drinking some bacardi breezers with the opposite sex!).

They are also a space which is unavoidably accident prone. Yes… I speak from personal experience. Last year, I backed my yellow car into a yellow column in my work car park – in my defense I thought the yellow column was an extension of my car…it was dark…it was a friday night….the impact smashed my whole back window – I had turned my car into a convertible. I can assure you – it WAS NOT on purpose.

I don’t even want to start on shopping mall carparks – whilst they have a little more ‘colour’…it is purely for symbolic purposes – to help you can (apparently) ‘find’ your car. That’s a lie – I always still lose mine…or see someone else looking for theirs.

But – I ask the question – do carparks have to be so boring? Apparently not – check out this cool car park

The latest in a spate of large-scale art installations by the New York-Sydney duo of Craig & Karl is the basement garage of a boutique residence in Sydney’s Darling Point, designed by Marsh Cashman Koolloos (MCK) Architecture and Interiors. The project objective had been to “breathe new life” into the concrete underground car park devoid of natural light, and the artful pair has accomplished this with broad dashes of color and clever use of geometry. An inexplicable manhole surreptitiously takes point in this floor to ceiling mural, posing as the center axis of a windmill or color spectrum chart with colored ribbons that instinctively lead in from the driveway, through the space, and out to the garden and beyond.

(Image via The Cool Hunter)

(Image via openbuildings.com)

How cool is this?! A makeshift library in a carpark (Located – Brisbane, Australia)

(Image via Pinterest)

So next time as your feel ‘carpark rage’ taking a hold of you…Stop. Breathe. And get inspired by the concrete slabs – if you could design a unique and innovative carpark…what would it look like?

Over and Out.

Happy Sunday!

For the love of…Post-It Notes.

Post-It notes. They trigger your memory. They are bright and colourful. They are a vehicle to deliver passive-agressive ‘anonymous’ messages.

They are awesome & could possibly be my favourite item of stationary.

I love their smell. I love their unique stickiness. I love the way they look when they are clustered together.

Whats even better is that their function is not limited to the mere pen. CHeck out some of these inspirational projects below…

(Images via Modernmet)

Post-It Structures is a new project by Yo Shimada of Tato Architects with the cooperation of students from Kyoto University of Art and Design. The installation is on show at the Artzone Gallery in Kyoto City, Japan. It is made up of 30,000 post-it notes in bright fluorescent colors that were glued together to form building components, creating a wall-like structure running throughout the gallery.

(Image via Design Swan)

Next prank on your boss? So cool.

(Image via Design Milk)

Ingenius. Who needs to tell the time – when you can wear a post it note around your wrist. No more scribbling on your hands.

(Image via Web Urbanist)

Rebecca Murtaugh really, really loves post-it notes – she covered her bedroom and various other furniture objects in them! Don’t think I love them that much!

(Image via Holiday Matinee)

Love, love, love this wall – it makes me so happy.

(Image via youdresswierd)

Why wear clothes?…when you can wear post-it notes!! Amazing!!

With that final image…Go forth and embrace the post-it note! What can you do with it?!

Don’t dress for the weather.

I can’t help but laugh when I see it…until it happens to me.

Yes, it happened to me yesterday.

My umbrella turned inside out whilst walking to central station. I could feel eyes burning on me. I don’t really know why I find it so embarrassing – or why I find it so amusing when I see it happen to someone else. I think its the combination of the flaying arms as you try to push it back ‘down’ and the sense of powerlessness against natures elements…

After this ‘episode’, I threw out my umbrella (where other broken umbrellas lay to rest) in the bin and escaped the rain by continuing to walk through the infamous central station tunnel. As I walked through the crowds of people, I suddenly noticed something…

96% of the people walking through the tunnel were were black/grey or other drab colours. Myself included.

Its been raining for a couple of day now. The sky is grey. The clouds are heavy. And I have come to the realisation that …People dress for the weather. Yes, that may seem VERY obvious. But, more specifically people choose they colours according to the weather. As soon as it rains, people start to wear drab colours .

I am guilty of it – I am always hesitant to wear something bright when it is cold with dark clouds outside. It’s psychological, but I just feel a little strange rocking the neons when it is raining!

Solution to the problem: After walking the length of the tunnel, I stopped at the newsagent and bought the BRIGHTEST UMBERELLA ever – (it doesn’t look that birght in this pic – but its hot pink!) see below…I love it!


So for all you out sydney siders there (and whoever else who lives where it rains) whilst it may be dreary out, here are some colour images to brighten up your day!

(Image via Justryagain)

(mage via shelbyisms.tumblr.com)

(Image via pinterest)

(Image via shelbyisms.tumblr.com)

From andiecr.tumblr.com

From weheartit.com

(Image via marysuekiso.tumblr.com)

(Image via marysuekiso.tumblr.com)

Hope I added a little colour to your day!

This makes me weak at the knees…

Ice-Cream + Design = My type of porn (not literally…ofcourse!)

Ice-cream and design are definitley are somewhere at the top of my ‘Happy List’ (other things include; taking a nap after a big lunch, dancing to Beyonce in my bedroom, laughing so hard that I’m not making any noise and the smell of fresh laundry – yes, I am a wierdo)

I especially love the look of freshly scooped ice-cream & obviously love the taste even more!

The love for ice-cream is unavoidable. It is in my genes. With my grandmother passing away 3 years ago, one of the ways my grandfather worked through his grief, was by learning how to make home-made ice-cream (I definitely recommend this as an emotional/creative outlet!)

It tastes absolutley AMAZING. He asked for flavour requests – to which I responded ‘Bailey’s’….Not before long, 2L of Bailey’s Ice-cream was served to me after dinner. Not going to lie – it did ‘burn’ my throat & I ended ‘stumbling’ out the door 4 bowls later….only to find out he had poured 2 bottles in it!! Luckily…I was not driving.

My favourite thing to do (still today) is to stir ice-cream really hard so it becomes all melty…then dribble ice-magic on top (just want to shout out to the inventor of chocolate ice-magic – you have made my life better).

Gelato is all in vogue at the moment. I feel it has trodden on the traditional ice-cream waffle cone. What I do love about Gelato (besides the taste…my flavour of choice is Tiramisu) are the range of pastel colours it possesses. My prediction is that neutral colours with pops of gelato & sorbet colours will be the next interior trend…

Anyways, by now, you should know how much I love all things design.

Anyways, you can just imagine my excitement when I saw these new amazing images by Metalab. Momentarily, I lost my breath. I went at the knees. My heart started palpitating…fast.

Isn’t this divine…just makes you want to lick the drips of ice-cream off that random’s fingers…or maybe not!


A pop-up Italian ice cream stall at St Martins Lane Hotel in London evokes the seaside with yellow beach huts and striped decking.

(Image via OneSydneyRoad)

(Image via Dezeen

(Image via Design Seeds)

Ice-cream lights…yum!

(Image via  jimonlight.com)

Ok…I am hankering for a bowl of Cookies & Cream – Is it bad if I eat ice-cream for dinner?!

Don’t judge me.


Writing on the wall- Inspirational Quote DIY Canvases….

Sensitive to the fact that I have added a lot of feminine touches to the apartment – I designed these ‘masculine’ canvases as a gift to the boys.

Keeping the colour scheme quite monochromatic & the basic design quite simple – I integrated their favourite inspirational quotes & a photo of Jai. We haven’t hung them up yet, instead have placed them on a narrow ledge on the staircase (see below);

graphic canvas

To be honest, I have never been a fan of displaying inspirational quotes – I think they can be a little ‘cheesy’ and unoriginal. Nevertheless, written words on a wall can immediately evoke a certain response – laughter, nostalgia, sadness….

Bold prints with inspirational interesting typography can add energy into a space, whilst maintaining a simple, minimalistic style.

(Image via Etsy)

(Image via Home-Designing)

Check out Blacklist Studio – they are an amazing couple who hand make cute typographic prints! They speak for themselves.

(All Images via Blacklist Studio Prints)

Came across this increasing trend to write poems,  chapters of books or song lyrics on walls. I quite like this idea as it adds a personal element to the space  – however, it needs to be used in a larger space as otherwise it could become a bit cluttered.

This Harry Potter fan,  Liz Kirkham, wrote the whole of the first Chapter on her wall. Don’t know if I have the time (or could be bothered to do this project), but it does give the space an edgy feel!

Check out Liz’s story here

(Image via Curbly)

What to do with old books? Book page wallpaper…such a great idea – cheap & adds an inherent sense of vintage glamour!

Bored? Start reading a chapter on the wall! Ingenius.

Caught my eye – Jill Ricci

I just couldn’t help sharing this…I came across JIll Ricci & immediately was captivated by her work. They sucked me in….big time.

I love  her composition of layers and colours, they evoke a contradictory and simultaneous  sense of realness and fantasy.

Jill Ricci is an artist from New Jersey – “One of the most arresting visuals for me is an old wall layered with papers, graffiti and text- our modern hieroglyphics. I try to re-create this beauty in my work, the layers of time and decay are what interest me. I hope that the person viewing my work will linger, trying to discover hidden imagery and text and depending on their life experience, find their own meaning or interpretation”


I can imagine this work sitting against an exposed brick wall in a New York loft apartment – it has a ‘globe trotter’ feel to it – the shapes take me back to Morrocco, the graffiti back to Berlin and the decorative paper to Vietnam – Ricci’s pieces can take you on an imaginative journey around the world.

Check out Jill’s work here – it is truly inspiring.


(All images from Jill Ricci)

Hope you enjoyed!