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2013…what a year!

For me, it was defined by a massive amount of discovery.

Self Discovery. Discovery of new places. New people. New interests.

Throughout the year, I was continually pushed outside my comfort zone.

Without getting too cheesy (ewww- the thought of cheese actually makes me feel slightly nauseous…had way too much cheese and wine last night!), here is a list of 27 things I discovered in 2013…

I discovered….

1. The deliciousness of kale chips & coconut water  & PILPEL hummous (I did a quick calculation and I have literally eaten a 300g tub per week which roughly equals over 15kg of hummous)


2. The chocolately smoooothhh voice of Frank Ocean. I also got obsessed with ‘Thinking about you’ and have proceeded to discover every ‘cover’  of the song on Youtube.

3. The functionality of the ‘video’ on my phone….from ‘caroke to bedroom dance floor sessions. Hours and hours of entertainment. Here is a sneak preview of ITEM 2 & 3 combined. ENJOY…yes, I am using a hair straightner as a microphone….


4. My NEW favourite design website Trendland – I think stalked them & now contribute to their site!


5. What it is like to live without a TV for a year.

6. That I am a ghetto gangsta gal…they call me ‘brown suga’ (who am I kidding, I didn’t just discover that this year, I’ve known it since I was a child). A definite highlight this year was seeing Jay-Z & JT concert in NYC and then Queen Bey when she came to Sydney.

7. The beauty of fresh succulents.


(Image via Pinterest)

8. The sport of tree surfing


(Image via Pinterest)

9. The art of fishing and drinking…. simultaneously. In 2013, I entered my first Fishing Derby.

10. What it feels like to be a performance artist – I was part of a performance art piece in the MCA

11. Appreciation for all things handmade – this discovery was definitely inspired by my friends Franni & Alicia.

india ceramics

(Image via Red Bubble)

12. Sometimes dressing ‘hipster’…isn’t always ‘cool’. AKA the night I looked like the lampshade.


13. The feeling of scoring a soccer goal (took me 5 years but got there)

14. My new hobby – WEAVING. It is my goal in 2014, to improve my weaving….especially now that I got a magnifiying glass for christmas (thanks mum). I am officially a 27 year old stuck in an 80 year old body.


A beauty in the making by my favourite House of Maryanne.

15.  The feeling of being able to do a yoga headstand – took me 12 years…

16. New beautiful people through volunteering for Achilles visually impaired running group & Inside out kitchen

17. That ‘space’ movies aren’t that bad. In 2014, I am going to be more ‘open’ to more movie genres.

18. What it is like to live near the beach

beach house


note: this isn’t my house…

(Image via Gardenista)

19. How cool it is to collect glass bottles…wierd I know.



Here are somethings I re-discovered….

20. My spiritual side …. through meeting some inspiring people….learnt a lot about the ‘Moon Cycles’. It’s my dream this year to go to the Observatory.

21. Rediscovered the world of dating – speed dating, app dating (yes, tinder), blind dating, bootcamp dating (it was called Fit2date…wish I was joking…would rather erase this from my memory altogether)..I tried it all.

22. New York City – actually this was a rediscovery….but I spontaneously booked a ticket 5 days before leaving. Was one of the most spontaneous things I have done…ever.


(Image via Word from Bird)

23. My love for everything related to Design & Architecture



What a beauty!

(Image via Blood & Champagne)

23. Certain ‘life’ events, made me re-discover how nice it feels to be surrounded by my family and friends.

24. How much I love spending time by myself – this year I really felt content in my own company…I even went and saw a couple of movies by myself.

25. How lucky I am to have a family home (with 2 beautiful puppies) to go ‘home’ to…


AND FINALLY….my family discovered…SELFIES.


I am excited for what 2014 will hold & what new discoveries I will make…

I have decided 2014 is the year of DIY. My main NY resolution is to embrace the ‘handmade’…I want to make things, rather than buying them. Will be the year of ‘Crafternoons’. Other resolutions include:

1. Wait 1 minute to try and use my brain to remember a fact, rather than automatically ‘googling’ it on my phone.

2. Wear less mui-mui’s (my sisters had an intervention…apparently it just makes me look frumpy, not boho-ethnic-hippy chic that I was aiming for)

3. STOP wearing a high bun so much (yes, this carries on from 2013).

AND ofcourse I will be stick to my mantra of ‘Treat yo’self”


Happy New Year & all the best for the year to come.



Water Sign.

I was born on the Cancer-Leo cusp.

Emotional, nurturing, intuitive, sensitive, moody…possessing many of the Cancer traits, I consider myself to be a Cancerian.

Cancers are ruled by the moon and belong to the element of water.

Admittedly, I usually read both horoscopes and pick which one I like best….

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and I guess over the years I have come to believe in various elements of astrology.

Whilst I have never been a strong swimmer (i’ve heard Indians have a lower buoyancy to most), I do love the feeling of being submerged and moving through water.  After all, I am a water sign.

I never really swam at school…preferred being on land. However over the last few years, I have consciously integrated ‘swimming laps into my exercise regime and my ‘buoyancy’ has definitely improved!

Growing up, our family vacations revolved around the beach, but I have never lived near the water….

until  last week…

Yes, I made the move. Right near the beach. I have never considered myself a ‘beach babe’. I get way too dark, too quickly (ie. You can only see the whites of my eyes and teeth when the lights turn off) and I can’t stand on a surfboard to save myself.

But…there is just something so magical about staring out into the sea. I believe humans have an innate visual appreciation of the sea.

Many people seek out the ocean in times stress or emotional crisis. It is no wonder that popular holiday destinations are by the sea. I often wonder why this is?! Maybe it is the sheer vastness, that reminds us of the ‘bigger picture. Maybe it is the consistent movement of the water – large swells followed by stillness.  Or something to do with the smell and taste of salt.

Like us, the ocean has different moods. Dark and broody. Bright and exultant. It always in flux. Never the same. Each day it is different.

I believe that humans are possess some sort of archaic magnetism to the ocean. We recognise the ocean as part of us. I guess on some deep proverbial level it is – water is the lifeblood of humans.

Being near the water soothes me. It grounds me. A dip in the salt water, recharges my energy. I also found out that scientific research proves that the sound of waves alters wave patterns in the brain lulling you into a deeply relaxed state.

It is no wonder that so many people live by or on the water. Have a look at some of these ‘floating houses’  I found …such beauties…

house boat

(Image vua Kulfoto)

house boat


Atleast you wouldn’t have any trouble with the neighbours here!

(Image via Ms Arichter)


house on water

(Image via Becoming Roux)


house on the water

(Image via Pinterest)

House on the water in Bayview, Idaho. Photo by Katrina Bondra


house on the water


Coolest houseboat ever!!

house on water

(Image via Becoming Roux)

house on the water

(Image via Bourgeois Bohemianism)


house design


Dutch studio Ruud Visser Architects have tranformed a 1930s church into a house in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

(Image via Dezeen)



Only in Kashmir. Gorgeous.

(Image via Just Call Me Grace)


house boat

I love this one…it is like something out of a fairytale.

(Image via Pinterest)

And here is one of my favourite tunes; Frank Ocean, Swim Good:


Now…I just want to go live on a houseboat for a few weeks!


N x





nikita sheth

tunes which I am currently loving…

Music is home to me. It makes me feel happy, safe and content.

It is my instant time machine. It takes me back to my awkward teenage years – getting dressed for a ‘gathering’ or  driving in the car with my first ‘boyfriend’.  It connects me to my friends –the countless times we sung at the top of our lungs to Mariah Carey or pretending we were in ‘da hood’ listening to ‘Gangstas Paradise’ (ok…I still do that sometimes …)

I was in a choir for 13 years…a high soprano. Since I can remember, singing makes me happy. (NB:- I think my voice ‘broke’ at age of 18…and I am now tone deaf).

I can occupy myself for hours ‘producing’ film clips in my bedroom. Dancing makes me happy. Sometimes I use my hair straighter as a microphone. Sometimes I dress up as Beyonce (Don’t judge, I bet you do it to…). I thought I would have ‘grown out’ of this by now. I wonder if I will still be doing this at 73 years old…

Music & design have lots in common especially in terms of creativity. Both design and music seek to create a certain connection with the end-user. They are a catalyst to unlocking emotional responses and just like good design, music also has to be catchy, original and innovative.

I will update this list sporadically, but here are some tunes which I am currently loving…





Frank Ocean – Thinking About You



Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill my Vibe



Madcon – Beggin’ You



Chris Malinchak – So Good to Me


sydney indesign

Getting SID faced.

For the last 3 days I have been getting absolutely SID faced.

No it is not a spelling error – SID is the abbreviation for the Sydney’s number one design event “Sydney Indesign” (This event is created/run by Indesign Group – the company I work for).

Although….admittedly, every night last week I was also getting quite sh*t faced too. Don’t judge…we had reason to celebrate!

nikita sheth

It has taken over a year to organise this event. Like when organising most big events, there is a certain void when it is comes to an end (although I think my liver and voice box are celebrating it is over).

Check out the website here: http://www.sydneyindesign.com.au/

How it works:

– The event was over 3 days.

– 6 different precincts around Sydney open up their showrooms. Buses take participants around to all the different showrooms.

– The Galleria (see below)

Whilst the event has been going for over 10 years. This year we decided that it was time to evolve. Drawing inspiration from Milan Fair, we introduced the “Galleria” – a gorgeous industrial warehouse at Australian Technology Park.

We aimed to step away from the whole ‘tradeshow’ concept and use this 3000 sqm to encourage to create an experiential space. We encouraged suppliers to encourage people to engage with their brands rather than their products. We encouraged creativity and collaboration. We wanted attendees to walk away feeling inspired, rather than with a catalogue.

It was an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase to the industry what they are all about – their personality, culture and energy – and gives our audience of architects, interiors designers and creatives the opportunity to discover new design, build their industry knowledge and develop meaningful relationships. It’s about educating, networking, socialising and exchanging ideas.

The result…..was truly unique. A complete visual feast. Your eyes couldn’t help but darting around the space – up to the ceiling down to the ground.

I met lots of inspiring people. I saw lots of truly innovative products. I couldn’t take the smile off my face (EXCEPT when I stacked it down the skateboard ramp (with a wine in hand) created by Mafi, a flooring company – SO embarrassing and I have a nice bruise on my elbow as a memento).

I feel so lucky to have been a part of Sydney Indesign. It was 100% a team effort and I admittedly am a little shocked that we managed to pull it off!).

Highlights; Special Sydney Indesign inspired Gelato Messina (by Designer Rugs), Indigenous dancing (by Tapetti Rugs), Educational Discussion Series (My favourite was; ‘Adaptive Reuse – Is the Old New New?’ involving Tim Ross), Beer Pong (at Blu Dot), a delicious lunch (by Coco Republic & Smeg)….and SO much more…

If you are interested keep your eye out for all the news on www.indesignlive.com and www.habitusliving.com.

Indesign event will be in Melbourne next year & it is free to register so keep your eye out…

Last night was our after party, it involved a lot of pizza and a little too many glasses of wine. We all definitely let our hair down…we deserved to ‘treat ourselves’!

Here is my roundup of the event…

sydney indesign


Bump in day…(on a side note: So many hot men constructing ‘things’…definitely made the day a little easier!)

sydney indesign


I never want to see a cardboard box again. Yes, we had to construct 800 of them for the Habitus lounge ‘feature wall’ #nobudget.

sydney indesign


The outside of The Galleria!

sydney indesign


Birds eye view of the Kezu showroom – such a stunning set up.



Nikita to All…I suck at this walkie talkie thing. Copy that. Over.

sydney indesign


Gorgeous umbrellas by Basil Bangs.


sydney indesign


Yes…this is the one I stacked it down.

sydney indesign




I am absolutely shattered. It’s only 8:19pm…but I think it is time for bed.

nikita sheth

Over & out.

N x

indian colour

My day as a ‘giant freckle’….

Brown underneath. Multi-coloured on top. Yes, on Sunday after the 5km Colour Run, I resembled that of a giant freckle.

The Colour Run was a 5km fundraiser run – we wore white t-shirts and walked 5km with coloured powder been thrown at us…hair, eyes, ears, arms…I was a piece of fairy bread (on brown bread). The explosion of colour was amazing. It was quite hilarious to watch grown men rolling around the ground covering themselves in powered colour…essentially becoming colour-coated schnizels.

Living a colourful life.
This festival was inspired by the Indian festival holi. Holi, also known as Dhuli in Sanskrit, is celebrated by people throwing scented powder and perfume at each other. Bonfires are lit on the eve of the festival, also known as Holika Dahan (burning of Holika) or Chhoti Holi (little Holi), after which holika dahan prayers are said and praise is offered. Colour. Noise. Chaos. India in a nutshell.
I always love hearing stories of how my mother embraced Holi when she was growing up – they would  spend the day throwing colour and then run into the ocean to wash it all off.
I may be bias, but I honestly do not think any other culture embraces colour the way Indians do. Colour underpins all our food, clothes and rituals.
As I crossed the finish line – I realised all the vibrant the colours had now mixed with sweat … turning a murky brown colour. it didn’t even look like I had done the race – Choc on Choc. I looked around – everyone looked brown…Oh! The irony!
The day made me realise the role colour plays in my life ( snapshot of this moment: I am currently wearing a neon yellow singlet, drove to work in a bright mustard car and  eating a blood red plum with pure white yoghurt). I love wearing colours. I love painting with bright colours. I love that all people are of different colours. Ok, now I realise that I am probably sounding like Martin Luther King – but you get what I mean.
Whilst recent times have sucked a little, I am beginning to realise that feeling hurt & confused, being challenged – mentally, physically & emotionally, being determined to fulfil my goals – career & otherwise…its just adding ‘colour’ to my life.
To lead a colourful life – my new motto.
I am aware that the images below are not completely ‘design’ orientated, however I believe they epitomise the way Indians  really do ‘live in colour’.
indian colour
(Image via
indian colour
(Image via cosmicpsychic)
(Image via
(Image via zimbio.com)

(Image via darqueandlovely)

indian design
(Image via flickr.com)
indian colour
(Image via corporatefineart)

Hope that brightened up your day!

N x

cubby house


At times I believe that my love for interiors started way before I even knew how to tie my shoelaces.

As a small girl, my younger sisters & I loved cubby houses. My mum would help us create these diy sancturies out of old sari’s and indian blankets –  drapped acoss chairs, couches and tables…..we would crawl belly first and spend hours inside the labyrinth of mattresses, pillows and stuffed toys. We would demand to eat dinner in there. We would demand to sleep in there. Using as an escape from the world outside.

It was a simple pleasure – one which allowed us to transcend reality and depended heavily on our imaginations.

Inside the cubby houses it always felt safe, comfy and warm.
Mum & Dad took it one step further in the summer of 1991 – creating an actual wooden cubby house in the back of our garden. We spent countless hours, running in and out of the cubbyhouse – pretending it was a shop, a restaurant and even a hairdressing salon. Creating signs ‘keep out’, ‘girls only’…

One of my favourite memories, is during a sudden summer hailstorm –  my sisters and mum stood inside our (actual) house, noses pressed against the glass window as we watched dad crouched in our cubbyhouse. He had gotten caught in the hailstorm. He was sopping wet. The cubbyhouse his only shelter from the plummeting ice.

Writing this a wave of nostalgia has overcome me. I secretly wish I could build a cubby house right now and escape this ‘adult world’ – one full or responsibility, stress and sometimes heart ache (not all things are bad though!)

Ok…here is some cubby inspiration (just incase you want to build one for yourself…don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul!)….



(Image via pinterest)



(Image via  handcraftedinvirginia.tumblr.com)


(Image via pinterest)

(Image via mokkasin.blogspot.fr)

(Image via dailyimprint)

(Image via Contemporist)

(Image via http://theplatformexperiment.tumblr.com/)

(Image via  freepeople.tumblr.com)

Have a great night

N x


bedhead design

Suffering from…Night Rage.

Night rage is like no other. It is a unique fury that is specifically experienced  in the midnight hours.
It occurs when you are jolted from your deep slumber.  Crusty drool marks your chin. Bits of bed hair sticks to your lips – there is nothing sexy about night rage. You stagger around in the darkness, vision impaired by a light red ‘angry’ mist.
Dogs barking, partners snoring, neighbours partying…these are just some of the triggers of night rage.

When hit by ‘the rage’ you only have one mission – to destroy the trigger. You are on a war path.

A couple of nights ago ‘night rage’ crept into my bedroom and smacked me in the face. I was abruptly  awoken by an intense pain in my neck. As I slowly regained consciousness… I realised what had happened….my pillow had slid between the wall and the bed. This has been a recurring problem…as we are currently do not have a bed head.


I aggressively grabbed my pillow and put it back in position. And then….30mins later….it happened AGAIN.



I was furious.  I used all my strength to jam the bed against the wall… but then I could not get back to sleep. The night rage was at its peak. I tried to count sheep. I went and got a warm glass of milk (and a crumpet). Nothing worked. I started stressing about not sleeping. Counting the hours until I had to wake. I felt hot. I felt cold. I felt….the rage.


Bed heads –  are like eyebrows. You question whether you actually need them. You don’t think you actually need them….but aesthetically & functionally you DO.



So…I am now on a mission to find a bedhead. This is what I have stumbled upon…

Adds an ethnic touch – love this one!

(Image via 24.media.tumblr.com)

Neutral wooden bed head, teamed with colourful artwork – simple, yet effective.

(Image via From amerrymishapblog.com)

Splinters in the head? worth it for this gorgeous raw design style!

(Image via in4fun)

A pinboard – Great flexible way to keep your bead head ‘fresh’ & dynamic.

(Image via designsponge.com)

(Image via refresheddesigns.blogspot.com)

Not really a bed head per se…but I visually amazing!

(Image via lostindecoration.tumblr.com)

(Image via homes.ninemsn.com.au)

Such a cool DIY bed head!

(Image via House)

(Image via amberinteriordesign)

(Image via homedit.com)

Resolution: I need to invest in a bed head asap.

N x


What a tease!

False summer has punched me in the face, again.

Last week, I underwent some serious hair removal, bought a slurpie from the sleven (7 eleven) and packed away my winter warmers.
Yes I know, talking about the weather is boring and should be reserved for awkward elevator and photocopy machine conversations.
But, in an attempt to maintain my mental and emotional sanity I have to share…

False Summer.  What a tease! It gets me every year. I should know better.

But as the weather warms up – I can’t help myself – I bask in the sunshine, lather myself with sunscreen (at the end of summer, I am SO dark you can’t see me when the lights go out – only my eyes & my teeth….scary stuff), frolick down the street in a summer dress.…..only to wake up 3 days later with frost on my window and freezing cold winds.
False summer. It tickles my neck. It warms my body. It is a tease. And should be illegal.

No more negativity. Instead, I will share some beautiful ‘summer’ inspired places & spaces….just viewing them, warms me up!

(Image via 79 ideas) 




(Image via Pink Preppy)

summer house


(Image via eatlivewear.tumblr.com)



(Image via anthropologie.com)



(Image via architectureinspiration.tumblr.com)


(image via sundayinbed.tumblr.com)

Sydney-siders…Hope that warmed you up a bit!

N x



I shared my bubble bath…with…a….

No matter if I light scented candles, or softly play the Enya CD on repeat  or fill the bath with passionfruit-mango-sorbet bubbles….I just can’t relax. To me baths make no sense…how can lying in a tub of dirty warm water be relaxing?


Since I was a small child, I have not been a fan of baths. Deep down on a subconcious level, I probably associate baths with my childhood bathtime routine – sharing a small tub with 2 younger sisters, I was always awkwardly placed closest to the tap .…’the hot end’, straining my neck on a weird angle to avoid being hit by the metal tap. I am 100% sure they both had ‘accidents’ in there (more often than not) – which means that I pretty much bathing in their piss. Gross. Not cool.



Despite my aversion to bath’s – I spontaneously decided to have a bath last Sunday night. Excitedly I got out my candles, created a ‘nix mix- bathtime’ playlist and bought some lavender bubbles. I actually quite enjoyed myself as I very sunk into the warm water. Initially, I tried reading the Sunday newspaper. I failed miserably. After 2 minutes flat I submerged it like the Titantic. Turning it into a paper-mache blob. However, I didn’t let this affect my morale, instead I just closed my eyes & tried to relax…..
Admittedly, I really enjoyed the whole experience…..UNTIL….I ATTEMPTED TO GET OUT….
Upon getting out, I noticed a dark brown floating mysterious object.…..I PICKED IT UP.……
I had just shared my bath with a dead cockroach.
My mind jumped to the possibility of it laying eggs in my ears. I felt so dirty. I don’t think I have ever scrubbed myself so clean. It still makes my stomach churn. It had not been there when I filled the bath up…it must have floated out of the drain.
In an attempt to forget the whole situation, I  distracted myself….by design. To try to remain positive about baths, I searched for the most beautiful bathtubs I could find…

(Image via Pinterest)

My dream bathtub…surrounded by (design) books!

(Image via Piccsy)

(Image via SheAchive)

(Image via Viva Fullhouse)

(Image via Style Files)

 (Image via livinginside)

(Image via Frisk Style)

Simple. Modern. Clean line. Ceramic against timber floors – what is not to love?!

(Image via Housetohome)

Ok, I’m off to cook some dinner & have a……SHOWER! (No more baths for me!).



map wall

Where did I come from?

“Where did I come from?” A classic educational cartoon book, which clearly explains the process of ‘making babies’ to young children. As an naive seven year old, I have a vivid memory of reading this book with my friend Ellie, hiding under the bed and giggling at all the pictures.

* * *

Admittedly, I am a little strange. I sometimes catch myself doing or saying things which I know are a little odd. I can’t help it. I’m 26 years old, but still love putting on a ‘sexy’ outfit and dancing to an old school hip hop tune (usually Salt n Pepa or TLC) in my bedroom ….by myself in front of a mirror….usually on a Tuesday night. Also to add to the list – I often find myself stroking a beautiful piece of furniture, I only eat cereal out of a cup (never a bowl) and no matter how HARD I try to keep my long hair out and flowing – it somehow… everyday ALWAYS ends up as I super high bun…resembling that of a unicorn.

Just yesterday, I was internally questioning ; “Where did I come from?”…. “How did I get this strange?”

Then this popped into my inbox…

(Yep…thats my dad – & NO he usually does not dress like that!)

Yes, my parents are currently in Morocco. Clearly, they have embraced the culture and are loving it. I visited Morocco (Fez & Marrakech) 5 years ago. I fell in love with the place. What I loved most about it, was the intricate detail.

(Yes, that’s me on a camel….such a lovely experience- but also not great for the ‘baby maker – it hurt).

Right from doors, to rugs, to clothing….the artisanship and attention paid to detail is unparalleled. I recall noticing how every front door seemed like a piece of art. Heavy gold borders. Intricate patterns. The Moroccan design style is bold, its colourful, it has an innate sense of richness. Its a beautiful design style that takes its cues from the desert and Arabic culture.

Jewel-tones are very prominent in Morocco – right from the fabrics to lighting which are often inlaid with colour pieces of glass. However, the earthy colours which form the landscape tend to neutralise this richness and vibrancy – thus creating a perfectly formed balance. Red dust combined with suffocating heat. Booming prayers combined with hot mint tea. It’s these elements which characterise Morocco and give its unique character. Something, which throughout all my travels – can not be replicated anywhere else.

It’s a design lover’s heaven. I truly believe, that this is place where I fell in love with interiors, design and furniture. I remember, not wanting to leave the bazaar…..staring at rugs, poofs, lanterns…at only 21 years old, i should have been dreaming about my next Cocktail, instead I was trying to work out if I could afford a cubic metre shipping container to take home furniture/furnishings  – even though I hadn’t even moved out.

I settled on a ceramic bowl.

(Image via twigsandsand.tumblr.com)

(Image via twigsandsand.tumblr.com)

(Image via moroccanmaryam.typepad.com)

Isn’t this just exquisite? I’m in love.

(Image via moroccanmaryam.typepad.com)

(Image via eight-petals.tumblr.com)

(Image via eight-petals.tumblr.com)

Love this minimalist white space – utilising Moroccan accessories.

(Image via style-files.com)

(Image via  completelytotallymadly.blogspot.com)


Now can you see why I have fallen in love Morocco?

Happy Sunday Night!

N x





My sister…a ‘global’ battler.

She is the youngest of 3 girls. She is the baby. She is completely loveable. She has everyone (especially my dad wrapped around her little finger). She is intelligent – and is very perceptive of the world around her (something which I completely lack).

However….in the last 3 months..she has been a bit of a battler!

After being accepted to study in Spain for 6 months, you think one of the first things she would do would be to organise her Spanish visa. Wrong! She apparently ‘forgot’ to do it. Before you knew it – it had turned into a family debacle….she was too late and could not get her visa before leaving on Contiki…..

There were tears & tantrums…my myself, my mum and even the Spanish embassy consultant (she was a COW).

Long story short – She went on Contiki for 5 weeks and had to come ALL THE WAY back to Australia for 3 days (to pick up her visa)…and then leave again to go back to Spain.

So my baby sister arrived on Thursday for 3 days & we dropped her back to the airport this morning…it’s been a long emotional journey, but she is finally on her way to Spain!

Visiting the airport and with her travels in mind, I was inspired to explore the way maps can be integrated into a space, from a purely aesthetic perspective.

(Image via From the-design-ark.com)

(Image via dearblackbow.blogspot.com)

(Image via From achicaliving.com)

(Image via From nauticalcottageblog.com)

(Image via From centsationalgirl.com)

From gemgirlart.com


(Image via minteriors.tumblr.com)

From smileandwave.typepad.com

(Image via From tumblr.com)

(Image via  thehandmadehome.ne)

She came back on Thursday & we dropped her back at the airport this morning. Her hand luggage was too heavy…so she had to wear 3 jackets on the plane. Yes…she looked like a complete ‘battler’.

We love her & will miss her so much!

N x


Brothers or Lovers?

Long strong legs. Beautiful posture. Always supportive.


I have a deep love for chairs. Ones that resemble royalty, all upholstered sitting in a pompous dining room. Ones that are shabby, kicked to the curb like orphans. Even ones that molest you, enveloping your entire body, almost creating a sense of suffocation. I love them all.

Yesterday night  I had the privilege to see the premiere of Eames: The Painter & The Artist.

I’m not going to lie… I walked into the film thinking that Charles & Ray Eames were brothers. WRONG. They were lovers. The documentary unravelled the inner workings of the evolution of the Eames business and its legacy. In a synchronous manner, it detailed the development of their designs juxtaposing the societal context with the intimate journey of Charles & Ray Eames relationship.

At times, it felt a little too personal. I felt like I was watching Charles & Ray through their living room window. Catching glimpses of their most private moments. It was honest and at times quite confronting.

Ray Eames was a strong women. I firmly believe she was the brains behind the success of Eames furniture. Despite her being in Charles shadow, her eccentric and pedantic nature is what gave Eames designs their ‘edge’.

I definitley recommend you to borrow it on DVD.

Eames chairs are truly timeless. They are synonymous with good design. They transcend style, culture and social context – with the ability to assimilate into any space. They naturally command attention, without being ‘attention-seeking’.

One day it is my dream to own one!

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The famous lovers! Oh, so cute!

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This has to be my favourite picture! Very magical.

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Actually no, this one is my favourite. Combination of my two favourite things – tribal rug with Eames chair. Really proves the timelessness of Eames designs .

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Another beauty.

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From 20kvadrat.se

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I love Eames Chairs…but perhaps not this much!

I’ve decided that I am going to draw/paint a series of Eames Chairs…it will do…FOR NOW!