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Olympics – Sports-obsessed Sneaker Freaker strikes again.

Last Friday night, Sneaker Freaker walked into the house with a massive cardboard box. I am quite desentised to his large ‘cardboard box’ escapades- massaging footstools, automated robot cleaner, electronic salt & pepper shakers…I have seen the lot.

Proudly he announced, “We are new owners of an Xbox!”. Rolling my eyes ( I am adverse to any type of ‘gaming’) he quickly followed with; “BUT…it has Foxtel installed on it”. I suddenly changed my tune. I found myself very excited (grand designs, re-runs of offspring, movies….awesome.)

After setting up the Xbox, Sneaker Freaker went to Melbourne for the weekend  and I was left with the “Foxtel”. Woo…or not.

However, as I flicked through the channels…I found myself scrolling though the channels which looked like this…

London 1

London 2

London 3


Sports-obsessed, Sneaker Freaker failed to mention that he had only purchased the ‘Olympic Channels’. Ha.

I’m not going to lie – I am addicted. Yes, you have the Olympic ‘haters’ …and then you have the Olympic lovers (i fall into the second category). What is not to love -rippled muscles, hunky men, warm/fuzzy sportsmanship…oh and ofcourse excellent athletic abilities.

Yes, I have been struck down with Olympic fever. I have found myself immersed in the world of table tennis, gymnastics, air pistol (yes…it IS a sport). It is guilt-free procrastination. Instead of doing my Diploma assignments, I am supporting my country ( a way bigger, better cause than selfishly doing some manual drafting).

Watching these athletes transcends the screen. It provides the ‘average joe’  with a renewed sense of achievement and capability. I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched sweaty, beer-bellied 50+ year olds try and ‘long jump’ at my gym this morning – all part of the gyms ‘Mini Olympics’. Good on them!

Ok, enough of my Olympic rant. Ofcourse there are the athletes…but then there are the buildings. The spaces & places the athletes use to compete. In my eyes, the buildings are just as important (and beautiful) as the athletes themselves…

London 2012 Olympic Velodrome by Hopkins Architects

London 2012 Aquatic Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects

(Image via Nest Interior Design)

2012 Olympic shooting venue designed by Magma Architecture

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BY FAR…I love Anish Kapoor (have already booked tics to see his work at the MCA in Sydney in February- so excited)

Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond – Orbit London Olympics 2012

(Image via Arch Daily)

Inside the Olympic Village…must admit don’t find the interior (especially the bedspreads) too exciting.

(Image via idesignarch)

Also on a side note, I am a massive Banksy fan – was very excited to see these two new pieces pop up on his site!

I’m a big Banksy fan so I was thrilled when these two new pieces showed up on his site.

OK better go…Olympics are calling!

Ni x

Don’t diss the sidewalk…

One part of my day job is to manage the Habitusliving social media (including the facebook page) – ( I encourage you all to ‘like’ the page!).

One recent success was sharing the amazing street by Edgar Mueller. He is a world-famous street painter,

Upon uploading his image to our habitusliving facebook page we got 310 SHARES and 420 likes in less than 3 days. A lot of cynical viewers argued that it had been photoshopped. I guarantee you it hasn’t been.

Street Chalk art – it’s one of those things you just can’t stop looking at. Its an optical illusion – your mind turns circles as you attempt to rationalise and make sense of the image in it context.

No words can do it justice. I am yet to see one in real life – its on my bucket list!

I invite you to become immersed in the world of street chalk art….

(Image via weburbanist)


(Image via weburbanist)

(Image via weburbanist)

(Image via Visual Fun House)

Image via Hongkiat)



(Image via Hongkiat)

What do you think?! Isn’t it cool!

N x

My 80th post dedicated to….. my 80 year old Grandfather!!

My grandfather (we call him Papaji) is the ultimate ambassador of good design.

From his clothes, to his house, to his travel destinations, to his golfing accessories – he is a ‘design hunter’ – always living in design.

However, I believe he doesn’t hunt design consciously.  Unlike the Surry Hills hipsters, to him, it comes naturally, unforced, subconciously.

Papaji is turning 80 years old in a month & what better way to celebrate my 80th post than to dedicate it to him!

Let me share with you 10 reasons why my grandfather is cooler than me:

  • He has the coolest hat collection this side of the harbour bridge. It is actually epic. Ranging form tribal nepalese to gangsta doo-rags.
  • His ‘speciality dish’ is Baileys ice-cream – best ice-cream ever…with so much bailey’s it burns your throat & you cant drive home after 2 bowls.
  • He has a more jammed-packed social schedule than I do. Consistently find myself trying to ‘fit in’ to his busy schedule.
  • He is impeccably dressed –at all times. His shirts are always crisp and his ‘bumming around track pants’ are always pressed.
  • He is the wisest man ever – Papaji always has a story for everything…yes, everything. One day he even told me an Indian fable about prostitution. Slight akward, but nevertheless, he can talk to anyone about anything
  • He can walk fast. I mean really, really fast. Upon a family vacacy back in 2008 to NYC, we kept ‘losing him’ only to find he was always 2km in front of us. Man…does he have speed.
  • He can handle he Chilli better than both me & my father – even if his bald head does sweat excessively when he does so.
  • Well-travelled – he seriously has been everywhere….
  • He owns an ipad & taught me how to use it (no joke).
  • He finds the funniest youtube videos ever….

Continually inspired (and sometimes amused) by my grandfather’s ever growing hat collection…I thought I’d sharing some hat inspired interiors would be rather fitting.

(Image via The Decorologist)

(Image via Apartment Therapy)
(Image via  lamaisondannag)
(Image via housepict.com)
(Image via  teenvogue.com)
Now, I just want to go over to my grandfather’s house & create a hat display for him….
On second thoughts, do not think he would appreciate it…

Shawty get low…

Week 1, without the internet was quite refreshing (see my last post)..however, now, admittedly I am missing it – more specifically I am missing blogging, stalking (don’t pretend you don’t do it) and ‘(multiple) window shopping’ (always best to have multiple windows open).

Moving on from my internet rant, I wanted to share that……… I am getting rather excited about tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night, I am hosting a premature birthday celebration (birthday is not for another 10 days). I have carefully selected Fatima’s in Surry Hills)= (traditional Lebanese restaurant). Aesthetically the place is nothing special. Chipped paint, fogged up windows and slightly suspect ‘multi-coloured carpet’.

But seriously who cares?!

This place does the best damn falafels in Sydney.

Actually, I don’t know what is more exciting –  the falafels, the fact that it is BYO or the pillow room.

Upon paying the deposit, I had a sneak preview of the ‘pillow room’. I never thought you could fall in love with a room…but I did.  Pink cushions, pink drapes, pink mattresses, pink carpet – the room was…well…PINK!

The best part – the low seating. I have a fascination about eating on the floor on mattresses (see my post on my Turkish party – where I tried to re-create this!).

Sitting and eating low to floor creates a different dynamic. It shifts your centre of being. It makes you slightly more crazy. I believe it is encourages you to relax, unwind, spread your legs, your arms…unlike sitting in solid chairs…a mattress is soft, malleable, comfortable.

Love this one…It’s my dream …

(Images via Lifestylecoutres)

(Image via Archzine)

(Image via ThisArchitecture)

Love the clean lines & wood – can’t help but feel all warm & fuzzy!

(Image via ThisArchitecture)

Light & bright!
(Images via Lifestylecoutres)
My dream tea party setting!
(Image via  Peacocks & Paisleys)
Bet you all want to eat on the floor now!
Ok, best be off my lunch hour is up. 1 more sleep….until this Shawty get’s low’ eating falfels and on the dance floor!

Nothin’ but Net.

I’m not going to apologise, but in all honesty I am not sorry. I haven’t blogged for a few days & it may be a few more days before I can blog again (i’m posting this after hours at work!)

Our internet at home has been down. And will continue to be down for another week. Something about having to switch internet suppliers and…churning of information.

In all honesty, being internet-free at home has been quite refreshing. It has been good for my soul. I feel somewhat calmer. Instead of checking my ‘likes’, aimlessly google searching or going through the paypal ‘checkout’  – I have been reading a book, baking and to satisfy my intense cravings of beautiful design…. I have been flipping through magazines.

Net. The predominant meaning used to be aligned with bridal head wear, a little boys fishing equipment or threads loosely woven together. Nowadays mention the word ‘net’ and there is an instantaneous connection to the world wide web.

Following my theme this week of ‘bringin’ old skool’ back, I have explored ‘net’ the way it used to be. When times were simpler. And net was equated to mesh.

(Image via theluxhome.com)

(Image via google.com)

(Image via Tumblr)

(Image via designsponge.com)

(Image via ffffound.com)

(Image  via myparadissi.com)

Ok, better be off….going to the theatre tonight!

Ampersand Love.

Its a strange looking character. One, which I have not mastered drawing.
The Ampersand – & & & &
It symbolically represents a word which does not hold much meaning in isolation. It has the power to connect to separate elements.
It somehow reminds me of the treble clef – there was something so satisfying with drawing hundreds of them, during my years in the choir (13 years to be exact…yes, I was a high soprano – don’t judge me!).
However, I feel like there has been a resurgence in the ampersand within the design world. I keep seeing it pop up everywhere.
I have seen an ampersand resurgence. The design world has really embraced this symbol. The more I look at it, the more I fall in love with it. I love its fluidity – no wonder a lot of typographers love it!
Don’t gloss over this little character – once bought to the forefront, with it distinctive shape and form…it has  a lot to offer!
(Image via Design Sponge)
(Image via Etsy)
Image via Etsy)
& I better be off,

Swing it sista…

I embraced my inner child yesterday and went on a swing set in the park. I giggled like a 10 year old girl as my friends pushed me from behind. Butterflies in my stomach as I went higher and higher. No matter how old I am – I don’t think I will ever ‘get over’ the rush of being on a swing. Total adrenalin rush…

Swings have always held a special spot in my heart. As a child, my grandmother (just 5ft) and I would sit on her swing – It is one of my fondest memories of her. Both our legs would not touch the ground. We would sit there for hours on end…just chatting about life. Finding total comfort and contentment elevated by the consistent backward and forward motion.

Indoor swings are very popular in the Indian household (will save that for another post this week)

Recently, I have seen a trend with many households embracing the indoor swing.

Following on from my last post – I am in firm belief that there are not enough elements of ‘fun’ integrated into the modern home. With the increase of technology our lives are getting increasingly chaotic – we are bombarded with stimulus and driven by immediacy. Indoor swings add a sense of dynancism. They inject movement and energy into the space.

Indoor swings look amazing in loft apartments – with high ceilings.

(Image via Pinterest)

How much fun does this look? I want a go!

(Image via Thatsoador)

(Image via Hip Hostess)

(Image via

A bead swing – innovative and love the shape/form.

(Image via Blogs Babble)

This swing seems a little out of place – still it adds visual interest.

(Image via Blogs Babble)

(Image via sea of giraffes)

Love the indoor swing teamed with ethnic style…

(Image via sea of giraffes)


(Image via Ouno Design)

Stay tuned – this week I will do a round up of some beautiful traditional Indian swings…

Indoor swings – a little unrealistic for me (cant just image smashing into a window…), I love the whimsical, romantic feeling they can create…not too mention total 100% FUN.

Have a great Sunday night.

N x

This makes me weak at the knees…

Ice-Cream + Design = My type of porn (not literally…ofcourse!)

Ice-cream and design are definitley are somewhere at the top of my ‘Happy List’ (other things include; taking a nap after a big lunch, dancing to Beyonce in my bedroom, laughing so hard that I’m not making any noise and the smell of fresh laundry – yes, I am a wierdo)

I especially love the look of freshly scooped ice-cream & obviously love the taste even more!

The love for ice-cream is unavoidable. It is in my genes. With my grandmother passing away 3 years ago, one of the ways my grandfather worked through his grief, was by learning how to make home-made ice-cream (I definitely recommend this as an emotional/creative outlet!)

It tastes absolutley AMAZING. He asked for flavour requests – to which I responded ‘Bailey’s’….Not before long, 2L of Bailey’s Ice-cream was served to me after dinner. Not going to lie – it did ‘burn’ my throat & I ended ‘stumbling’ out the door 4 bowls later….only to find out he had poured 2 bottles in it!! Luckily…I was not driving.

My favourite thing to do (still today) is to stir ice-cream really hard so it becomes all melty…then dribble ice-magic on top (just want to shout out to the inventor of chocolate ice-magic – you have made my life better).

Gelato is all in vogue at the moment. I feel it has trodden on the traditional ice-cream waffle cone. What I do love about Gelato (besides the taste…my flavour of choice is Tiramisu) are the range of pastel colours it possesses. My prediction is that neutral colours with pops of gelato & sorbet colours will be the next interior trend…

Anyways, by now, you should know how much I love all things design.

Anyways, you can just imagine my excitement when I saw these new amazing images by Metalab. Momentarily, I lost my breath. I went at the knees. My heart started palpitating…fast.

Isn’t this divine…just makes you want to lick the drips of ice-cream off that random’s fingers…or maybe not!


A pop-up Italian ice cream stall at St Martins Lane Hotel in London evokes the seaside with yellow beach huts and striped decking.

(Image via OneSydneyRoad)

(Image via Dezeen

(Image via Design Seeds)

Ice-cream lights…yum!

(Image via  jimonlight.com)

Ok…I am hankering for a bowl of Cookies & Cream – Is it bad if I eat ice-cream for dinner?!

Don’t judge me.


My mother bought an Indian temple door….Online.

Most people, for their first online purchase, start with something small – a song from itunes or bidding on a t shirt from ebay.

But…not my mum.

Just 12 weeks after we had ibtroduced her to ‘online shopping’…..a truck arrived on our drive way. Delivering a TEMPLE DOOR from India. It had been sitting in quarantine for 8 weeks. It was so big, we had to horizontally lay it in the spare room.

Mum had bought the temple door in anticipation for the house she and dad were building. It would soon transform into our new front door.

I guess, that’s what you get for having a crazy artist as a mum. She never does anything half way and despises the ‘regular’.

We teased her – telling her that by punching digits into the computer she was actually using ‘real money’. Every time a truck pulled up in our street,  poor dad, went white – hoping she had not bought a small hut from NIcaragua. Hey?! Anything is possible!

However…iwe all shut up… very quickly. As we watched the temple door placed as the front door in our new home – we were all gobsmacked. It looked absolutely AMAZING. Mum just sat there all smug…smiling and saying ‘I told you so’.

It adds character to our house. It is inherently ties us to our Indian heritage. I love the  thought of the way that an old dormant temple door has travelled half way across the world and been revived into a fully functioning door. It has a renewed sense of life. The intricate carvings add visual interest to anyone approaching our house. No words do justice to our front door. It is a piece of art.

And…we have mum to thank.

(NB:- Just realised I have no proper images of the front door on this computer – watch this space…)

 indian temple door
Something about temple doors resonates so deep within me – the combination of  their connection with history, religion and culture. Symbolic carvings that tell a story. Colours so vivid that they contrast with the red earth and blue sky. Temple doors, their vigour and strength reflecting the spirituality that lay inside. Temple doors, guard the haven that lies inside, from the chaotic outside world.
(Image via Flickr)
(Image via Bone Expose)
(Image via Flickr)

(Image via Pinterest)

Whilst you are a little crazy. And at times we do not understand you…we love you. Thanks for being so inspiring. You make our lives colourful.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Writing on the wall- Inspirational Quote DIY Canvases….

Sensitive to the fact that I have added a lot of feminine touches to the apartment – I designed these ‘masculine’ canvases as a gift to the boys.

Keeping the colour scheme quite monochromatic & the basic design quite simple – I integrated their favourite inspirational quotes & a photo of Jai. We haven’t hung them up yet, instead have placed them on a narrow ledge on the staircase (see below);

graphic canvas

To be honest, I have never been a fan of displaying inspirational quotes – I think they can be a little ‘cheesy’ and unoriginal. Nevertheless, written words on a wall can immediately evoke a certain response – laughter, nostalgia, sadness….

Bold prints with inspirational interesting typography can add energy into a space, whilst maintaining a simple, minimalistic style.

(Image via Etsy)

(Image via Home-Designing)

Check out Blacklist Studio – they are an amazing couple who hand make cute typographic prints! They speak for themselves.

(All Images via Blacklist Studio Prints)

Came across this increasing trend to write poems,  chapters of books or song lyrics on walls. I quite like this idea as it adds a personal element to the space  – however, it needs to be used in a larger space as otherwise it could become a bit cluttered.

This Harry Potter fan,  Liz Kirkham, wrote the whole of the first Chapter on her wall. Don’t know if I have the time (or could be bothered to do this project), but it does give the space an edgy feel!

Check out Liz’s story here

(Image via Curbly)

What to do with old books? Book page wallpaper…such a great idea – cheap & adds an inherent sense of vintage glamour!

Bored? Start reading a chapter on the wall! Ingenius.

Obsessing over…Neon + Wood

So …I am literally obsessed with neon + wood at the moment. The two seem like the most unlikely match – but (in my opinion) they are a marriage from heaven.

My love for neon +wood was immediate. But it surprised me….I am usually not one to unite contrasting things. Some things do not belong together – I do not understand ‘mango chicken’ or pineapple on pizza or chocolate sauce on a steak (yes, it is does exist) – don’t get me wrong I do like a good sweet & sour mix (ie. peanut butter and honey is my weakness)….

…and then there are just some things that are seem so wrong, but once combined create an element of unexplainable magic…..

Neon + Wood = LOVE.

I absolutely love the rawness & natural texture of wood teamed with bright neon colours. For me, neon colours mentally transport me to an mental image of spandex in some 80’s flash dance routine or being deep in a mosh at a music festival…all the cool kids with their ripped neon tops…

Nevertheless, it is a trend I have been seeing more of. It works best in a minimalist white scandanvian space. Or when used with geometric shapes.

Neon colours add visual interest. Energy. An element of surprise. Modernity. Whilst the wood adds stability. Consistency. Vigour.

You be the judge…

wooden table

(Image via Love life)

This would be my ultimate interior – exposed wooden beams, pops of bright colours. YUM!The apartment was done by Silje Aune Eriksen and was featured in Elle Decoration Norway.

(Images via Raneytown)

So vibrant. This space looks ‘high on life’ So much energy.

(Image via Tumblr)

Check out this DIY wooden (with a touch of neon) hat stand at Apartment Therapy. I’m going to give myself a goal – “Make this Hat Stand by August 31st 2012”. Watch this space…

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

Another fantastic DIY idea – Just some wooden beads and neon spray paint. I HAVE To do this one, so I can wear Wood +Neon around my neck!!!

(Image via Hedoneza)

So ……. what do you think? Neon + Wood = Hot or Not?


Happy Friday:- Put a cork in it!!!

Happy Friday to all!!

This week has just flown by – now officially finished by 4th week at Indesign Group & to make it even more exciting we reached 3000 friends on Habitusliving this afternoon (If you haven’t already make sure you ‘like’ habitusliving on facebook…).

Friday evening for me is synonmous with a good glass of wine. A reward for surviving the week!

As you sit down for a glass of vino this evening…. don’t disregard that little cork that sits in your wine bottle, instead think about how much potential it actually possesses…

Let me kick of some ‘corkspiration’ with my favourite inspirational project…

In 2009, Indesign & Living Edge hosted an award for the best miniature chair created out of corks.

(Without being biased definitley suscribe to Indesignlive…it is the perfect source of design news & inspiration!)

Lots more examples here Indesignlive.com

wine cork mat
wine cork mat

(Image via Upcycle)

Anthropologie (one of my favourite stores ever…..please come to Australia, if you are reading this!!) did a gorgeous cork window display last year.

(Image via Casasugar)

Isn’t this just the coolest?!

(Image via Tumblr)

OK enough blogging, my chilled glass of white is waiting for me…