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designer dog sofa

Mojo & Perry.

My boys. My two loves.

Words can not convey how much I love my two dogs.

nikita sheth


nikita sheth

I am certain that all dog owners/lovers instinctively know the unique love that can only be described as ‘dog love’ – its the intense, all encompassing, overwhelming feeling of unconditional love that resides in the pit of your stomach when you even look, think, pat, walk your dog/s. You just want to squeeze their furry face, your voice goes high, you start yabbering jibberish that only you and your dog understand. Dog Love. One of a kind.

Thirteen years ago we rescued Mojo. Formally named ‘Party Cracker’ he grew ‘too big’ (by show standards) and could not longer compete in the dog shows. Subsequently, he was abused and mistreated as he was no longer bringing in income from any winnings.  Mojo was even illegally ‘de-barked’ (vocal chords cut). It still makes me sick to think about it. NB:- We did report his breeder to the authorities.

A year after getting Mojo, my father came home one night (unknown to us all) and surprised us with Perry Mason (named after the inquisitive explorer). Perry was also only a year old and needed rescuing.

Mojo & Perry do not like each other. They co-exist. Mojo is a little flamboyant for Perry. Perry just gets up in Mojo’s grill. Full stop. Complete opposites. Nevertheless, they are brothers. I still believe that some love between them does exist…..it is just hard to locate.

They have been in our lives for over thirteen years now – Cliche as it is, Mojo & Perry are family members. They have experienced so much with us – the passing of loved ones, the awkward introductions of boys to my father, embarrassing stacks down the stairs, delicious meals cooked by my mum, dancing like Beyonce in my bedroom…they have seen it all….

Of late, I have had to face the gut-wrenching reality that they are getting old. They have both lost some teeth (doggy dentures are required). Yet,  when we take them for a walk, people still ask how old our our “puppies” are. It must be the ‘Lowchen’ breed (google it, Lowchens are an actual full breed) – known as the family dog – they are renowned for the way they can ‘adapt’ to the family vibe. As biased as I am, we have had a maltese terrier & highland terrier before Mojo & Perry, and honestly they are a gorgeous breed.

Ok, enough of stating my undying love for Moey and Perriwinkle. In celebration of dogs everywhere – here are some amazing dog bed designs….designer dog bed

(Image via Pinterest)

designer dog bed

A bamboo hammock – I want one!

(Image via House Obsession) 

designer dog sofa

I love this design by Seungji Mun – it was designed to express the notion that our lifestyle is incresingly becoming shared with pets!

(Image via DesignBoom)

designer dog chair

designer dog bed

dog bed

Both of the above….Dog Beds from the Chimere line designed by Marc Ange of Bloom Room was part of an exhibition, Design France.

(Image via Eclectic Living Home) 


Just launched with a dedicated website, the project was founded by Kenya Hara (Creative Director ofMUJI) in collaboration with Imprint Venture Lab.

(Image via Indesignlive)

I am sure Mojo & Perry would love those beds – instead they just get a furry purple and green blanket and mattress to sleep on…..or ofcourse my sister’s bed (100% illegal in the eyes of my parents)

Have a great week!

N x

nikita sheth