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Render Bender.

I had a bender last night.

I was rendering for 5 hours straight.

It was when I started hallucinating and seeing everything in black and white…that I knew it was time to put down my copic markers and go to bed….

I definitely need a lot more practice, but I  really enjoyed it. It is all about understanding light & perspective and how that affects colour and form. In this unit, I have learnt it is very important to draw what you actually see not, what you think you see!

After a day at work, I found it to be quite meditative. I have always found colouring in very therapeutic. There is something so satisfying about transforming white into colour that I absolutely love.

My very first Orthographic Drawing.

This manual drafting unit is slowly killing me. I need to be precise. Draw straight lines. Calculate scaling. All thing which are not my strengths. I’m what you call….a bigger picture person. The finer details don’t come easily to me…

By the end of this drawing, my floor was a carpet of rubber erasings…and so was my hair…

Here is my first attempt at an orthographic drawing – I need to fix a few things and resubmit it…but thought i would share anyways…

I will post up my isometric & perspective drawings as they get marked…

Death by Drafting.

Not going to lie, when I signed up for this Diploma in Interior Design & Decoration, I thought it would be all about pretty colours and  it would revolve around colour schemes, researching materials and looking at various decorative styles…Oh, how I was wrong!!

I just commenced the manual drafting unit of study. Not going to lie – it is a killer. My brain has not been exercised like this since my Year 12 maths exam. I know learning how to manual draft is a valuable skill (even though most people use AutoCAD), but nonetheless it is tedious and I have eaten way too much chocolate whilst procrastinating….

Scaling, measuring tape, straight lines, mechanical pencils..my left-hand side of my brain is definitely getting a work out.

Instead of focusing on the negatives…I’ve been able to shed some light onto the tedious task of drafting – see below for some magnificent drafting tables…

This space is admittedly a little creepy, however I love the industrial style drafting table & chair. Combined with the lamp and blackboard in the background, it presents a very serious and powerful aspect.  It  has an old schoolhouse feel to it – I almost expect a 1950’s school teacher (glasses, a high bun, pursed lips and all) to be waiting in the corner…

(Image via  ohhellofriendblog.com)

Simplicity. Shape. Form. Brilliance.


(Image via prate.tumblr.com)

Vintage & beautifully styled (love how the yellow brush, just pop’s against the smokey grey). Imagine how inspired I would be working on a desk like this!

If you have a minute (or a few hours..warning, the site is addictive)..Check out the vintage collection by Factory 20 here. Lot’s of random objects & furniture – all of which are presented so thoughtfully. Enjoy!

(Image via Factory 20)

Light (natural is possible) is of utmost importance when drafting. Nothing worse than drafting in the dark!

(Image via Versatables)

This is my dream drafting table – I love the chair & black lamps.

(image via ottaagaton)

Enough of drating tables…have a look at the amazing reapplication of drafting tables & stools..

(Image via Parradissi)

Stool Drool. Mismatched drafting stools used in the kitchen – absolutely loving it! Now, just need to get my hand on some drafting stools…

(image via Three Potato Four)

This from the kitchen of Nate Berkus’s Chicago apartment. Love the way he has used an old drafting table as a dining table!

(Image via Flickr)

Have officially been distracted by design and need to get back to drafting my bedroom…if only I was sitting on a aesthetically pleasing table…