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No, the title is not referring to the shape of my bf’s shaved head. Yes, the title is referring to the moulded shape of the copius amount of chocolate I have consumed this long weekend.

NB:- Serving Tip:- Pour warm milk into the Cadbury medium sized chocolate eggs, then drink/eat/slurp the milk out of the egg. You will find is that the milk goes all chocolatley and the chocolate goes all melty…pure goodness.

The egg-shape. It is a curious shape. Neither an oval nor a circle. Symbolic of fertility. MIrroring the football.

Check out some of the egg-cellent (sorry, could not resist) ways in which the egg-shape has evolved in the design world…

Mention ‘design’ and ‘egg-shape’ & you immediately associate the two words with the modern classic Arne Jacobsen egg chair. It’s a timeless piece  which was designed by Jacobsen in 1958 for the interior design of the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Germany. It’s usage is very flexible – with its steel frame, high curved back and rounded bottom gives it great volume and works well in open modern spaces with high ceilings, like a loft or a library.

(Image via Design Classics)

Example of how Jacobsen’s egg-chair can be used in a modern, sleek interior. Loving the black leather finish, against the white wooden floorboards.

(Image via  umakem.tumblr.com)

This is the creation of Belgian architectural firm dmvA , named the ‘blob VB3’, this egg-shaped mobile was created as an extension to the house. The space consist of a  bathroom,
kitchen, lighting, a bed and several niches for storage. the nose can be opened automatically
and functions as a kind of porch. it easily transportable and can also be used as an office,
guestroom or garden house.

(Image via DesignBoom)

Teal duck egg chairs. Immediately, the teal colour combined with the egg-shape creates a retro feel. This definitely feels like a scene out of MIke Brady’s den (ie. from the Brady Bunch)

(Image via Manolohome)

A vintage hanging rattan egg chair — an iconic piece of the 60s/70s. I love the rawness of the material teamed with a simple design. Yes, only half an egg…but definitely a signature piece on any porch.

Like it? You can buy it here on Etsy.

(Image via Etsy)

Did you know? ! The hanging egg chair was designed by Danish Nanna Ditzel in 1959. It was finally considered a classic over 50 years later!

 (Image via nanna-ditzel-design.dk)

Mali egg chair – perfect place to sit on a hot summer day.

(Image via Rattan)

Whilst soem might remember these chairs from the movie Men In Black – the above chairs based on the egg chair by Henrik Thor-Larsen have been ‘modernised’ – they are fully integrated with high-tech speakers….total surround sound!!!

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

Happy Easter. Get Egg-cited!