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It’s Cold… Rug Me Up.

If I had to define my personal design style it would have to be ‘modern globetrotter’ or ‘tribal eclectic’. To me traveling is all about exposing your senses to new stimuli. I love the sensory overload you experience when placed in a new environment- smells, sights, tactile, sounds, taste….you try to take it all in…but instead you turn to your camera and take a photo (well, I do anyway!)

My ideal space would have display my collection of trinkets, photos and other travel memorabilia – in a modern and tasteful way. Incorporating a wordly undertone to a living space, is my way of embracing my inherent nostalgic tendency, whilst encouraging the room to ‘travel’ beyond its geographic confinement.

Perhaps it stems from my indian background, but I recently I have continually found myself drawn to textiles with intricate patterns, symbolic motifs and bold colours.

My current obsession is tribal rugs. They possess a certain richness. A depth. A mystical element. (Ok, fine, admittedly Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ film has influenced my love for ‘magic carpets’).

Ethnic rugs seem to seamlessly fit into a myraid of different design styles. The can add visual interest in a modern loft style apartment or add a sense of warmth to a cabin style house. They  are the perfect statement piece  – injecting colour whilst subtly encouraging a narcissistic ‘look at me’ vibe.

No words to describe this one. Except one…stunning.

(Image via Design Darling)

Industrial + ethnic rug = love.

(Image via Calico Skies)

Print on print. Rug on a printed floor…it just works.

(Image via downandoutchic.blogspot.com.au)

(Image via thedecorista.com)

(Image via desiretoinspire.net)

Earthy. You can almost feel the slight chill created by the damp clay. The tribal rug looks like it was born here. Seamlessly blending into the floor.

(Image via French by Design)

Love this photo.

(Image via French by Design)

It doesn’t have to be bold & bright – Just a hint of tribal rug on dark wooden floorboards – so beautiful.

(Image via Interior Decline)

(Image via Confetti Style)

Have you fallen love with ethnic rugs like I have?!