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At times I believe that my love for interiors started way before I even knew how to tie my shoelaces.

As a small girl, my younger sisters & I loved cubby houses. My mum would help us create these diy sancturies out of old sari’s and indian blankets –  drapped acoss chairs, couches and tables…..we would crawl belly first and spend hours inside the labyrinth of mattresses, pillows and stuffed toys. We would demand to eat dinner in there. We would demand to sleep in there. Using as an escape from the world outside.

It was a simple pleasure – one which allowed us to transcend reality and depended heavily on our imaginations.

Inside the cubby houses it always felt safe, comfy and warm.
Mum & Dad took it one step further in the summer of 1991 – creating an actual wooden cubby house in the back of our garden. We spent countless hours, running in and out of the cubbyhouse – pretending it was a shop, a restaurant and even a hairdressing salon. Creating signs ‘keep out’, ‘girls only’…

One of my favourite memories, is during a sudden summer hailstorm –  my sisters and mum stood inside our (actual) house, noses pressed against the glass window as we watched dad crouched in our cubbyhouse. He had gotten caught in the hailstorm. He was sopping wet. The cubbyhouse his only shelter from the plummeting ice.

Writing this a wave of nostalgia has overcome me. I secretly wish I could build a cubby house right now and escape this ‘adult world’ – one full or responsibility, stress and sometimes heart ache (not all things are bad though!)

Ok…here is some cubby inspiration (just incase you want to build one for yourself…don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul!)….



(Image via pinterest)



(Image via  handcraftedinvirginia.tumblr.com)


(Image via pinterest)

(Image via mokkasin.blogspot.fr)

(Image via dailyimprint)

(Image via Contemporist)

(Image via http://theplatformexperiment.tumblr.com/)

(Image via  freepeople.tumblr.com)

Have a great night

N x


Couch Potato Inspiration.

It’s where I zone out from the rest of the world. It’s where I rip open a bag of chilli chips and watch the crumbs fall into my lap. It’s where I secretly dribble during a weekend power nap.Its the place where I can relax in my maroon snuggy – without being judged. Its my couch.
I’ve cried. I’ve laughed. I’ve sung. I’ve done it all (ok…not all..). On my couch.
The couch, the sofa, the recliner – whatever you may call it – is synonmous with the home and more specifically the living space.
It can be used in so many ways – Sitting up right, sharing a cup of tea with the BF’s parents. In the fetal position nursing a bad flu. Sprawled out recovering from one too many tequila chips.
One of my assignments for Applying Soft Furnishing module was to research various fabrics to upholster a couch in a child’s playroom – where adults also sit. SUbsequently, it needed to be colourful yet maintain an element of maturity. It’s not the greatest (first time using copic markers)…but it passed! (see below).
 Bathtub turned couch…such an innovative idea!
(Image via Handmade Spark)
 There is something so inviting and warm about this space. The couch fits in so perfectly with its environment. Bold print teamed with a bright tribal rug and mod-century table – so eclectic…it just works!
(Image via  Design Sponge)
Climbing up the wall!
(Image via Mad Flash)
(Image via
 I love the old, worn out look of this couch. The deeply etched wrinkles upon the mustard yellow fabric just makes you want to sink into it (preferably with a hot milo!). If this couch were a person, I can imagine it being an old, chubby italian grandfather…cuddly, wise and slightly humorous.
(Image via Tumblr)
 Who says couches are only for living rooms? Love the juxtaposition – gorgeous.
(Image via Dogwood Party)
(Image via Style Design)
White + worn out leather couch…with a lamp, couch combo like that – you just cant help wanting to  curl up with a good book.
Ok, couldn’t resist to include this….- Acute little couch cake…how divine! I would love this for my birthday!
(Image via weheartit.com)
 Ok, over and out –  not going to lie – I kind of feel like a nap now…on my couch ofcourse!